MetaCraft price prediction: A potential crypto beast

Investors have flocked to MetaCraft’s crypto version of Dungeons & Dragons

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MetaCraft is making a crypto version of the classic Dungeons & Dragons game – Photo: Shutterstock


The fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons has played an essential role in both pop and internet culture. It was only a matter of time until it was implemented into the cryptocurrency world. MetaCraft is creating a version where players can choose from the classic characters and earn currency with real world value.

Whether it’s a bard or paladin, each character is created on the blockchain and will be stored in players’ wallets.

MCT is the native token. Despite only launching in January this year, the gaming crypto was met with open arms from investors. Forecasters expect its bullish trend to continue.

What is MetaCraft?

MetaCraft describes itself as the “blockchain version of D&D”, where users can create characters, pursue quests and level up in this crypto game.

Part of the appeal of Dungeons & Dragons is its customisability – players can create their own storylines and maps. MetaCraft is looking to include this element in its game. Its website states: “The game’s story, background, settings, newly-added quest characters, and multiple open endings will all be jointly formulated by community members.”

There are multiple “heroes” for players to choose from, including classics such as barbarians, clerics, wizards and bards. Each hero costs 100 MCT and a wallet can hold a maximum of 20 characters.

Along with its native MCT cryptocurrency is a Gold token. Heroes can earn Gold by completing “daily work”. It can then be spent on levelling up your character and fighting monsters.

While this may sound like a D&D fan’s dream, the game has not gone live yet. This is especially important to note as the team is anonymous, including the founder. The only identity that has been revealed is that of the community manager, who goes by Michaelina.

In MetaCraft’s roadmap, it states that an online team dungeon will be going live at the end of Q2 this year. By Q3 in 2022, an online battle screen is expected to launch, along with a player-vs-player (PVP) function.

MCT coin

MCT is the token powering this play-to-earn experience, which is evident from the cryptocurrency’s tokenomics. A large percentage, 60%, is dedicated to rewards, with the rest split between developing the ecosystem and being given to shareholders.

Despite MCT going live with transparent details, investors are still waiting for more information on the Gold token. Neither the tokenomics or the token’s address have been revealed.

Investors appear to be unaffected by this, as so far MCT has been met by success.

MCT’s short but sweet price history

The price of MCT opened on CoinMarketCap on 6 January 2022 $0.06. From there, MCT immediately flourished and climbed to a daily high of $3.18 the following day. This came after the gaming cryptocurrency went live on XTexchange. However, it soon dropped to the $0.30 level.

As MetaCraft is still in early development, most of its price rises have followed a listing on an exchange. For example, it climbed past $1 on 20 January when MCT trading was enabled on the CoinTiger exchange.

The MCT coin price was then hit by a bearish trend, where it eventually stooped to its all-time low of $0.049 on 22 March. Yet MetaCraft defied the wider market and soon rallied.

The gaming token rocketed to its all-time high of $11.14 on 24 May. This was the same day MCT was listed on Indodax, an Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange. However, MetaCraft closed the same day below $1.

June proved to be an active month for the crypto game. Michaelina appeared in numerous interviews and ask me anythings (AMAs) that were hosted by various crypto platforms, including Lando Community and Crypto Warrior.

At the time of writing, on 30 June 2022, MetaCraft was trading at $2.77 but was down 3% on the previous seven days. 

MetaCraft price prediction

The MetaCraft token price prediction from forecasters has concluded there is potential for the crypto gaming token with a new all-time high on the cards.

DigitalCoinPrice has said the MetaCraft token is a “profitable investment” with the cryptocurrency thought to average out at $3.81 this year and $5.79 in 2025. Its MetaCraft price prediction for 2030 is a new price record of $13.26.

The short-term forecast from CryptoPredictions is even more bullish. Its MetaCraft price prediction for 2022 anticipates it will reach $3.53 at the end of the year and climb past $8 in 2025. is one of the most optimistic with its MCT price prediction. The gaming cryptocurrency is said to reach $6.18 in a year and $23 in five years’ time. only suggests the token will average out at $0.65 this year. Its MetaCraft price prediction for 2025 is a pessimistic average price of $1.87, which is thought to rocket to $12.45 in 2030.


MetaCraft is combining nostalgic Dungeons & Dragons gameplay with futuristic blockchain technology. Players can purchase characters and earn the MCT cryptocurrency by completing quests.

Most forecasts anticipate MCT to eventually hit a new price record, but thinks this will take until the next decade.

MetaCraft is a small market cap coin and has subsequently proved volatile, so you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

There is a circulating supply of 52.6 million MCT coins, with total supply of 1.6 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.

MetaCraft is hoping to create a community-generated Dungeons & Dragons game that implements cryptocurrency features. Its MCT token has so far proved to be successful. It only launched in January 2022, however, so it is important that investors should carry out their own due diligence first before making any investment decision.

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