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Lucky Block, the crypto sport games platform, has warned the crypto community on the traits to look out for regarding some of the “most popular scams in crypto”.

The big red flags, the site says, are direct messages via Twitter asking you to transfer crypto, people asking you to connect your wallet to unknown websites, and fake free airdrop sites.

Lucky Block’s advice is to “always verify sources and go to official websites to check official links”.

31 May: Boxer Lerrone Richards joins Lucky Block as brand ambassador  

Lerrone Richards, the British boxer who has held the International Boxing Organisation (IBO) super-middleweight title since 2021, has become a brand ambassador for Lucky Block, the crypto sport games platform.

Lucky Block responded to this news by saying “Let’s go champ”.

30 May: Harry Potter actor promotes Lucky Block

Greg Draven, who has played Hagrid from the Harry Potter franchise in the short film Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure in 2019, has promoted Lucky Block via Twitter.

It comes as the crypto sport games platform is holding a prize draw, which started today at 10:00 BST (UTC +1).

Draven, who played Hagrid as a body double and appeared in the 2017 film Justice League, said “one of the most exciting things about Lucky Block” is that it is giving people the chance to win $1m (£0.8m).

In addition, as part of the jackpot goes to charity, added Draven, it “seems like a no brainer”.

27 May: Lucky Block receives blue tick and Twitter verification  

Lucky Block has become Twitter-verified, its official account receiving the blue tick.

Most well-known cryptocurrencies’ Twitter accounts are verified, including ethereum (ETH), solana (SOL), ripple (XRP) and tether (USDT).

However, some notable cryptos have not received verification from Twitter, including bitcoin (BTC) and helium (HNT).       

17 May: Lucky Block wants the crypto market to stay ‘calm’ 

Lucky Block has sent out a message to reassure the digital asset community after the dramas that have engulfed the crypto world.

The recent collapse and depegging of the stablecoin terraUSD (UST) have sent shock waves throughout the crypto sphere.  

Now Lucky Block has told its investors and the crypto community to “zoom out and look at the bigger picture”, stressing it is important to “keep calm”.  

16 May: David Hasselhoff promotes Lucky Block’s crypto lottery  

David Hasselhoff, star of the American television shows Baywatch and Knight Rider, has released a video via Twitter promoting Lucky Block.

In it, the actor claims that “playing the crypto lottery with Lucky Block is even better” than playing the traditional lottery.

Hasselhoff adds that he hopes people give away some of the money to a good cause if they do win.

Hasselhoff set the Guinness World Record for the most watched man on TV back in 2011.

12 May: Lucky Block explains the volatility of a challenging week  

Following such events as the stablecoin terraUSD (UST) losing its peg to the US dollar and bitcoin (BTC) dropping to $29,339 during the past week, Lucky Block has attempted to explain why cryptos can be volatile.

In a tweet, Lucky Block stated that volatility of the crypto market can be attributed to the fact that it is a new financial area, the effects of sentiments and speculation surrounding digital assets, and that it is a free market with no authorities being able to control the price, inflate, deflate or protect cryptos.

While the crypto market can be volatile, Lucky Block suggested that it was also important to “look at the bigger picture”.

11 May: Lucky Block NFTs owners given chance to win a Lamborghini 

In its latest announcement, Lucky Block has said those who buy one of its limited edition Platinum Rollers Club non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be given the chance to win a Lamborghini.

The NFTs are available to buy from NFT Launchpad and the Lamborghini is worth £270,000.

6 May: Breaking Bad actor promotes Lucky Block 

Steven Michael Quezada, who played Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Steven Gomez on Breaking Bad, has released a video via Twitter promoting Lucky Block stating it’s on a mission to “decentralise gaming and make it fair for all players”.

The Breaking Bad actor starts the video off by saying “do you want to learn how to invest in crypto easily and ethically” and then explains that the Lucky Block app is available on all Android devices and will be launching “soon” on the Apple App store.

Quezada states that if you download the Lucky Block app you can “game fairly and support charity”.

The actor ends the video by saying “download the app right now, you will thank me later”.

5 May: Lucky Block to host $2.37m jackpot prize draw

Lucky Block, the crypto sport games platform, will be launching its jackpot prize draw in mid-May with the prize money currently valued at $2.37m (£1.91m).

Tickets to enter the draw cost $5 (£4) and are paid with Lucky Block's LBLOCK crypto. Those who are holders of LBLOCK token and connect their wallet to the app each day will receive a free ticket.

Charity donation   

When customers enter the draw either with a free ticket or one they have purchased they can go to the charity section of the platform and vote for the charity they wish to receive 10% of each jackpot.  

As well as its charity donation, 10% also goes back to token holders, 8% goes to Lucky Block for marketing and 2% for the non-fungible token (NFT) prize draw.

However, for LBLOCK holders to receive the 10% that is returned to holders, they must take part in the daily charity voting poll.  

Funds for the prize money come from the transaction fee charged on sales of the LBLOCK token on decentralised exchanges and from ticket sales revenue.

NFT daily draws

Lucky Block is also launching its NFT daily draws. To enter this, an individual must already own one of the Lucky Block limited edition Platinum Rollers Club NFTs.    

Owners of the NFTs will be automatically entered into a special one-off giveaway draw to win $1m (£0.8m).

Once all the first daily draws NFTs have been sold, the second prize up for grabs will be a Lamborghini worth £270,000.

20 April: Dillian Whyte secures Lucky Block sponsorship deal

Dillian Whyte, the British-Jamaican-Irish professional boxer who has held the WBC interim heavyweight title since March 2021, is being sponsored by Lucky Block, the crypto sport games platform.

The undisclosed sponsorship deal was announced just days before Whyte fights Tyson Fury on 23 April at Wembley Stadium, in match being described as “one of the biggest fights ever to take place in the UK”.

Fury is a British professional boxer and two-time world heavyweight champion.

Whyte, who has also been made an official brand ambassador for Lucky Block, was flown by a private jet funded by the crypto platform from his training camp in Portugal to the UK.

Whyte: Excited to learn about Lucky Block

“When Lucky Block first approached me with a sponsorship deal, I didn't know who it was or what it did,” said Whyte. “I was excited to learn about its business and the new, transparent and fair approach that it is bringing to prize draws and giveaway competitions using crypto.

“They tell me they are going to move into play-to-earn games too and I’m down for that as someone who enjoys games of chance and video games.

“It would be great to have a platform where everyone knows there’s a level playing field and that’s what Lucky Block says it is doing. Those are my kind of values – a fair fight with everything on the level.

“I’m a winner and Lucky Block want to be the sports games winners – that’s the kind of match-up that can count out any competition.”

Lucky Block’s LBLOCK crypto

According to Lucky Block, its LBOCK token is the fastest crypto to reach a $1bn (£0.76bn) valuation. Additionally, following the announcement about Whyte, LBLOCK, which only started trading in January 2022, has risen by 5.34% to $0.001927 as of Wednesday 20 April, according to CoinMarketCap.

Scott Ryder, CEO of Lucky Block, said: “Together, Lucky Block and Dillian Whyte can beat the odds and show the world that with hard work anyone can achieve their dreams.”

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