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EU report identifies 5G security risks

By Ramla Soni

Amidst political uncertainty and technological advancement what threats does 5G really create?

EU report identifies 5G security risks

European Union (EU) member states have published a risk assessment report which highlights political and security risks around suppliers to new 5G mobile networks, theFinancial Times reported.

So far the EU has resisted pressure from the US to prohibit Chinese technology giant Huawei as a 5G supplier on national security grounds.

However, the report flags risks to 5G from what it couches as “non-EU state or state-backed actors”.

The document, produced by a security group comprising the 28 member states and supported by the European Commission, is the latest move towards tighter European scrutiny of 5G in response to concerns over Chinese influence and US pressure.

The report identifies a number of “security challenges” that are “likely to appear or become more prominent in 5G networks” verses current mobile networks.

This links to the expanded use of software to run 5G networks and software and apps that will be enabled by and run on the next-generation networks.

The role of suppliers in building and operating 5G networks is also noted as a security challenge, with the report warning of a “degree of dependency on individual suppliers”.

The document does not name any companies or countries.

A further paper said to be due by the end of the year will propose specific measures to deal with risks, which could include branding certain products insecure.

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