Ariva price prediction: Are gains or losses arriving in 2022?

Ariva wants to shake up travel, but success could rely on further proof of concept

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Ariva: Empty promises, or a step in the right direction for travel payments? – Photo: Shutterstock


Ariva Digital: project analysis

Launched in May 2021, ARV is a BEP20 token launched by Ariva Co, an in-development cryptocurrency project aiming for future adoption in the global tourism and travel sector. 

What is Ariva (ARV) hoping to use the ARV token for? With a road map outlining numerous ambitious products on the horizon, according to the white paper, the company believes ARV will be used to facilitate ticket purchases, hotel reservations, sightseeing services and other business-to-customer transactions.

The Ariva.World tourism portal, meanwhile, hopes to improve connections between customers and service providers.

While token utility is still in development mode, current holders can take part in staking activity with a cited APY of up to 53.7%. suggests researching Ariva’s fundamentals before staking tokens. Q1 2022 roadmap targets include the release of Ariva’s own wallet, the launch of which could serve as a proof of concept for potential investors to assess the legitimacy of the project.

Ariva’s development team remains anonymous. The organisation says that four different companies are involved in the collaboration, but expresses concerns that “announcing these companies and their board of directors during the growth phase will turn the project into a centralised structure”.

All registration information regarding the domain is redacted for privacy. has asked Ariva for further information as to its ownership.

Since registering in May 2021, has Ariva amassed 131.6k Twitter followers. Duplicate posts by different profiles suggest bot activity.

Screenshot of duplicate Twitter posts, suggesting bot activity – Photo:
Duplicate posts can be a sign of misleading Twitter follower figures – Photo:

Despite this anonymity, Ariva’s code was successfully audited by Certik and Hacken.

The PancakeSwap decentralised exchange is the main source of ARV trading activity. is the primary centralised exchange, although CoinMarketCap’s liquidity rating of 258/700 is well below a healthy rating of 700.


ARV’s current circulating figure is 72.5 billion, priced at $0.0002325, against a maximum supply of 93.64 billion (reduced from the initial 100 billion – see FAQs section below). A recent 24-hour trading volume of $3m amounted to 23.71% of the $16.8m market capitalisation.

In terms of allocation, approximately 63% is in public hands, while 18.9% of the circulation is currently held in a deployer wallet for exchange liquidity. A certain percentage is also reserved for development and marketing purposes.

Ariva committed to burning ARV 6.63bn ($3.45m) on 2 December 2021. The burn coincided with a 24% rise in the value of ARV over the course of a day, but it must be noted that a 50% correction was seen in the days that followed. Potential investors may want to assess whether this correction is due to investor sell-offs.

Neither the white paper nor the website supplies any further details regarding burning and other deflationary techniques.

Screenshot of token burn on the Binance scanner – Photo:
Token burns can be used as a deflationary technique, or temporary price pumps – Photo:

Trading activity

Despite ARV suffering from bitcoin’s poor start to the year, which had a knock-on effect for most altcoins, it posted strong price gains in the second week of January, experiencing several single-day rallies. Although partial corrections followed, ARV was trading above the 50-day moving average (MA) trendline. Although the 20-day MA is still in a bearish position, we can see the gap closing.

Bulls and bears are vying for control, with the price on 17January fluctuating just above the $0.00050 line of support. If support holds, the main aim would be to shave a zero off the decimal point, bringing ARV above $0.001, a target that investors might have in mind for the Ariva price prediction in the coming year. 

However, the relative strength index (RSI) shows an overbought position and selling pressure could soon follow.

Please note that these figures are intended as a neutral chart reading. They do not constitute genuine financial advice.

What do the forecasters say?

Based on recent trading activity, WalletInvestor's Ariva price prediction for 2022 expects an average of $0.0000846 by the close of the year. The forecaster suggests a possible price $0.00001019 by May 2025.

Gov Capital is less optimistic. For the coming 12 months, the forecaster has an Ariva coin price prediction of $0.000188.

DigitalCoinPrice’s ARV price prediction targets are even worse, averaging out at $0.000316 for 2022 and $0.000454 for 2025.

Looking further ahead, the metrics used by suggest an average Ariva price prediction for 2025 of $0.00077348 and an Ariva price prediction for 2030 of $0.005

What is next for Ariva?

Ariva has enjoyed some strong price gains recently, but any long-term sustainability will require genuine proof of concept beyond road-map promises. Furthermore, revealing the companies and individuals behind the team would go a long way towards boosting investor confidence in the project.

Anyone considering an investment in Ariva is advised to stay up to date on Ariva’s product delivery, while also conducting further due diligence, including tracking down white papers and scanning social media activity. And be sure to stay tuned to as we bring you the latest information on the Ariva price prediction throughout 2022.


How many ariva coins are there?

There are currently 72.5 billion ARV tokens in circulation, out of a total supply of 93.64 billion (reduced from 100 billion after a recent token-burning event).

Is ariva a good investment?

You should determine for yourself whether ariva is a good investment. While this article has outlined some key points to consider, further independent research is always recommended before making an investment. Remember that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Will ariva go up?

The online forecasters’ Ariva price prediction coverage suggests that ARV will go up. Some forecasters are bullish, while others suggest only moderate gains. Keep in mind that while useful as a guide, these forecasters do not take into account external factors and unforeseen market volatility.

Should I invest in ariva?

This article is presented as an informational resource, not investment advice – as such, that is a question only you can answer.

However, do keep in mind that Ariva’s fundamentals are a mixed bag, and that low-cap cryptocurrency projects are especially prone to volatility. Always invest with caution, and never risk more than you can afford to lose.

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