McLaren launches its second NFT series

By Raffaele Redi

The series features a McLaren Formula 1 car, divided in 22 NFTs

The McLaren marketplace on Sweet                                 
McLaren is also launching a marketplace where NFT components can be resold and traded – Photo:

British motor racing team McLaren Racing Ltd has dropped its second series of NFTs, featuring a Gulf Oil-liveried MCL35M, on the Tezos platform.

As in the first drop, the NFT series consists of 22 components of the Formula 1 car, which buyers can collect to eventually assemble their own (albeit virtual) McLaren.

McLaren’s first-ever digital collectibles drop took place last year. For that series, the McLaren Racing CAD system was utilised to split the McLaren MCL35M Formula 1 car into 22 collectible 3D components, offering supporters the chance to purchase digital car parts minted on the Tezos blockchain to build and complete their own 3D MCL35M.

So far, only one collector has managed to secure all 22 pieces. But following the second drop, a user-to-user, auction-based marketplace on the Sweet platform will also enable users to sell and buy NFT components from each other, improving their chances of securing all 22 pieces, and auction off any unwanted parts or completed cars they have managed to amass.

Sweet partnership 

After moves by giant platforms like OpenSea to reduce the importance of cryptocurrencies in the NFT environment, the McLaren team partnered with the Sweet platform.

The Sweet marketplace is designed to reduce barriers to entry, enabling verified users to buy and sell directly with each other in a compliant, reliable and intuitive way.

The platform seeks to minimise the complexity involved in operating crypto wallets, by guiding would-be sellers and buyers through a simple verification process to eliminate malicious activity and ensure fair and accessible auctions. Sweet also provides a built-in fiat on-ramp, so winning bidders can easily purchase cryptocurrency, using fiat currency, that can then be delivered to the smart contract address to complete the auction.

The platform has already delivered NFT campaigns for Macy’s, Burger King, NHL team Chicago Blackhawks, sports bar chain Dave & Buster’s and more. Each of these campaigns has been highly sought after by fans and consumers, with digital collectibles often being claimed in hours or even minutes.

“Sweet is able to offer McLaren Racing’s highly-engaged Discord community the ability to transact with verified users, allowing for safe and seamless transactions,” said Sweet CEO Tom Mizzone.

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