Assange DAO won The Clock NFT to free Wikileaks founder

By Raffaele Redi

$53m collected for the defence of Julian Assange

The Clock NFT is composed of 29767 messages censored in open editions - Photo: muratpak Twitter

An NFT with a theme around Wikileaks founder Julian Assange by artist PAK has sold to Assange Dao at auction for ETH16,593 ($52.85m).

The money will go to the Wau Holland Foundation, which is supporting Assange in his fight against extradition from the UK to the US. He has been held in Belmarsh maximum-security prison, London, since April 2019. Prior to Belmarsh, Assange spent seven years living in the Ecuadoran embassy in London.

“All funds will go to aid the defence of the WikiLeaks founder and publisher facing a 175-year sentence if extradited for revealing war crimes,” Wikileaks confirmed in a tweet.

The Clock NFT is composed of 29,767 messages censored in open editions as part of the artist’s Censored collection.

Assange DAO

The Assange Dao was created just a few days ago to raise funds to purchase the NFT by digital artist PAK, known in the NFT environment for its Merge, which fetched over $91m in just a few hours. The Assange DAO is currently discussing extending its mission to freedom of rights in general.

“The mission of the AssangeDAO is to inspire a powerful solidarity network and fight for the freedom of Julian Assange. We will raise funds to help with his legal fees and campaigns to increase public awareness of the systemic failure of our justice systems. We, the cypherpunks, are rallying to the cause of a fellow cypherpunk in distress,” the platform OpenSea said about  the DAO.

However, a further discussion on funds seems to divide the structure of the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.

The DAO currently owns the NFT, which someone in the organisation proposed to resell on the secondary market. The DAO is also discussing what to do with an amount of around ETH17 left from the purchase, with an eye to either managing the crypto or exchanging it for US dollars. 

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