DAO Maker price prediction: What to expect in 2022

After a 2021 public token sale, the crypto launchpad remains stable during the crypto bear market

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Launchpads like DAO Maker are a way forward for crypto ventures – Photo: Shutterstock


Touted as “venture capital recreated for the masses,” DAO Maker (not to be confused with the large-cap stablecoin MakerDAO) is a tokenised funding platform and launchpad for cryptocurrency start-ups. Since releasing a roadmap in the second half of 2018, DAO Maker has evolved into a major platform for retail investors seeking early-stage investment opportunities.

DAO Maker came into being at a time when the initial coin offering (ICO) boom of 2018 was starting to hit the brakes, as digital currency start-ups looked towards more flexible means of token deployment. One of DAO Maker’s flagship funding options, strong holder offerings (SHOs), is a lottery-based system of token allocation, prioritising investors with a proven track record of supporting previous fundraising projects.

The platform found particular favour among the growing decentralised finance (DeFi) community, including the recent Orion Protocol project with an $8.3m valuation. The next major fundraiser is under way for Hubble, a DeFi project built on Solana.

DAO Maker is backed by a large team of experts, including chief executive officer Christoph Zaknun, who is based in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, chief technology officer Giorgio Marciano, from Palermo, Sicily, and chief operating officer Malte Christensen, also from the Czech Republic.

According to CoinGecko, DAO Maker is the third-largest launchpad by market capitalisation, behind Raydium and UFO Gaming. The native DAO token is an ERC20 standard, allowing holders to partake in strong holder offerings, while simultaneously earning venture yield rewards based on staking quantity and duration.

DAO Maker’s contracts have been audited by CertiK and Hacken.

The following DAO Maker price prediction looks at the latest trading activity and forecaster price projections. What is DAO Maker looking like as an investment opportunity? Keep reading this DAO price prediction to find out.

The tokenomics of DAO

In a recent reading, a total of 61.9% of the circulating supply (equating to $355m in value) of DAO was locked up in strong holder offerings, with an average lock-up period of 529 days.

At time of writing, DAO was trading at $4.28, with a circulating volume of 63.125 million. The maximum supply is capped at 312 million and DAO Maker’s market capitalisation is $270.4m. A recent 24-hour trading volume of $91.23m amounted to 29% of market cap.

Just shy of 25% of total supply was put up for private sale, preceding a 2021 public sale of 0.4% of total supply at $0.10 per token. Company tokens account for 20% of supply, while foundation, business and marketing reserves account for the remainder. Apart from public sales, tokens are subject to vesting periods.

Graph of DAO Maker vesting periods – Photo: daomaker.com
Vesting periods help to control inflation and token dumping – Photo: daomaker.com

Major centralised exchanges holding DAO include the Korean exchange Bithumb, KuCoin and Gate.io. Judging by CoinMarketCap statistics, liquidity on these exchanges is relatively low.

The Uniswap decentralised exchange (DEX) offers the DAO/USDC and DAO/WETH pair.

Latest trading activity

Since first trading publicly in early 2021, DAO has generated 41-times returns for early-stage adopters. An all-time high of $8.75 was observed in April 2021 during the crypto bull run, precipitating an inevitable correction. An all-time low of $1.24 was seen in July 2021.

More recently, DAO has followed the wider altcoin downturn instigated by bitcoin’s disappointing end-of-year performance. Bringing up the moving averages, we can observe a bearish crossover on 28 December, when the 20-day moving average passed below the 50-day moving average, trending largely in parallel since.

Despite a strong performance on 19 January, where a bullish engulfing pattern can be observed, DAO continues to trade below the trendline.

The relative strength index (RSI) shows little volatility, suggesting that a large reversal might not be on the cards in the short term. The moving average convergence divergence line attests to this.

Strong support can be seen at the $3.90 price point, where rejection was witnessed throughout November and December. If DAO breaks below this point, the next strongest line of support is at the $2.36 mark. Investors might want to keep these values in mind when assessing their own DAO Maker price prediction for 2022.

A trend reversal is likely contingent on a reversal of bitcoin’s trading performance. Resistance lines to make note of are $5.48 and $6.44.

This article is intended to present you with neutral information and analysis. Currency.com is not your financial adviser and should not be used as such.

Forecaster predictions

What do digital forecasters have in mind for the DAO Maker price prediction?

According to Tech News Leader, DAO could rise to $9.46 over the coming 12 months, while the forecaster’s DAO Maker price prediction for 2025 reached a maximum of $23.19, making for approximately five-times returns at current trading prices.

On the other hand, Wallet Investor’s DAO Maker coin price prediction estimated negative returns in the years ahead, with a $2.85 price point after one year, dropping to below the $1 mark throughout 2024.

Taking a longer-term view, PricePrediction had an average DAO Maker price prediction for 2030 of $172.45. Meeting this target would culminate in 40-times returns for today’s investors.

Always keep in mind that digital forecasters use algorithms to determine price targets, and while these can be useful as a guide, they should not be used as genuine financial advice.

Currency.com always recommends conducting independent analysis, including reading up on the project’s documentation and social media streams.


How many DAO Maker coins are there?

At time of writing, there are 63.125 million DAO in circulation, against a maximum supply of 312 million.

Is DAO Maker a good investment?

DAO Maker is a leading launchpad for crypto fundraising projects with proven utility. There are few surprises in DAO’s recent trading activity, largely hampered by the general bear market.

If you are considering an investment, you should always do your own research and come to your own conclusions and price targets.

Will DAO Maker go up?

The digital forecasters had mixed opinions: Wallet Investor predicted negative price movements, while others expected solid gains. Short-term trading activity is largely contingent on the wider cryptocurrency market. Please note that digital forecasts should not be looked at as genuine financial advice.

Should I invest in DAO Maker?

This DAO Maker price prediction article is for educational purposes, as opposed to financial advice. Currency.com recommends reading up on the fundamentals of the DAO Maker project if you are considering an investment.

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