How many Metahero coins are there?

Users can pay in HERO tokens to be scanned to create 3D avatars of themselves

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Metahero was founded by Robert Gryn, former CEO of Codewise – Photo: Shutterstock


Metahero, a project that enables people to create their own 3D avatar for use in the metaverse, as well as create NFTs to auction or trade, is ranked among the top 20 largest metaverse platforms, with a market cap of $385.97m.

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum 1.0, Metahero, which runs on the Binance Smart Chain, has a proof-of-staked-authority (or PoSA) consensus model for its token, HERO. 

Like Bitcoin, however, HERO also has a maximum supply. The HERO token is used for all transactions in the Metahero ecosystem. So, how many metahero coins are there?

How many HERO coins are there?

The supply of HERO coins is capped at 10 billion. How many HERO coins are there in circulation? The current circulating supply is 5.096 billion coins. After working out how many coins are currently out in the world changing hands, a logical next question is: how many HERO coins are there left in the world? There are around four billion coins left to be mined.

Token distribution

Metahero has a very specific token distribution model.

Of the total supply of HERO coins, 30% will be used in marketing, partnerships and exchange listings. Another 10% of the maximum supply of HERO will be sold in a private sale, 10 % will be sold via a public sale, 10% will be locked in the ecosystem’s reserves, while 20% of the coins will be locked in the liquidity pool. The remaining 20% will be reserved for the team, with a 30-month lock period.


Is there a limited supply of HERO?

Yes there is a limited supply: HERO is capped at 10 billion coins.

How many HERO coins are left?

There are around four billion HERO coins left to be staked.

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