Ethereum price predictions: what will ETH be worth?

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Ether supporters are optimistic, but is the performance gap closing in on Bitcoin?


Ethereum has been touted as Bitcoin’s successor and there was a time not too long ago when it looked like it might even beat its main rival. In this article, we will look at what has happened over the past few months, and then we will see about some Ethereum price predictions.

The cryptocurrency rose more than 30% in the first four days of May, consolidating at the $3,200-$3,400 range before hitting an all-time high of $4,362.35 intraday on 12 May.

However, things were soon about to come crashing down to earth. The great crypto day crash of 19 May sent a shockwave through ETH’s price.

It started the day at $3,382.66 and initially went up, reaching $3,437.94 intraday before nearly halving to an intraday low of $1,952.46 and closing the day at $2,460.68. There has, however, been a significant recovery since then. It reached the $3,000 mark at the beginning of August, before falling under again to $2,744 on 22 September.

It was trading at roughly $3,897 on 17 October, but hit a new all-time high of $4,811.70 on 8 November. On 1 December 2021, the coin was trading at $4,540.98. While both bitcoin and ether are down from record highs of November, ether has gained about 530% since December 2020. Bitcoin has, however, doubled in value over the same period of time.

So what’s next for Ethereum and can we make an ETH price prediction? 

ETH versus bitcoin – let battle commence?

To put this question into some perspective, bitcoin has a market cap of $1.08trn and ETH at the time of writing had one of $557.74bn. That means ether has a market cap of more than than half of bitcoin’s. But ether is playing a commendable game of catch-up. In January 2021, Ether was worth less than a sixth of bitcoin.

Despite the recent losses, ETH has still shown some significant gains over the past year, especially considering that it was hovering around the $300 mark in late July 2020.

Even so, an investor who bought $10-worth of ETH this time five years ago, would have made a profit of $5,599.23, or a 55,992.30% ROI.

Ethereum price predictions: not just Ether

One of the reasons why Ethereum has done well in the past is its versatility.

Katharine Wooller, MD of the crypto digital asset exchange Dacxi, said Ethereum is quite simply “not just a currency”.

While bitcoin is a decentralised currency, Ethereum is a technical platform that runs the ether cryptocurrency, Wooller said. Ethereum also does much more by building decentralised apps and using smart contracts.

Because it is a complex payment system it has an infinite supply, against bitcoin’s finite supply, which does appear to trump bitcoin in terms of potential longevity.

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An example of Ethereum’s versatility, Wooller said, was the growing use of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. These allow digital artwork to be sold, transferred and stored on the Ethereum-powered blockchain.

Issues with ETH’s security have also been taken on board by Ethereum, which has only increased confidence in the currency.

Another factor for Ethereum was the hard fork that took place on 4 August. The hard fork is part of the build-up to the Ethereum 2.0 project and is designed to help ETH move from being ‘Proof of work’ to ‘Proof of stake’. It will help make the crypto less inflationary and will slowly increase the difficulty of mining ether, in preparation for the move to Proof of Stake.

