Everdome price prediction: Past the Moon and off to Mars?

The Mars-based metaverse token promises a new frontier in digital real estate. Will DOME take off?

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Colonising Mars may be some way off, but a virtual Red Planet could be the next best thing – Photo: Shutterstock


We have been scanning the skies for the latest news on the Everdome price prediction.

Everdome launched on the BNB Chain in January 2022, along with its native token, DOME. Will it prove to be a strong investment or will it become a black hole for investors?

Everdome: The concept

Exactly what is Everdome (DOME)? Everdome is an ambitious metaverse project created by Polish entrepreneur Robert Gryn. Currently in the concept phase, Everdome wants to be “the most hyper-realistic ’verse across the entire landscape of the metaverse”.

The name Robert Gryn may be familiar to some; a venture capitalist, he is also the head honcho of Metahero, which has teamed up with Wolf Digital World to deploy the 3D scanning technology that is meant to bring life-like avatars into Gryn’s vision of the metaverse.

As reported by Currency.com, questions have been raised around the ownership of the vast amounts of personal data captured with such a technology. Another issue is scalability: Everdome’s and Metahero’s USP revolves around location-specific 3D scanning technology measuring 10x10 metres. This could severely delay user uptake.

Regardless of the aesthetic scope of the project, Everdome’s proposed digital economy is not unlike other metaverse projects, with a focus on brands and companies searching for a plot of virtual real estate from which to flog their products to users. In Everdome’s words, Everdome is “bringing brands and people together with the intent of building the highest quality Web3 experience”.

Everdome might only be a concept for now, but Wolf Digital World’s scanning technology has already been widely used in music videos, fashion and videogames, most notably for CD Projekt Red’s hit title Cyberpunk 2077.

DOME: Tokenomics and utility

Of the maximum supply of 100 billion DOME tokens, 9.44 billion are currently in circulation at $0.0066 as of 3 August 2022, making for a market capitalisation of $62m. 

DOME is listed on OKX, Bybit, CoinTiger, Gate.io, and BKEX, among other major centralised exchanges. 

The token generation event (TGE) occurred on 18 January 2022, based on the allocation seen below. Barring the fully diluted marketing purse, vesting schedules are in place for all allocations, ranging between 5% and 10% monthly.

Chart of DOME token allocation – Source: everdome.io
Nearly a quarter of DOME is reserved for staking, rewards and development – Photo: everdome.io

Shortly after the token generation event, staking of DOME was made live on 22 February.

Everdome promises “massive annual percentage yields”, but as always, make sure to be careful when locking up your tokens.

DOME will presumably be used as the in-game currency for buying, selling and trading NFTs and digital real estate.

Towards the end of May 2022, Everdome announced its first land auction on Twitter. Within 24 hours, all 1,500 plots had attracted at least one bid.

However, this had little effect in the long-running bear market and the token continued on its descent to a new all-time low of $0.0062 on 2 August. At the time of writing on 3 August, the token is trading at $0.0066.

Forecaster price predictions

DOME is a new cryptocurrency, thus any DOME price prediction estimates are highly speculative.

With that in mind, we can see a long-term outlook at PricePrediction.net, whose Everdome price prediction for 2030 estimates a price of $0.68.

The Everdome price prediction for 2022 at CoinArbitrageBot suggests a price of $0.0194, while its Everdome price prediction for 2025 stands at $0.0905. Sentiment is largely bullish in the long term.

DigitalCoinPrice suggests an average value of $0.00870 in 2022, $0.0132 in 2025 and $0.0304 in 2030.

WalletInvestor, however thinks the token will descend to $0.001 in 12 months’ time and does not expect the token to recover, suggesting it is a “bad long-term (one-year) investment”.   

Looking forward

Time will tell regarding the Everdome price prediction. Stages of completion on the roadmap included the first land sale and the first importing of 3D models by the end of Q1, with the first stage of play-to-earn gameplay scheduled for Q3 2022.

Having largely trended downwards since its TGE in January 2022, Everdome will probably be hoping for a reversal of the bearish cryptocurrency market to give DOME the shot in the arm it needs.

The future of the DOME cryptocurrency will also rest on the execution and adoption of the Everdome metaverse project. Will it deliver on its promises and take DOME past the Moon and all the way to Mars? 

There are 9.44 billion DOME in circulation, against a maximum supply of 100 billion.

That depends on numerous factors, primarily whether Everdome is able to deliver on the promises of its highly ambitious metaverse project. Be sure to research the project yourself to come to your own Everdome price prediction.

Currency.com recommends reading the documentation, researching the project’s credentials and sourcing independent, third-party financial advice.

As a new cryptocurrency, further data is needed to make an accurate DOME price prediction, although the forecasters currently reviewing the token do expect some gains. These predictions are speculative and should not be the sole basis for your investment choices.

The contents of this article should be taken as neutral information – Currency.com does not dispense financial advice.

Rather, we recommend thoroughly researching the project to determine its long-term potential. Be sure to read the white paper, browse social media and consult an independent financial adviser.

Further reading

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