Bitcoin SV price prediction: What does the future hold?

The hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, BSV claims to follow BTC’s original vision. But should you?

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Hard forked from Bitcoin Cash in November 2018 by breakaway Australian developer Craig Wright, Bitcoin SV is a blockchain protocol that claims to be a truer realisation of the original vision of Bitcoin. Such is the hubris of Bitcoin SV, that the platform is self-labelled as ‘The Original Bitcoin’. SV itself is short for ‘Satoshi Vision’ while Wright persistently claims to be Satoshi Nakatomo himself.

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Polymath or pretender? Bitcoin SV’s creator Craig Wright has a broad set of interests – Source:

Regardless of what the truth might be, you could be curious to know what the Bitcoin SV price prediction is. Does Bitcoin SV (BSV) present a good opportunity in the months and years ahead? Should you sell your bag of BTC and invest in BSV instead? We’ll look at the facts and figures shortly, but first let’s delve a little deeper into what lies behind Bitcoin SV.

The Bitcoin SV blockchain: An overview

What is Bitcoin SV (BSV), and how does it compare to the original? Bitcoin BSV uses the same SHA-256 algorithm and Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocols at Bitcoin. As such, block intervals have a similar window of 10 minutes. Although Bitcoin SV claims to be able to handle thousands of transactions per second (TPS) due it its significantly larger block size, throughput is usually far lower. A recent reading at Blockchair suggested an average of 17.64 TPS. Transaction fees are where Bitcoin BSV comes into its own.

Chart of BSV transaction fees
BSV’s transaction fees have reduced in the past three months – Source:

Often averaging less than 0.0001 BSV ($0.0084) daily, Bitcoin SV’s blockchain is vastly cheaper compared with Bitcoin’s infamously high fees which, in a recent reading, were $3.26 on average.

The tokenomics of Bitcoin SV

With an individual value of $84.35, BSV has a circulating supply of 18.9 million, which is approximately 90% of the 21 million maximum supply. Market capitalisation is $1.6bn, positioning BSV at number 61 on the charts. A recent 24-hour trading volume of $160m equated to 1% of market cap.

Three mining pools make up more than 75% of mining power. This might sound quite centralised, although BSV’s wallet distribution is strong. The top 10 addresses collectively own slightly more than 15% of supply. The top 100 addresses hold 32.9% of supply. There are, in total, close to 609,000 active wallets holding BSV.

Pie chart of total BSV hashing power among miners
“Other” miners contribute 21.8% of hashing power – Source:

BSV is primarily traded on mid-sized exchanges including, Huobi Global, Bitfinex and KuCoin.

BSV: Latest price action

BSV didn’t quite manage to make good on the altcoin bull run witnessed in November 2021. A $199 high on 11 November was only 24% up on a year-on-year basis. From there, BSV trended in a downward channel for the remainder of the year and into 2022. A 42% daily jump on 7 December was swiftly reversed.

From 1 January, BSV kept falling, losing 30% of its value by 4 March. On a year-on-year basis, BSV is down 54.6%. But can it recover? Let’s have a look at the Bitcoin SV price prediction targets to find out.

Opinions from the forecasters

The Bitcoin SV price prediction for 2022 at Digitalcoin averages $109.70, 30% up on the latest trading figure of $84.35. Regarding the Bitcoin SV price prediction for 2030, the forecaster has an average target of $387.56, representing potential gains of 360%. Twelve of the forecaster’s technical indicators point to a sell strategy, while 10 are neutral and four suggest a buy strategy.

Gov Capital’s Bitcoin SV price prediction is considerably more bullish, presenting a 12-month price target of $271.48 and a five-year BSV price prediction of $1,269. At these rates, BSV could encounter a 15-times rise by 2027.

The Bitcoin SV price prediction for 2025 at PricePrediction averages $378.33, stretching to $2,449 by 2030. The coin could surpass $118 throughout 2022, according to the forecaster.

Coin Price Forecast’s Bitcoin SV coin price prediction suggests possible 60% gains by the end of 2022, eventually doubling in value by the close of 2025. By 2030, the forecaster believes that BSV could reach $322, for gains of 281%.

You should be aware that these price targets are generated through automated algorithmic processes. They can be useful as a guide, but should not be used solely to make an investment decision. You should make your own Bitcoin SV price prediction through independent research, including reading the white paper, looking at any available roadmap, checking reviews and social media channels, and getting third-party financial advice.


How many Bitcoin SV are there?

There are currently 18.9 million in circulation against a total of 21 million.

Is Bitcoin SV a good investment?

BSV has not shown as much resilience as BTC, and forecaster projections are modest. Although BSV could be a hit in the years to come, returns are not guaranteed, so be sure to invest wisely and with a cool head.

Will Bitcoin SV go up?

The forecasters’ BSV price prediction targets roundly agree that BSV will go up, albeit at different rates. Some are conservative while others are quite bullish. Keep in mind that online forecasters are not financial advisers and should not be treated as such.

Should I invest in Bitcoin SV?

That is a decision for you to make after doing extensive research and sourcing third-party financial advice where appropriate. This article is intended as a neutral informational source and should not be used solely to make an investment decision.

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