Bloktopia price prediction: What is bloktopia (BLOK)?

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Will bloktopia make its way back to previous heights?

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In the world of the metaverse, Bloktopia is one of many options for people who wish to access the virtual realm and, potentially, make a bit of money in doing so. But what is Bloktopia (BLOK)? What is the bloktopia price prediction? Let’s take a look. 

Bloktopia explained

The Bloktopia metaverse takes the form of a tower block with 21 stories, a tribute to the 21 million maximum supply of bitcoin. The metaverse is a key concept in computing, the much-vaunted Web 3.0 and cryptocurrency, too. The idea is that at some unspecified point in the future, everyone will interact in a virtual world, using their own avatars.

The idea has been around for a while, with the virtual reality (VR) boom in the early 1990s a key driver of the concept. However, there has not yet been one single online existence that has linked humanity together. There are, though, smaller virtual worlds where people can log in and explore the space and interact with other users. These are called metaverses, and Bloktopia, launched in 2021, is one of them.

In the Bloktopia tower block, people can buy space using a system called REBLOK, buy and sell cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and learn about cryptocurrencies. Users will also be able to play games, as well as, according to the Bloktopia white paper, to “create scenes, artworks, challenges and more, using the simple Builder tool, then take part in events to win prizes. For more experienced creators, the SDK [software development kit] provides the tools to fill the world with social games and applications.”

Bloktopia is based on the Polygon blockchain and is powered by the BLOK crypto token. This cryptocurrency is used to buy items in the metaverse, with all tokens used for real estate being burned in an attempt to keep its price up. Bloktopia was founded in 2021 by the British crypto entrepreneur Ross Tavakoli, who serves as CEO, and Paddy Carroll, who previously served as social campaign media manager at Sky Betting and Gaming and is now Bloktopia’s CMO.

BLOK price history

It is now time to examine the BLOK price history. While past performance is never any indicator of future results, knowing what the token has done in the past is important, because it can help contextualise either making or reading a bloktopia price prediction. 

BLOK first came onto the open market in October 2021. On 6 October, it was worth $0.006999, and rose to $0.0117 the very next day. As is common with new cryptos, the price was somewhat volatile but market conditions were very much in BLOK’s favour, with it reaching an all-time high intraday on 31 October of $0.1777. This was as good as it got, however and the token dropped below $0.10 on 5 November before making a comeback at the end of the month. In this bull run, the top score was $0.1474 on 26 November before it went back down a little to close the month at $0.1286. Then the market contracted, and fears over the Omicron variant of Covid-19 meant that it closed the year at $0.0554.

In 2022, Bloktopia has, like many other cryptocurrencies, suffered at the hands of a pretty unforgiving market. While there was a very small initial rise to $0.0567 on 2 January, BLOK’s direction of travel has been overwhelmingly downhill so far this year. The token ended January at $0.02927, and while February might have started well, with an intraday high of $0.03367 on 7 February a plus point for investors, it ended poorly. The worst point came on 24 February, when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine saw BLOK fall to an intraday low of $0.01268 before making something of a recovery to finish the month at a still unimpressive $0.01794. March seemed to be relatively better, with the news that Telos was to become a virtual tenant of the system, helping the price get to around $0.0244 on 30 March.

At the time of writing on 18 May 2022, the price is trading at approximately $0.006927. There are 8.34 billion BLOK in circulation out of a total supply of 200 billion. The token has a market cap of around $57.6m, which makes it the 373th largest crypto by that metric. 

BLOK price history
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Bloktopia price prediction

Now, let’s take a look at the Bloktopia price prediction. It is important to note that because cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, price predictions are very often wrong, especially in the long term. Also, a great many cryptocurrency price forecasts are made using an algorithm, which can change at any moment.

First, UpToBrain starts off pretty optimistically, arguing for a Bloktopia price prediction for 2022 that sees it reach a little over $0.10 this year before moving to somewhere between $0.12 and $0.13 in 2023. The site’s forecast for 2024 sees the token reach $0.16, while UpToBrain thinks BLOK can get to $0.18 in 2025. The site thinks BLOK can end up trading at somewhere between $1 and $3 at some point in the future, but does not say when that will be exactly. makes a BLOK price prediction that says it could reach $0.008 in 2022, $0.012 in 2023 and $0.017 in 2024. The site makes a Bloktopia price prediction for 2025 which sees it trade at $0.024 while in 2026 it says the token should be $0.036. In 2027, it predicts a price of $0.050 and says in 2028, BLOK should be worth $0.075 before it closes the decade at $0.11. The site’s Bloktopia crypto price prediction 2030 says that the token should reach $0.16.

TechNewsLeader’s Bloktopia coin price prediction says the token should get to $0.009 in 2022, $0.013 in 2023, $0.018 in 2024 and $0.027 in 2025. The site suggests BLOK can hit $0.039 in 2026 before reaching $0.055 in 2027. The forecast is that the token can reach $0.075 in 2028 and $0.11 in 2029 before starting the next decade at around $0.16 and reaching $0.23 in 2031.

Finally, WalletInvestor is rather more bearish when it comes to a BLOK price prediction, indicating that, by mid-May 2023, the token should be $0.000589.

Final thoughts

There are a couple of things to mention before we wind up our Bloktopia review. First, as we have already seen, Bloktopia has been performing poorly over the course of 2022 as of the time of writing. While there is always the possibility that it might return to form, for a crypto to be in such a mediocre state not too long after it hit an all-time high is concerning. One can only hope that if and when the market returns to more bullish times, BLOK will be able to take advantage of that.

Second, while the metaverse is a big deal in the world of crypto, the Bloktopia concept is good, but there is a lot going on in the marketplace, and we will need to see if Bloktopia can attract newcomers to the crypto space to it. As always with cryptocurrency, we shall have to wait and see what happens. 


How many Bloktopia are there?

As of 18 May 2022, there were 8.34 billion BLOK in circulation out of a total supply of 200 billion.

Is Bloktopia a good investment?

It could be. It partially depends on when, and how fast, the market can start to recover from a sluggish start to 2022 and it also depends on whether the current metaverse boom, prompted, at least in part, by the growing interest in non-fungible tokens, can continue. There is still the very real possibility that NFTs and the metaverse could end up being bubbles, in which case an investment in Bloktopia may not be what you are looking for. Either way, you will have to do your own research. 

Will Bloktopia go up?

We don’t know. The token appears, at least at the time of writing, to be on its way up, although whether it can reach the heights it enjoyed in October is quite another matter. Also, while the forecasts are positive, forecasts are very often wrong. Remember, too, that prices can go down as well as up.

Should I invest in Bloktopia?

This is a question that only you can answer. Before you do so, you will have to do your own research; remember that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and prices can go down as well as up; and never invest more money than you can afford to lose. 

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