Alpha Finance Lab price prediction: forecasters bearish

But the staking and governance token for the incubator and innovation lab has strong utility

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What is Alpha Finance Lab?

Alpha Finance Lab launched in 2020 as an innovation lab and incubator for decentralised finance (DeFi) projects. Founded by Tascha Punyaneramitdee, who is based in Bangkok, Thailand, the project raised $1.67m in its September 2020 token sale.

In October 2020, the organisation launched its first in-house Homora project, a multi-chain lending and leveraged yield farming protocol. The pending in-house projects for Alpha Finance Lab include AlphaX, a on-chain trading platform for derivatives, and the Alpha Buy Wall NFT marketplace. Incubated projects include the Beta Finance permissionless money market and metaverse project GuildFi.

The native ALPHA token is used as a staking mechanism, with stakers earning 3.3% APY sourced from protocol fees. As a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), Alpha Finance Lab is governed by ALPHA holders.

In a statement released on 31 March, Alpha Finance Lab announced its rebrading to Alpha Venture DAO. “This is another vital step for us Alpha as we expand ourselves to become Alpha Venture DAO with a focus on pushing the innovative boundaries of Web3 innovation and supporting the builders and community who believe in Web3,” the company said.

Below, we have a look at the key token details, price action and price predictions to get a view of the token’s prospects. What is Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA)’s long-term viability as an investment opportunity? Let’s check it out.

ALPHA: Key token figures

The token was valued at $0.54 as of 4 April 2022, and ALPHA has a circulating supply of a little more than 446 million, which is just shy of 45% below the maximum supply of one billion tokens. A recent 24-hour trading volume of $69.35m equaled 28% of the $538.52m market capitalisation.

The ALPHA token was launched via the Binance Launchpad at a rate of $0.0125 per token under the following allocations:

  • Binance Launchpad sale: 10% of total supply

  • Binance Launchpool: 5% of total supply

  • Private sale: 13.33% of total supply

  • Liquidity mining: 20% of total supply

  • Team and advisers: 15% of total supply

  • Ecosystem: 36.67% of total supply

Pie chart of ALPHA token allocation and vesting periods – Source:
Ecosystem tokens are vested until Q3 2026 – Source:

Vesting periods are in place for certain allocations until September 2026 to ensure steady rollout and deflation.

There is currently 37.56% (167,653,500 tokens) of circulating supply bonded to the Stake ALPHA protocol. Close to $4bn has been distributed in staking rewards.

Alpha Finance Lab price action

ALPHA was trading above the $1 price mark in the closing stages of 2021, reaching a peak of $1.20 on 9 November, but by the end of the year the token was down 45% to $0.66.

After a sustained downturn throughout the first quarter of 2022, ALPHA had a bit of a reversal as the year progressed. From 15 March to 1 April, the token climbed from $0.266 to $0.573, more than doubling in value over the two-week period. As of 4 April. holwever, ALPHA reentered a corrective phase, returning to $0.54 at the time of writing.

The current trading price is 82% below the all-time high of $2.92 witnessed on 5 February 2021 and 34% below the 90-day high of $0.727 seen on 29 December 2021. 

Alpha Finance Lab price prediction 2022

PricePrediction expects some downward momentum for Alpha Finance Lab, dropping in value to $0.40 throughout 2022. 

A downturn is also expected at Wallet Investor, whose Alpha Finance Lab price prediction of $0.215 is 60% lower than the current trading price.

In a more optimistic outlook, Digitalcoin’s Alpha Finance Lab price prediction for 2022 is set to $0.69, a target which would achieve returns of 27% for today’s investors.

A strong outlook is presented at Up To Brain, whose Alpha Finance Lab coin price prediction reaches $1.16 for December 2022.

Alpha Finance Lab price prediction 2025

Achieving PricePrediction’s ALPHA price prediction of $1.26 would generate a return of 133% for investors buying in today. In comparison, Digitalcoin’s price target for 2025 is lower at $1.03.

Wallet Investor’s bearish sentiment remains through to 2025. The forecaster’s ALPHA coin price prediction of $0.019 effectively wipes 96% of value from the token.

The Alpha Finance Lab crypto price prediction at Up To Brian is the most bullish at $1.9.

Alpha Finance Lab price prediction 2030

PricePrediction’s Alpha Finance Lab price prediction for 2030 expects 14-times returns, with the price heading up to $7.64.

Digitalcoin’s 2030 Alpha Finance Lab price prediction is $2.43, suggesting a 350% value increase.

Alpha Finance Lab price prediction summary

Put together, Digitalcoin’s 26 price indicators are predominantly neutral to bearish, though 12 point to a buy strategy.

Across four ALPHA price predictions, a price target of $0.61 is given for 2022, heading up to $1.05 for 2025.

Two Alpha Finance Lab price predictions for the year of 2030 create an average of $5.03. Achieving this target would generate 9.3-times returns for investors buying in today.

All in all, it is a mixed bag for the Alpha Finance Lab price prediction. While on average, analysts have a positive long-term outlook, more recent performance suggests that the token could go either way. The success of the token could rely on the incubator investing in and supporting the right projects, in order to maintain long-term utility of the token.

Please be aware that these Alpha Finance Lab coin price predictions are highly speculative and do not constitute genuine investment advice.


How many Alpha Finance Lab are there?

ALPHA has a circulating supply of 446,330,126 out of a maximum supply of one billion tokens.

Is Alpha Finance Lab a good investment?

It is unclear whether the price of Alpha Finance Lab will rise considerably in the short term. However, online forecasters are generally bullish about Alpha Finance Lab’s long-term prospects. Whatever you choose to do, please keep in mind that crypto assets are highly volatile and prices can go up and down unexpectedly. Invest with caution.

Will Alpha Finance Lab go up?

Most forecasters agree that it will in the long term, but short-term predictions are mixed. Make sure to do your research before making an investment decision. 

Should I invest in Alpha Finance Lab?

That is totally up to you! As with all crypto assets, returns can be large, but you can also stand to lose your capital. Whatever you do, make sure to only invest as much as you can afford to lose.

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