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BMW bucks industry trend and goes for old-style luxury

By Philip Smith

Rivals are focusing on green technology – and even pick-up trucks for the eco-aware

BMW bucks industry trend and goes for old-style luxury

BMW is looking to double sales of large luxury cars next year based on 2018 sales. The company says it aims to revive margins dented by heavy investment in new technology.

The focus will be on its i8, 8 series, X7 and 7 Series models, which are either traditional diesel/petrol engines or, at the most, plug-in hybrid. Its first all-electric car is planned for 2021 and is aimed at the small car market.

Meanwhile Lexus has just announced its first battery (fully rechargeable electric) car. It’s billed as a luxury car but then that’s the raison d'être of Lexus. The Japanese manufacturer was a frontrunner in producing hybrid models but held back from producing a fully electric version until now.

Tesla, Elon Musk’s pioneer of futuristic electric-only cars, recorded another quarter of record deliveries in the UK for its newest Model 3. This gained traction as it was aimed – and supposedly priced at – those seeking mid-range vehicles. Sales of its larger Model S and Model X have plateaued.

In another twist, Tesla has announced it is targeting a relatively untapped market for electric vehicles. It has revealed plans for a pick-up model described by Musk as having a ‘really futuristic-like cyberpunk Blade Runner’ design. Ford and GM have announced similar plans to diversify and produce trucks for the rough and rugged market but which also appeal to the eco-aware.

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