Adshares price prediction: Forecasters bullish over ADS

ADS has defied 2022’s bear market and is currently rallying

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Adshares describes itself as a “mycelium network” (meaning a structure like the roots of a fungus) designed for the future of advertising. Its matchmaking service is using blockchain technology to connect clients with media publishers, making the process easier and more cost-effective.

Its native ADS token has managed to defy the wider bear market and is projected to continue rallying by some forecasters.

What is Adshares?

Adshares is a blockchain-based advertisement protocol that connects clients with publishers using Web 3.0 technology. As a crypto network, Adshares offers Web 3.0 spaces for clients to promote on, including metaverses, such as The Sandbox, and gaming platforms.

Its CoinMarketCap page said: “Adshares is creating infrastructure for decentralized advertising and providing the software to marketers, advertisers, agencies, media companies and the ad tech in general.”

There are two main components to Adshares. Its Enterprise Service Chain (ESC) is where transactions are settled in real time for the publisher. The Adshares protocol is where the advertisement is managed. This includes the storage of data and the desired location for the advert, which could range from crypto games to NFT exhibitions.

How does Adshares work?

Adshares is almost like a matchmaking service. Advertises set up their inventory with all the content they are looking to promote, such as a banner or video, along with information about their audience and price range.

Publishers can discover advertisers and analyse their inventories. Advertisers and publishers then decide on whether to partner up. This can be based on the price the advertiser is willing to pay and the amount of views a publisher receives.

The native ADS token is an essential part of this process. It is used as the main payment source in the network both for publishers and blockchain fees. The fees are distributed to token holders as “a part of network commission”.

Adshares price history

ADS launched at $0.13 on 12 August 2017. It saw its first price surge at the beginning of 2018 along with the wider bull market, when it peaked at $2.31 on 13 January.

The advertising token was then stuck in a bearish trend that lasted the next three years. It fell to its all-time low of $0.004 on 6 March 2019.

Adshares started climbing again halfway through 2021. It was listed on the Quickswap exchange on 12 August and managed to pass $1 the same day.

It soared even higher later that year as the Changelly crypto exchange hosted an ADS giveaway for those interacting with Adshares’s social media. On 1 December, the day after this competition closed, the cryptocurrency peaked at $4.74.

CoinMarketCap recorded ADS surging to an all-time high on 19 January 2022, when it hit a staggering value of $1,548.86. But there is no apparent reason for this and CoinGecko reported that ADS did not climb higher than $3 that day.

It did start gaining attention towards the end of March as it focused on its metaverse presence. Adshares integrated with the Polkacity metaverse and improved its Cryptovoxel features. ADS peaked at $5.73 on 3 April.

After consolidating, the cryptocurrency is once again on a bull trend. It announced a partnership with The Sandbox on 14 July. Then, on 1 August, Quickswap launched a liquidity mining event with ADS.

At the time of writing, on 9 August, ADS was trading at $3.57 and up 12% on the previous week

Adshares price prediction

There is a consensus from some ADS price predictions that the cryptocurrency will continue this rally. TechNewsLeader said it could surge to $5.58 in a year and $17.28 in five years’ time. Its Adshares price prediction for 2030 suggested an optimistic maximum value of $72.63.

A similar outlook is provided by PricePrediction, which also thought ADS would pass $5 next year. Its Adshares token price prediction said the token would reach $11.71 in 2025 and $103.93 in 2031.

DigitalCoinPrice said the advertising token would average out at $4.60 this year. Its Adshares price prediction for 2025 expected the token to hit $6.89 and pass $15 by the beginning of the next decade.

AMB Crypto’s Adshares price prediction for 2022 said it would fall below $3.50 this year, before eventually resuming its bullish climb. The token is predicted to reach a maximum price of $12 in 2026. Its ADS coin price prediction suggested the token could pass $50 in 2033.


What is Adshares?

Adshares is a blockchain-based advertising platform, which is connecting clients with publishers. The ADS cryptocurrency is used as the payment method and to finance the nodes running the network.

How and where to buy Adshares (ADS) coins?

Adshares is available on a range of centralised and decentralised exchanges, including Uniswap and Changelly.

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