How many litecoins are there?

Litecoin, like Bitcoin, has a fixed supply of coins and a proof-of-work consensus model

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The next litecoin halving is scheduled for August 2023 – Photo: Shutterstock


For those who are trying to learn more about the basic principles that govern cryptocurrencies, a common question is this: how many litecoin (LTC) coins are there?

Founded in 2011, Litecoin, like Bitcoin, is an open-source global payment network. Similar to Bitcoin, Litecoin has a fixed supply of coins. There will never be more than 84 million LTC in circulation. Every two-and-a-half minutes, the Litecoin network generates a new block.

Originally conceived as a competitor to Bitcoin, Litecoin uses a different type of proof-of-work consensus mechanism, called Scrypt.

How many litecoins are there?

While the maximum supply of LTC is 84 million, there are currently 70.248 million in circulation.

So, in answer to the question: how many litecoins exist? Right now, there are around 70.248 million litecoins in the world, but with a new block being generated and 12.5 litecoins being rewarded every two-and-a-half minutes, the number of coins is constantly going up.


Halving, a process whereby the rewards gained from mining are halved at regular intervals, has a deflationary impact on the price of LTC, as it reduces the supply of litecoin. The last halving took place in August 2019, when the 25 LTC reward was cut to 12.5 LTC.

The next halving is due in August 2023, when the number of LTC coins rewarded will drop from 12.5 LTC to 6.25 LTC.

Approximately 70.248 million coins have been mined.

There are just under 14 million coins left to be mined.

Yes, litecoin is capped at 84 million.

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