— Trading of digital signs (tokens) (hereinafter - tokens) is performed, by default, on a 24-hour basis (but trading of certain tokens in some periods of time, defined by “Currency Com Bel” LLC, might not be performed). Quotation list is published in the interface of the trading platform Сurrency.com;

— “Currency Com Bel” LLC takes part in tokens trading organized on Currency.com trading platform. Within this regard “Currency Com Bel” LLC discloses existence of conflict of interests and informs you about the following measures taken to solve it in accordance with the Conflict of interests managing Policy, appearing during the activity of limited liability company “Currency Com Bel”: only specially determined employees are entitled to make trades during tokens trading, all the necessary information barriers are set up and additional control of activity is performed towards these employees.

— “Currency Com Bel” LLC, its employees, property owners, shareholders or beneficial owners might own or “Currency Com Bel” LLC might have in possession on the basis of agency contract, commission contract or any other contract of intermediary nature any tokens, admitted to tokens trading, organized on Currency.com trading platform. Herewith the number of tokens owned or possessed in such situation might exceed 5% of the total number of these tokens (in other words of total amount of tokens issued).

— All the tokens issued by “Currency Com Bel” LLC, or its shareholders on their own interest (without any task of third parties) or with the assistance of third parties (contractors).

—  Depending on the type of issued tokens, in order to secure such tokens, Currency Com Bel LLC acquires different derivative financial products in regard to underlying assets

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