Cronos CRO coin price prediction 2025: Where will the former coin stand?

After rebranding the former coin, Cronos has unveiled bold plans for its future

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The Cronos blockchain launched in November 2021 and already has over 120 dApps on its network – Photo: Alamy


The token rebrand to Cronos marked the start of a new era for, one that would focus on decentralisation and decentralised applications (dApps). The recency of this move means there is still a lot of work before Cronos can fully achieve these goals.

Cronos has unveiled detailed plans on how it will realise this, from the full launch of its blockchain to the release of an Ethereum bridge. But will that be enough to secure its future in the crypto world? vs Cronos

The digital asset exchange launched in 2016, but has changed drastically since then. In 2018, it brought out its own cryptocurrency under the ticker CRO, which was designed to incentivise users by offering rewards and better exchange rates.

Even more recently, it expanded into blockchains. The mainnet of its chain went live in 2021, its main purpose being to support payments on the ecosystem. Later in the year, it launched another blockchain titled Cronos. This network was built to enter the decentralised space, with dApps including DeFi, NFTs and crypto games. wanted to mark that this was the future direction of its ecosystem and rebranded its coin to Cronos. The exchange wrote in a blog post: “The new name properly reflects the decentralised nature of CRO and recognizes the explosive growth of the Cronos ecosystem. The Cronos ecosystem represents the next major phase in the adoption and utilisation of Web3 by hundreds of millions of users.”

The future of Cronos

Cronos has already expanded massively since its November 2021 launch. The blockchain has harnessed over 350,000 unique wallets making transactions on the network, along with over 120 dApps for users to choose from.

But the new network has plans to continue scaling. It released a detailed roadmap at the beginning of January, outlining its plan to extend the reach of “DeFi, NFT and metaverse applications massively, and to facilitate frictionless access by end-users.”

The first item on Cronos’s To-Do list is to move its blockchain from beta to a full release in Q2 2022. It said that one or two more mainnet upgrades are required to do this, on top of the release of the Gravity Bridge.

The Gravity Bridge is designed to connect Cronos to Ethereum, allowing users to transfer any ERC-20 asset through a secure and decentralised path. This is part of Cronos’s longer-term plan to become more interoperable and connected to wider blockchains.

The blockchain is also looking at improving its scalability. It currently takes around five seconds for Cronos to produce a block, which can only hold a certain amount of computational data. Cronos is currently working on improving that capacity, giving developers more room to build performance-demanding dApps.

Cronos past performance

The CRO coin has also come a long way since its launch. It went live at the end of 2018 and was hovering around the $0.01 mark on 15 December. It climbed slightly over the following years, breaking past $0.10 in June 2020 and climbing to $0.15 the next month.

The cryptocurrency climbed even further the following year. In addition to a bullish crypto market, 2021 was a substantial year for Cronos. The chain saw its mainnet go live at the end of March and by 5 April CRO peaked at $0.24.

CRO broke its price record again later that year, after the release of the Cronos blockchain. It reached its all-time high of $0.96 on 24 November. Cronos has since lost most of these gains and did not seem to profit too much from the cryptocurrency’s recent rebrand. At the time of writing, CRO is sitting at $0.38.

CRO price prediction 2025

For those wondering what will CRO coin be worth in 2025, the forecasts vary depending on who you ask, but they are generally optimistic.

DigitalCoinPrice thinks CRO will come close to its all-time high in 2025. It thinks Cronos will climb from $0.86 in January to $0.96 in July. Its CRO price prediction for 2025 says the cryptocurrency will be sitting at $0.82 by the end of the year.

A more ambitious forecast is given by, which thinks the coin will hit a new all-time high that year. Its CRO coin price prediction for 2025 gives an average value of $1.90, with a maximum of $2.20.

Cronos is an “awesome” long-term investment, according to WalletInvestor. It argues CRO will see an average price around $1.77 in Janaury, which will grow to $2.28 by the end of the year.

Gov Capital offers an even more bullish Cronos price prediction. It expects CRO to race from $2.60 at the beginning of the year to $3.79 by December.  

TechNewsLeader is also hopeful for the future of Cronos. The cryptocurrency is expected to reach an average price of $1.70, according to the site’s CRO coin price prediction for 2025. It said: “As dApps and stablecoins develop, the network offers competitive programmable payment, logistics, and storage options.”

Final thoughts

A blockchain designed to build a dApp ecosystem is nothing new. Ethereum has been doing this since 2016, half a decade before Cronos.

Although it may not have first mover advantage, Cronos does have the backing of, one of the largest crypto exchanges. With this support, and access to’s expansive userbase, Cronos could see rapid expansion over the coming years. But like any new blockchain, there could be obstacles in store.


Can CRO reach $1?

Most Cronos price predictions think it will surpass $1 by 2025, with bold enough to suggest it can reach $3.79 that year. However, DigitalCoinPrice believes it will only climb to $0.96.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, so investors should never invest more than they can afford to lose.

Does Cronos have a future?

It could do. Cronos has plans to release upgrades to its blockchain along with a bridge connecting it to Ethereum.

Some price predictions also suggest its CRO coin could climb substantially over the coming years. But Cronos is a new blockchain and like any new crypto project, investors should conduct their own thorough research before investing.

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