Elvantis Price Prediction: To the moon or failure to launch?

In a congested NFT marketplace, will Elvantis stand out or get lost in the stars?

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Can Elvantis make good on its Intergalactic Marketplace? – Photo: Shutterstock


Enticed by the brouhaha surrounding NFTs and the metaverse in the second half of 2021, the cryptocurrency market saw a steep rise in play-to-earn gaming concepts, with each one hoping to get a seat on the hype train.

Among them is Elvantis, a space-themed ecosystem that is planning to launch its own metaverse and NFT marketplace. The gaming platform was launched on the BNB Chain in January 2022, and ELV acts as the native token.

Does this colourful platform have what it takes to stand out? What is the Elvantis price prediction for 2022? And should you be wary of anything?

The Elvantis ecosystem

In its own words, Elvantis is a “metaverse-inspired online NFT game that combines what you love about gaming with the addictive thrill of collectables”.

Alien figure in neon colours, next to a description of the Elvantis ecosystem
Alvantis’ aesthetic evokes retro science fiction entertainment – Photo: elvantis.com

Taking Elvantis’ website at face value, the project aims to launch an interactive metaverse that can by traversed by your unique avatar, earning collectables and abilities. The player’s character, outfit, weapons and other items will be tradable as NFTs on the Intergalactic Marketplace.

Although Elvantis is on the BNB Chain, the roadmap outlines an intention to create bridges with Polygon, Solana and Ethereum for greater interoperability across separate blockchains. Tournaments, PvP battles and physical collectables are also mentioned on the roadmap, as is a governance system for token holders to help steer the direction of the project.

Is Elvantis legit?

Elvantis’s website is professional and stylish. The white paper is particularly detailed and the code is available for scrutiny. Twitter and Telegram feeds are highly active. The roadmap is also very detailed.

CertiK’s running audit gives Elvantis’ smart contracts a security score of 88. A large number of critical and major issues around code volatility and centralisation have been logged, although the majority has been resolved.

There is $559,353 of liquidity locked with Unicrypt. This liquidity comes from the largest holder of ELV tokens at 43.4%. The 10 largest wallets holding ELV collectively own 58.4% of supply, while a total of 7,018 unique wallets hold ELV.

Screenshot showing ELV liquidity
Locked liquidity ensures that the decentralised exchange’s liquidity pool remains healthy – Photo: app.unicrypt.network

There is one major BUT to the above positives. The platform is still in the pre-launch phase, despite already allowing for land and NFT purchases. That means a certain level of trust for the development team is needed should you wish to invest, although the team currently remains anonymous. That said, certain gameplay mechanics have already been shared.

ELV token: The numbers

ELV, currently priced at $0.11, is primarily traded over the PancakeSwap decentralised exchange (DEX). Market capitalisation is $5.75m and a recent 24-hour volume of $1.94m amounted to 33% of market cap.

According to the white paper, a 3% buying tax and a 7% selling tax is transferred to the marketing wallet “for development purposes such as marketing, CEX (centralised exchange) listing, bounty, buyback and burn”. BscScan shows us that the marketing wallet is the second-largest ELV holder at 2.8%.

The maximum supply of ELV is 300 million, of which just under 45 million are in circulation. As a deflationary measure, the white paper says: “We have a very clear plan for this; so far, each time a chest is opened, 60% of the tokens are burned. This makes deflation greater than inflation, resulting in a big burn gathered from the community. These tokens will continue to be used for project development.”

From the forecasters

Price Prediction’s Elvantis price prediction for 2030 hits a high point of $5.44, while its ELV price prediction over 12 months is $0.18, equating to gains of 63%.

CoinArbitrageBot’s Elvantis price prediction for 2022 is essentially flat; its price target of $0.12 is only 9% up from today’s trading value. The forecaster’s Elvantis price prediction for 2025 is $0.63, suggesting that just shy of five-times returns are possible.

It is still early days for the project, so always make sure to research any project that you are considering an investment in. Currency.com does not offer financial advice and this article presents neutral information only.


How many Elvantis coins are there?

There are currently 44,825,159 ELV in circulation. The maximum supply is 300 million.

Is Elvantis a good investment?

You should come to your own conclusion on the Elvantis project. Be sure to read the white paper, look at the website, read all social media channels and make your own Elvantis price prediction. 

Will Elvantis go up?

It is a bit too early to tell. The price of ELV is contingent on the success of the Elvantis project as a whole. Potential investors should thoroughly research the project to determine your own ELV price prediction before putting any money down.

Should I invest in Elvantis?

That should be determined after completing a comprehensive due diligence exercise and perhaps consulting an independent financial advisor. This article should be used as a neutral informational resource as opposed to genuine financial advice.

Further reading

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