Humanscape price prediction: Recovery predicted for health token

HUM is the lifeblood of the healthcare platform, but it’s been stuck in a declining state

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While blockchain technology originally launched as financial product, it has invaded multiple different aspects of everyday life, whether that’s identity, entertainment or, in the case of Humanscape, healthcare.

Humanscape is on an ambitious and noble mission to make living with incurable diseases easier. But this has not always translated into positive price action for the HUM cryptocurrency. And how might this effect the HUM price prediction? Let’s dig a little deeper to find out. 

What is Humanscape?

Humanscape has entered the thriving world of digital healthcare by uniquely combining it with blockchain technology. The platform is looking to compile resources and data to find ailments for long-term incurable diseases.

Its website said: “The goal of the team is to help individuals who normally don’t have access to the type of health care required for their survival.”

The platform has three different services. Its Rarenote feature provides status of global treatments and clinical trials on rare and incurable diseases. This is used to find patients new treatment opportunities and can be tracked on its mobile app.

Humanscape has also expanded into pregnancy services with its parenting app, MommyTalk, which offers information from data-based indicators.

The project has also launched an online clinical trial brokerage platform, where users can easily search trials and register. The website continued: “It opens up new opportunities for patients in need of treatment options and reduces the enormous economic loss of clinical trial delays.”

Humanscape is a South Korean platform, with it being co-founded by CEO Stephen Chang, Won-woo Je and Tae-woo Lee.

Humanscape’s blockchain and token

Humanscape utilises blockchain technology to realise these services. It plays an important role in storing consumer data and combining it with the medical research process. This data can then be accessed by any patient who has suffered from the same disease.

Its own cryptocurrency, which operates under the ticker HUM, has been used to encourage this process. Users earn HUM Points (HP) from uploading medical data to the ecosystem, this can then be converted into standard HUM. The project has created its own reward pool to finance this, according to its whitepaper.

HUM’s price history

CoinMarketCap listed HUM with an opening price on 8 November 2018 of $0.0002, after a Humanscape airdrop took place earlier that year. But the Ethereum token got off to a difficult start. It did not see much price action over its first three years and stayed roughly around its launch price.

Even a hard fork during August 2019, where it drastically reduced its supply by a hundredfold, had a minimal effect on price movement.

It only started gaining traction until April 2021. This appeared to be when it gained press coverage in Korea. A Korean publication promoted its ability for users to earn digital assets. HUM peaked at $0.43 on 2 April.

After a further consolidation period, it regained momentum in October that year, where it once again climbed above $0.30. It then rocketed to its all-time high of $1.07 on 18 November.

While the reason behind this is unclear, it was able to raise funding after this price record. It gained a KRW15bn (roughly $11.4m as of 4 August 2022) from the Kakao internet company.

HUM’s next peak came on 31 March 2022, but it was only able to muster a daily high of $0.418. It has fallen significantly since then. As of 4 August, it was trading at $0.18 and was also up 4% on the previous seven-day period. According to CoinMarketCap, the circulating supply was just more than 831 million HUM and its total supply was 1.084 billion. 

Humanscape price prediction

The majority of HUM coin price predictions have estimated that it could reach new all-time high. TechNewsLeader said it may have risen to $0.41 in a year and $1.24 in five years’ time. Its Humanscape price prediction for 2030 predicted a maximum price of $5.49.

Similarly, PricePrediction said HUM may have averaged $0.22 this year. Its Humanscape price prediction for 2025 suggested it could have achieved $0.68 and continued on to $4.46 in 2030.

AMB Crypto was even more bullish with its Humanscape price prediction for 2022 and estimated a value of $0.39. It said it might have gone on beyond $1 in 2027 to $1.06 and surpassed $3 in 2032 to $3.66.

The HUM token price prediction from DigitalCoinPrice suggested it may not reach $1 in the foreseeable future. It said it might have reached $0.37 in 2025 and $0.84 in 2030.


Humanscape is a digital health care service where users get paid to upload health data and can access a community-collected database.

There are three different exchanges to buy HUM, according to CoinMarketCap, including FTX, Coinone, and Upbit.

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