AgeOfGods price prediction: Holders praying for a resurgence

AOG has started to see a legendary rise, but not all forecasters think this can continue

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AgeOfGods is a newly developed game hoping to draw on the success of the play-to-earn trend, with cypto card games proving to be a successful combination, and Splinterlands becoming one of the biggest play-to-earn experiences. .

The AgeOfGods game is currently open for testing to a select few, and has revealed the game will be publicly available by the third quarter of 2022. Could this give its AOG token a much needed boost after its bearish trend?

What is AgeOfGods (AOG)?

AgeOfGods is an upcoming play-to-earn game that gives users a chance to control gods and rise up through levels by overcoming challenges. The development team is using NFTs and a native cryptocurrency to bring this vision to life.

Each god will be represented by an NFT card, as in a a card game. Players will be able to ”level up” their gods and collect equipment through completing levels and battling with other players.

There are two main game modes that will be utilised in AgeOfGods. In player versus player (PVP), users will go up against each other and see their gods fight it out. Player versuss environment (PVE) allows users to complete levels against AI. The game’s website says the aim is to “advance through unique levels and figure out the best strategies to beat enemies.”

Nick van der Kolk is the chief executive of AgeOfGods and has the same role at Spidersilk Capital, a Hong Kong-based venture capital firm that invests in crypto projects. Juego Game Studios is the development team building the crypto game. It has previously worked with Warner Brothers Games, Disney and Amazon.

The AOG token

AOG is the token spearheading the play to earn element of AgeOfGods. There are numerous ways that these tokens can be earned, including a bi-weekly E-Sports tournament, progress in the PVE game mode and daily activity rewards.

Once owned, AOG can then be staked by holders to earn passive income. Staking also increases players’ in-game levels. The more AOG staked, the higher level. The AgeOfGods whitepaper says: “Delayed gratification ensures people will hold tokens for the long term and stimulate token value.”

AgeOfGods has already built up a community of those wanting to experience its play-to-earn game. More than 420,000 gamers have signed up to its email newsletter, 80,000 are following its Twitter account and 17,000 are holding the AOG token. But despite the interest, the token has begun to wane in value.

AOG’s past performance

AOG launched on 29 December 2021, when the Binance Smart Chain-based token went live on PancakeSwap. CoinMarketCap listed it the next day, with the token opening at $0.48.

The token almost immediately surged. AgeOfGods saw a boost in users staking on the platform in early January 2022 and more than a million AOG were staked by 4 January. It went on to hit an all-time high of $1.11 the following day.

While the token corrected slightly, it did managed to keep the momentum going for the rest of the month. On January 24, a poll launched to vote on whether AOG should be listed on Two days later, it reached the minimum 10 million votes threshold and was available to trade on the exchange.

However, by the beginning of February AOG had fallen below its launch price. This long-term bearish trend stuck with the cryptocurrency with it dropping to $0.06 on 30 March.

The token did see a slight recovery after Binance revealed it was hosting the initial NFT offering for the AgeOfGods on its marketplace. These were distributed to Binance users on 21 April and the following day AOG hit $0.11.

After this, the token continued falling, hitting to its all-time low of $0.04 on 19 May.  It has since started to recover. At the time of writing, AOG is priced at $0.05 and is up over 30% in a recent seven-day period.

AgeOfGods price prediction

The AgeOfGods coin price prediction varies depending on who you ask. The CoinArbitrageBot’s technical analysis gives a neutral rating to the cryptocurrency with it slightly leaning towards buy. Its AgeOfGods price prediction for 2025 suggests the token will climb to $0.89.

DigitalCoinPrice’s AgeOfGods crypto price prediction expects this rise to be more gradual. It thinks the gaming token will grow from $0.07 this year to $0.11 in 2025. Its AgeOfGods price prediction for 2030 is an average price of $0.26.

One of the most bullish forecasts comes from PricePrediction. Its AgeOfGods price prediction for 2022 averages out at $0.061. But the token is predicted to reach a new high of $1.63 by the beginning of the next decade.

A gloomy Gov Capital, however, predicts AgeOfGods will eventually become worthless. Its AOG price prediction says the token will fall to $0.001 by the end of May and $0 by the beginning of June.


How many AgeOfGods are there?

There is a circulating supply of 67 million AOG and a maximum supply of 270 million AOG.

Is AgeOfGods a good investment?

It might be. AgeOfGods is a play to earn NFT card game where users level up mythological gods and can fight against other players. However, its native token is depreciating so investors should never invest more than they can afford to lose.

Will AgeOfGods go up?

There are varying AOG forecasts. Gov Capital thinks the token will eventually become worthless, whereas CoinArbitrageBot’s technical indicators gives it a neutral rating. Remember, you should always research thoroughly before buying any token.

Should I invest in AgeOfGods?

It depends. AgeOfGods has an effective development team behind its play to earn card game. Yet its AOG token is only just showing signs of recovery after a long-term bearish trend.

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