Hubble price prediction: Will the young project take off?

Putting Hubble under the microscope reveals both potential – and some concerns

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Launched in January 2022 after a successful initial decentralised exchange (DEX) offering, Hubble is a decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol that gives users access to zero-interest borrowing on Solana.

Alongside the successful mainnet launch, Hubble’s HBB staking and governance token recently secured listings on the KuCoin and Huobi centralised exchanges.

Users interact with Hubble’s DeFi products through the issuance of the Solana-based USDH native stablecoin. According to Hubble: “USDH is backed at least 150% by a basket of decentralised crypto assets including SOL, mSOL, BTC, ETH, RAY, SRM, and FTT.”

There is currently over $17.51m in total value locked, with a 48.4% loan-to-value ratio.

Graphs of system health and collateral amounts
System health changes to recovery mode at the 66.6% threshold – Credit:

From the date of the token generation event (TGE), tokens were dropped to participants over a three-month vesting period. Private investors received a 50% discount on the price of HBB with a welcome 18-month vesting period, while pre-seed and seed sales were discounted further. Vesting periods are a common practice to avoid token dumping by early-stage investors, though less common in a public sale.

This Hubble coin price prediction article looks into the key facts of the project. What is Hubble (HBB) looking like as an investment opportunity? Can we determine a Hubble price prediction for 2022 and beyond? Let’s find out! 

HBB: key token details

Trading at $0.91 (as of 19 May 2022), the total supply of HBB is capped at 100 million, of which 10,936,399 million are in circulation. Market capitalisation is currently at $10.05m.

A recent 24-hour trading volume figure of $850,747m amounted to 8.4% of market cap.

Graph of Hubble’s tokenomics structure
Hubble has a transparent tokenomics structure – Photo:

In terms of borrowing on the platform, users require a 110% collateral ratio (for every $100 of USDH minted, Hubble will retain $110 of your crypto asset). Users can earn yield on their collateralised assets. A one-off fee of 0.5% is paid for every loan issued.

Users can provide liquidity to the stability pool by staking HBB, with 85% of protocol fees reserved for staking rewards. Should the stability pool become illiquid, funds will be debited from user accounts.

Hubble also intends to implement a governance system for HBB holders for the administration of the project. Further details are pending.

In addition to IDO (initial DEX offering) fundraising, Hubble secured $13.6m in venture capital investment over two rounds. According to the Crunchbase page, led the funding rounds. Additional investors included Three Arrows Capital, Jump Capital, Delphi Digital and Spartan.

Price action since launch

After HBB’s late January launch, the token saw a brief bull run, culminating in a high of $2.34 on 1 February 2022. Since then, HBB has been trending downwards. February closed at $0.79, with Hubble having lost 66% of its value.

By 14 March 2022, HBB was trading at $0.40, having lost nearly 50% of its value over two weeks. Can it recover? Perhaps the HBB price prediction coverage can clue us in.

HBB saw a massive spike in value between 19 and 20 April 2022, as the token shot up from $0.469 to $1.89 in a day. The trigger for such a steep bull run was unclear, though possibly due to a large-cap investor’s buying frenzy. The token has downtrended since and stands at $0.91 as of 19 May.

Looking at the price targets

Hubble price prediction targets at outline a $1.33 price target for 2022, heading up to $4.22 by 2025, suggesting possible returns of 363%. Over a longer period, the forecaster’s Hubble price prediction for 2030 is $27.09, making for over 29 times returns.

The $1 barrier will be breached this year, according to DigitalCoinPrice. Its considerably more conservative Hubble coin price prediction suggests a price target of $4.19 for 2030. DigitalCoinPrice uses 26 metrics to make its HBB price prediction, 13 of which suggest selling, with only three pointing to a buy strategy, while 10 metrics remain neutral.

According to CryptoPredictions’ Hubble price prediction, the token could hit the $2 price point by March 2025. In the shorter term, HBB is likely to stay below the $1.20 barrier throughout most of 2022.

CoinArbitrageBot’s Hubble price prediction for 2025 is currently $6.16, representing 6.7 times gains. Sentiment is hovering between a hold and sell strategy.

How legitimate is Hubble?

Hubble’s mainnet launch was successful, as was the token generation event. Even though the biggest centralised exchanges do not support HBB, listings on KuCoin and Huobi have been secured.

DEX listings are also yet to be confirmed. A request for details on Hubble’s Telegram page yielded the following response: “We are still in the process of working out the best DEX/CEX options for HBB and the community, please stay tuned for announcements coming soon!”

The team is still largely private, barring project lead ​​Marius Ciubotariu and cited co-founder Marius Thomas. No details could be found on the latter, but Currency has requested further information. Ciubotariu worked as a software developer for Bloomberg in London. Although many legitimate projects choose to remain anonymous, transparency always helps to increase investor confidence.

Monthly community reports are released, while the organisation has secured three separate security audits, with one other in progress. Remember that this article is a neutral informational resource: it is up to you to determine the project’s prospects through independent analysis.

Final thoughts

Hubble’s community engagement is high, and documentation is readily available for potential investors to scrutinise.

Despite a recent slump, the DeFi marketplace is a growing one. Should Hubble manage to carve out a niche for itself, there is plenty of potential for growth. That said, there are always risks with investing in an early-stage project. recommends conducting further research, including reading the available documentation and looking into all social media channels. This Hubble price prediction is for educational purposes and should not be used as financial advice.


There are 8,963,789 HBB in circulation, against a total supply of 100 million.

There are some promising fundamentals as well as certain concerns, including a largely anonymous team and low trading volume. advises extensive due diligence before making an investment.

DeFi projects have shown long-term growth, despite bitcoin’s poor performance at the tail end of 2021. Hubble has the potential to go up, but that could be contingent on securing exchange listings and user uptake. Be sure to never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

That’s for you to decide: this Hubble price prediction article should be used for informational purposes, not taken as financial advice. recommends researching the available documentation and conducting extensive due diligence before placing any investment.

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