Copernic Space CEO: “Involving public in a $500bn market”

By Raffaele Redi

The project is scheduled for debut in early December 2021

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Copernic Space and Lunar Outpost ‘democratising’ space – Photo:

The Copernic Space platform and US robotics company Lunar Outpost recently announced a co-launch of the first tokenised sale of payload space available to the public. 

The project will allow companies and the general market to buy, fractionalise and sell space assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), in this case, payload space on Lunar Outpost’s M1 MAPP rover headed for the Moon in Q4 of 2022.

“Space is a $500bn market and we want to involve the public in it,” says Grant Blaisdell, Copernic Space CEO interviewed by But how is the project – scheduled for early December 2021 – going to work and what does it actually it means to the public and how can they join it? 

“Once the platform verifies the identity of the buyer, the person interested will be allowed to choose just to buy or use the payload space on the rover as NFTs. As the rocket will be launched they can also resell them,” Blaisdell explains.

The US company is also planning on allowing people to acquire licenses as NFTs, allowing them to request the rover once it lands on the moon or using the platform to book requests to accomplish certain tasks, such as measurements.

How much does it cost to send things to the moon?

Since space is not yet regulated, owning a piece of the moon appears to be a dream, but you can still own something on the moon.

“Selling the moon is a fantasy for now, although there are people who are presumably trying to do it. As the space it is not currently regulated, we are selling a piece of the moon, something that is on the moon.

“The NFTs have a set initial price based on the volume of the payload space. Functional payload space purchased, or sending something to the moon, has a minimum 100g purchase, while a small portion is reserved for pure asset holding purchase with no minimum and the secondary market as well as no minimum and is divisible so clients can buy even a 1/10th of a gram,” Blaisdell says.

“The price per gram is $4,250. So, if you want to send something to the moon the 100g minimum would mean a minimum of $425k. After the rocket launches, the purchasers of used payload space can resell or even divide their payload space into smaller assets and resell them as well.”

How can people be interested in sending something to the moon?

Apart from scientific utilisations of the payload space on the rover, the platform seems to try to focus on astronomy enthusiasts.

“My goal is for the public to understand that space market is accessible, they can have a piece of something on the space for a few dollars and, for example, give it as a Christmas gift. Space exploration always gave new benefits to the hearth. Think about new technologies, most of them were born thanks to space applications. Moreover, as NFTs they could be a valuable asset.”

“Not long ago, Elon Musk was struggling to find funders. Unlike him, we want to democratise the space. However, I’m pretty sure that traditional and institutional investors will jump on the space market soon.”

What is the risk of such a form of investment?

As with every start-up, the company has its risks, and the main one resides in the execution of the whole project as it has never experimented before.

“We have been working for two years. No one has done it before. Certainly, as we are pioneering this kind of project, its execution could present problems, but we are working alongside experts to prevent them.”

What’s next?

The company aims in the future to launch the first public satellite.

“The next case is probably the first public satellite token sale offering from a space company. We are negotiating a licence for this with the US, UK and Europe. Buyers will have their portion on rights on the project incomes according to their investments.”

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