TIME price prediction: What is in store for staking token?

Forecasters expect a healthy result for Chrono.tech’s TIME token in the months and years ahead

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What is Chrono.tech (TIME)?

TimeX is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange developed by Sydney-based blockchain enterprise Chrono.tech, a company registered and regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). Founded in 2016, Chrono.tech is spearheaded by chief executive officer Sergei Sergienko, chief operating officer Andrey Petrushko, and chief technology officer Saypulla Sheykhanov.

Alongside a hybrid exchange (which combines peer-to-peer market making with centralised settlements), the TimeX platform includes an over-the counter (OTC) desk for buying crypto assets for verified customers with a minimum trade size of $25,000 AUD ($17,274).

The ERC677 (ERC20 compatible) TIME cryptocurrency works as a staking token with a cited average annual percentage yield (APY) of 4.02% being earned by 768 stakers. As of 23 June, 67.3% of TIME’s circulating supply is being staked, with APY rewards sourced from exchange fees. Returns can either be harvested (withdrawn) or compounded (added to your existing stake). Staking also unlocks rebates on platform fees paid out in TIME tokens.

TIME tokenomics and price action

On 23 June 13:45 BST (UTC +1), the Chrono.tech token price was $28.12 with a market capitalisation of $19.96m. A total of $2.53m worth of TIME changed hands over the 24-hour period, which added up to 12.6% of market capitalisation.

A fully diluted cryptocurrency, TIME has a circulating volume of 710,112. The token was initially launched via a February 2017 crowdsale, during which 88% of its supply was sold at a rate of 100 TIME:1 BTC. The team retained 10% of supply and the remaining 2% was sent to advisers and early adopters.

TIME is primarily traded on the KuCoin centralised exchange, which supports the TIME/USDT, TIME/BTC and TIME/ETH trading pairs. PancakeSwap and TimeX’s own hybrid exchange also hold liquidity in TIME cryptocurrency.

Although TIME is an Ethereum-based token, the TimeBridge protocol allows for TIME to be bridged between BNB Chain and Polygon. The BNB Chain bridging contract is the largest holder of TIME with 40% of supply held in the account. The staking address is the second-largest account, followed by KuCoin. According to EtherScan, there are 1,550 accounts holding a supply of TIME, 92.26% of which are held in the 10 largest accounts.

With the figures out of what way, what is Chrono.tech’s investment potential going forward? Let’s have a look.

Chrono.tech price prediction

According to the Chrono.tech price prediction for 2022 from PricePrediction, the token could hit $43.32 by the end of the year, before heading upwards to $134.16 in 2025. The forecaster’s Chrono.tech price prediction for 2030 is $894.50.

TechNewsLeader offers a Chrono.tech price prediction for 2022 of $42.15, heading up to $134.41 in 2025. The forecaster’s TIME price prediction for 2030 is $895.91.

The targets given at DigitalCoinPrice forecast a TIME price prediction of $35.90 for 2022, $52.97 for 2025, and $125.80 for 2030.

Finally, WalletInvestor suggests TIME could reach $106.55 in 2022 and go up to $395.07 in 2025, according to the forecaster’s Chrono.tech price prediction for 2025.

Chrono.tech price prediction: Summary

The average price prediction among four digital forecasters suggests potential 102% returns in 2022. The average Chrono.tech price prediction for 2025 suggests potential returns of 527% for today’s investors. In 2030, TIME could net buyers a 2,171% return, according to the average target among three forecasters.

While the above TIME coin price predictions are generally bullish, they are by no means guaranteed and should not be taken as financial advice. Your capital is at risk. Never invest with more than you can afford to lose.


Chrono.tech is an Australia-based blockchain enterprise and developer of the TimeX hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. The native token TIME is used for staking and yield farming.

The TechNewsLeader TIME coin price prediction goes as high as $895.91 in 2030, representing possible returns of 3,086%. However, other forecasters are more conservative. Either way, remember that your capital is at risk. Make sure to conduct your own due diligence on the project before opening a position.

Chrono.tech token (TIME) is a fully diluted cryptocurrency with a total distribution of 710,112 tokens.

Chrono.tech price predictions are generally bullish, however, the TIME token could also drop in value if market conditions work against the project. Extensive research on the cryptocurrency is advised. Be sure to check out its whitepaper and underlying fundamentals to assess the project’s long-term potential.

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