Netflix share price history

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Netflix share price in the past

Netflix shares recorded a substantial increase since it began trading on May 23 2002, on the NASDAQ exchange at $15 (£10.8) per share. The stock reached an all-time high price of nearly $570 (£409) in the first quarter of 2021.  Netflix share price history shows the value of the share moves in an upward direction. It is evident from the Netflix stock price history chart that the trend is partly interrupted by the sideways movement of NFLX stock price from mid-2018 till the end of 2019. Also, the fluctuations in Netflix historical prices signal that these shares experienced retracements and pullbacks away from the initial direction of more than 10 per cent.

While the COVID-19 pandemic had a negative effect on most shares, certain shares recorded a significant increase in their value. Although Netflix shares experienced a decrease in value with the start of the pandemic, it has managed to bounce back by nearly 100 per cent during the pandemic year.

NFLX price history

Date Close Change Change(%) Open High Low
Oct 22, 2021 663.26 13.54 2.08% 649.72 664.76 649.35
Oct 21, 2021 649.06 27.75 4.47% 621.31 653.22 621.31
Oct 20, 2021 623.06 -7.43 -1.18% 630.49 636.53 616.47
Oct 19, 2021 629.80 -8.69 -1.36% 638.49 660.78 621.53
Oct 18, 2021 637.89 11.39 1.82% 626.50 638.09 619.87
Oct 15, 2021 626.32 -6.93 -1.09% 633.25 638.30 624.56
Oct 14, 2021 633.80 2.55 0.40% 631.25 635.99 626.01
Oct 13, 2021 631.16 8.57 1.38% 622.59 632.18 621.33
Oct 12, 2021 622.31 -3.99 -0.64% 626.30 636.76 621.21
Oct 11, 2021 625.31 -3.07 -0.49% 628.38 638.65 624.81
Oct 8, 2021 630.62 1.32 0.21% 629.30 642.90 625.66
Oct 7, 2021 631.15 -8.53 -1.33% 639.68 645.93 629.30
Oct 6, 2021 637.69 10.38 1.65% 627.31 639.56 625.52
Oct 5, 2021 636.65 34.32 5.70% 602.33 639.59 602.33
Oct 4, 2021 603.93 -5.51 -0.90% 609.44 625.07 593.99
Oct 1, 2021 612.57 7.24 1.20% 605.33 614.26 596.76
Sep 30, 2021 609.81 9.32 1.55% 600.49 618.16 599.33
Sep 29, 2021 601.33 16.44 2.81% 584.89 609.06 584.88
Sep 28, 2021 582.35 1.99 0.34% 580.36 598.79 579.49
Sep 27, 2021 590.09 -0.79 -0.13% 590.88 592.85 576.09

The importance of historical prices?

Historical prices are a crucial element used by market participants because they can better understand the movements in stock prices. Netflix share price history can provide an overview of its growth rate along with the size of fluctuations caused by changes in some of the relevant factors. Nflx historical prices provide a means for identifying whether this stock price has the tendency to move in a range or exhibits a trendy movement.

Netflix price history can be used for predictions of future price movements in combination with various indicators and methods for detecting potential signals. 

Also, Netflix stock price history gives helpful information on how Netflix stock performs in different stages of the economic cycle, which is a valuable metric that supports predictive analyses.

What factors affect Netflix share price?

The company that was put on sale for $50m (£36m) is worth $232bn (£167bn) a couple of decades later. Blockbuster, the competitor that rejected the offer, filed for bankruptcy in 2010. Netflix is a practical example of how different factors can affect stock prices and company values.

Netflix share price history displays the way in which changing customer preferences, changes in technology, competition levels and economic events might affect a stock price. Changes in customer behaviour combined with technological advances popularised the notion behind subscription-based streaming media, which created a surge in Netflix share price. The notable increase in Netflix stock price also comes from stronger financials and a continuous increase in revenues. Also, an increase in the number of subscribers has a major influence on the stock price because it is tightly related to the company's financial performance.

Netflix price history gives an overview of the effects coming from content creation and shows offered to its subscribers as a factor that influences the Netflix value. Even though creating new and original content and expanding the available shows has an overall positive impact on the Netflix share price, inappropriate content may also cause a decrease in the company's financials which might put downward pressure on Netflix share price. Netflix stock value is also under the influence of the actions and strategies undertaken by its competitors, such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+.

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