Bitgert price prediction 2025: Is it a genuine investment?

Despite project concerns, Bitgert’s BRISE token saw gains in 2022, but forecasters remain conflicted

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What is Bitgert?

Bitgert is an anonymous project billed as a “secure and scalable blockchain ecosystem”. Although initially advertised as a gasless blockchain, the developers changed tack upon releasing its blockchain protocol in February 2022, instead promising a “near zero transaction fee”. Bitgert also has a decentralised exchange (DEX), with a tax fee of 12% for all transactions.

The BRISE token is native to the BNB Chain and can be staked on Bitgert’s app, with the promise of 33% of all DEX fees going towards stakers. The white paper states that one quarter of DEX fees is reserved for marketing purposes, with the remainder going to a token burn scheme to keep inflation down.

As covered in our guide, the Bitgert project is subject to a lot of controversy, including potentially fake team member profiles, an unverified charity, a self-performed audit and gung-ho social media strategy. More recently, it was revealed that its blockchain was developed by VinDAX, a third-party offering prepackaged blockchain protocols. The blockchain itself is currently only validated by a single node, meaning that a single individual or organisation has full control over the blockchain.

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VinDAX sells prepackaged blockchains for less than $5,000 – Source:

Regardless of the red flags, Bitgert has seen a lot of trading activity lately. But what will Bitgert be worth in 2025? Let’s have a look.

Price action and trading volume

BRISE shaved a 0 off of its price in early March 2022, bringing it up to $0.00000162, helped by a 63% bull run on 5 March. This follows a more moderate upward trajectory throughout February, where it started at $0.000000214 before hitting $0.000000819 by the 23rd.

Prior to that, BRISE trading activity commenced in August 2021, preempting a slew of short-term price spikes in the months following, followed by swift price reversals as sell pressure kicked in. Instances included a 52% run on 30 November 2021, followed by a downtrend heading into December.

On PancakeSwap, the primary decentralised exchange (DEX) for BRISE, the token recently saw a 24-hour trading volume of $1.85m (£1.42m). Although this is a day-on-day reduction of 63.7%, the figure is considerably higher than the month-on-month figure of $271,710.

The total trading volume across all exchanges was $9.03m, amounting to 1.3% of the token’s $677.5m market capitalisation.

Forecaster price targets

Digtialcoin’s BRISE price prediction for 2025 expects slow upward momentum. Its price target of $0.00000320 suggests that today’s buyers will not quite double their investment. Even though this is a conservative estimate, 14 of the forecaster’s 26 technical indicators point to a buy strategy while two recommend selling and 10 remain neutral.

Sentiment is more bearish at PricePrediction’s Bitgert price prediction for 2025. In fact, the token could reduce in value, according to the forecaster’s price target of $0.00000148. BRISE is expected to return to a positive price swing in 2026.

At Tech News Leader, BRISE is expected to hit $0.00000693 in 2025, for a 327% price gain. The $0.00001 mark could be surpassed in 2026, according to the forecaster’s BRISE price prediction.

The analysts at CoinArbitrageBot present us with a Bitgert price prediction for 2025 of $0.00000704, making for projected returns of 327% against the latest trading value.

Bear in mind that the above price targets are collated from previous pricing data using automated algorithms. They can be useful as a guide, but do not constitute genuine financial advice. For a deeper look into short- and long-term price targets, our full-scope Bitgert price prediction has you covered, while you can get further fundamental analysis in our ultimate guide.


Can Bitgert coin reach $0.01?

That is highly doubtful. With a circulating figure of over 428 trillion, a price of $0.01 would give BRISE a market capitalisation of $428.35bn, making it second only to bitcoin (BTC).

Does Bitgert have a future?

The project is subject to various controversies, including fake team member profiles and an unverified charity. In its current state, the blockchain and decentralised exchange platforms are rudimentary, while the value of BRISE has been highly volatile. Bitgert may possibly have a future, but recommends an extensive due diligence check. Be sure to read all documentation, social media profiles and further coverage before placing an investment.

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