ETH/USD price history

Date Close Change Change(%) Open High Low
Feb 1, 2023 1584.68 -0.54 -0.03% 1585.22 1593.00 1576.60
Jan 31, 2023 1585.09 19.10 1.22% 1565.99 1605.16 1561.38
Jan 30, 2023 1565.98 -78.29 -4.76% 1644.27 1647.67 1534.92
Jan 29, 2023 1644.22 71.91 4.57% 1572.31 1660.38 1566.60
Jan 28, 2023 1572.40 -25.59 -1.60% 1597.99 1606.81 1556.69
Jan 27, 2023 1598.06 -3.05 -0.19% 1601.11 1622.00 1552.80
Jan 26, 2023 1601.10 -10.62 -0.66% 1611.72 1633.12 1577.13
Jan 25, 2023 1611.88 55.81 3.59% 1556.07 1641.37 1515.79
Jan 24, 2023 1556.06 -70.50 -4.33% 1626.56 1641.57 1529.94
Jan 23, 2023 1626.54 -1.42 -0.09% 1627.96 1649.13 1587.06
Jan 22, 2023 1627.92 0.60 0.04% 1627.32 1664.07 1604.31
Jan 21, 2023 1627.29 -31.54 -1.90% 1658.83 1680.10 1619.82
Jan 20, 2023 1658.55 107.42 6.93% 1551.13 1662.90 1541.73
Jan 19, 2023 1551.10 39.92 2.64% 1511.18 1564.79 1509.06
Jan 18, 2023 1511.24 -53.88 -3.44% 1565.12 1609.11 1501.08
Jan 17, 2023 1565.01 -11.81 -0.75% 1576.82 1609.21 1541.01
Jan 16, 2023 1576.76 23.91 1.54% 1552.85 1604.67 1520.57
Jan 15, 2023 1552.89 3.22 0.21% 1549.67 1567.45 1516.24
Jan 14, 2023 1549.82 99.29 6.85% 1450.53 1629.59 1449.25
Jan 13, 2023 1455.22 39.39 2.78% 1415.83 1462.29 1400.71

What will Ethereum be worth in 2021?

Anyone making Ethereum price predictions for 2021 and beyond may well be of the opinion that it is ETH’s versatility which gives it the potential to surpass Bitcoin. It can work across a wide range of applications, from transactions for financial services through to digital ledgers across many industries.

But critics note that Ethereum has become far slower and more expensive, and that a transaction can take hours with a cost (or gas fees) of up to $232.15 on the Uniswap V2 protocol.

If we look at what Ethereum price predictions some analysts are making, we must always remember that predictions are not set in stone. It is entirely possible, if not altogether likely, that these Ethereum price predictions could well end up being quite a bit wide of the mark.

As with all financial decisions, it is up to investors to do their research, and keep watching this space. Remember to take any Ethereum prediction with a pinch of salt.

WalletInvestor has more bullish Ethereum price predictions, claiming it can reach $7,311.73 in a year’s time and as much as $19,232.60 in five years.

Meanwhile, an Ethereum prediction from DigitalCoinPrice says that it should get to around $7,311.48  by the end of the year and will make an average of $8,224.99 for 2022. By 2026 the average price should be around $16,345.15 by its estimates.

An ETH price prediction from believes that it will open January 2024 somewhere around $4525.46. It will get to around $6,007.35 in December 2022 and a year on from that will see it in the region of $8,104.04. On 1 December 2026, a Ethereum forecast estimates ETH will be worth around $16,768.37.

While these predictions are encouraging, you still need to be careful. It is always possible that there could be another significant cryptocrash that no one predicts.

When it comes to investing in ether, do your own research, remember that the highly volatile cryptocurrency market can go down as well as up, and that you should never invest more money than you can afford to lose.


Can Ethereum reach $5,000?

It’s possible. Nearly all cryptocurrencies have increased in value, largely as a result of their adoption by some financial institutions. But it is the larger currencies such as ETH that are more in favour. The rate of growth in the past 12 months suggests an Ethereum forecast is on track to rise in the next 12 months. It may dip but it wouldn’t be a shock to see ETH surpass the $5,000 mark within six months. However, it is likely to retrench at some point. 

Will Ethereum fall back to $1,000?

Some retrenchment is likely and enthusiasm for ether may tail off as investors look for the next big event. But whether it falls back as far as $1,000 is more questionable than whether its value dips back under $3,000. Ethereum price predictions 2021 are not perfect algorithms, so it is important to take into account potential changes to the market, including external influences such as imposed regulation. 

What will Ethereum be worth in five years?

This will depend on how much volatility investors can cope with and how developed the cryptocurrency market becomes.

Cryptocurrencies that can offer the necessary infrastructure to fuel social and economic change may fare better in value than those that don’t. Investors who are not happy with volatility may be best staying clear of ether for now.

Is Ethereum a good buy?

ETH’s relative liquidity should serve it well. It remains as good a value as the number of people prepared to trade tokens, which at the moment is not a problem. It’s only a good buy if investors accept they may lose all their money, or if they have money they can afford to invest (and lose).

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