Bella Protocol price prediction: A mixed bag for BEL

Despite an unexpected pump in May, the outlook remains bearish for the DeFi platform

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What is Bella (BEL)?

Bella Protocol is a decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform was launched in September 2020 by Felix Xu and Yema Xu, the China-based founders of ARPA Chain.

Bella Protocol’s core feature is Flex Savings, a smart pool that routes user funds to various DeFi offerings in order to generate passive returns. Flex Savings is described by the team ”as a hedge fund, but more transparent, efficient, and decentralized”. No specific investment strategy is given, but a governance portal could theoretically field options. The portal currently has 12 members.

Flex Savings has five active pools with cited APY between 2.92% and 9.28%. There is currently just under $16.5m in assets held across the USDT, USDC, ARPA, WBTC and HBTC pools.

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DAI is scheduled to be added to Bella Protocol – Source:

Users receive LP tokens when depositing into Flex Saving pools, which can then be added to various yield farms for additional rewards.

Why the massive trading volumes?

On 30 May 2022, BEL’s 24-hour trading volume of $518.35m was nearly 1000% of the market capitalisation. The spike coincided with a sharp rise in value from $0.32 to $1.20 between 28 and 30 May. Without any major announcements and developments for the protocol, specific reasons for the pump were unclear. 

Since account holders on Etherscan remained static, whales (accounts holding more than 1% of BEL) may have contributed to the unexpected gains. One account, for instance, received approximately 594,000 BEL tokens over 24 hours, which were subsequently withdrawn through the Binance exchange.

Traders should be aware that short-term price gains may not be sustainable and could face a swift reversal.

BEL token details

The BEL token was dropped via Binance Launchpool for a private sale price of $0.75 in October 2020. Of the 100 million total supply, 5% was reserved for the sale. Another two million BEL tokens (2% of supply) was airdropped to ARPA Chain (ARPA) holders.

Bella Protocol performs quarterly burn programmes using 4% of interest generated from the Flex Savings protocol (typically between $2,000 and $5,000 per burn). The core team retains 20% of interest generated through Flex Savings. Another 4% goes to BEL stakers who use the Bella Locker protocol.

Bella Protocol ran a liquidity mining programme until 5 May 2022, during which 30,000 BEL were released per month.

As of 30 May 2022 11:00 BST (+1 UST), BEL was trading at $1.20, with a circulating supply of 48 million tokens. Market cap was $57.83m.

Before BEL’s recent 3.7x pump, the token was trading at an all-time low of $0.20 on 5 May. BEL was downtrending for most of 2022, having opened the year at $1.55 before falling to $0.89 on 12 March. The token did see a brief swell in April, but proceeded to head below the $0.50 price line on 10 May.

For some future Bella Protocol price predictions, let’s see what the digital forecasters are saying. What is Bella Protocol (BEL)’s future looking like? read on.

Bella Protocol price prediction 2022

Most forecaster expect short-term losses for BEL. PricePrediction’s Bella Protocol price prediction for 2022 is $0.33, slightly better than Wallet Investor’s 2022 BEL price prediction of $0.295.

Digitalcoin is the most bullish, with a Bella Protocol coin price prediction of $1.56 for 2022, but TechNewsLeader’s estimate is also bearish at $0.45.

Bella Protocol price prediction 2025, 2030

On the positive front, Digitalcoin’s BEL crypto price prediction is $2.39 for 2025. TechNewsLeader expects a smaller return, positing and estimate of $1.34.

However, others expect continued losses. Wallet Investor’s 2025 Bella Protocol price prediction is $0.062 and PricePrediction’s Bella Protocol price prediction for 2025 is $0.97.

Looking further ahead, PricePrediction’s Bella Protocol price prediction for 2030 is $6.13. TechNewsLeader has an estimate of $8.25 while Digitalcoin’s BEL price prediction is $5.47.

Bella Protocol price prediction: summary

Putting the Bella Protocol price prediction estimates together, the digital forecasters expect losses throughout 2022. The median target of $0.65 is 45% below the current trading value. Though a recovery is expected, the 2025 target of $1.19 is still below the latest trading figure.

Gains may be made by long-term holders, though. Among three forecasters, the BEL price prediction for 2030 is $6.61. Hitting this target would generate 450% returns for today’s investors.

Please be aware that these BEL coin price prediction forecasts are highly speculative and do not constitute genuine investment advice. The future of BEL is not set in stone: DeFi protocols and yield farms are constantly growing in number and not all offerings will stand the test of time. Bella Protocol may need to bring something different to the market in order to sustain itself. Never invest with more than you can afford to lose.


How many Bella Protocol are there?

BEL has a circulating volume of 48 million tokens out of a maximum supply of 100 million.

Is Bella Protocol a good investment?

It is unlikely that the price of BEL will rise considerably in the short term. However, online forecasters do have a modest long-term outlook. Whatever you choose to do, please keep in mind that crypto assets are highly volatile and prices can go up and down unexpectedly. Invest with caution.

Will Bella Protocol go up?

Most Bella Price prediction analysts agree that it will fall in value in the short term, while long-term predictions are fairly modest. Make sure to do your own research before making an investment decision. 

Should I invest in Bella Protocol?

That is totally up to you! As with all crypto assets, returns can be large, but you can also stand to lose your capital. Whatever you do, make sure to only invest as much as you can afford to lose.

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