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Aliant Payments to pay employees in cryptocurrency

By Charlotte Ricca

Staff at the US-based merchant services provider will be paid in Bitcoin and Litecoin

Aliant Payments, a leading US provider of merchant services and payment processing, has announced it will use cryptocurrency as part of its employees’ compensation package.

All team members will be paid in a combination of Bitcoin and Litecoin, which Aliant said is a way for their employees to be a part of the company’s involvement in the shift to digital currency.

In apress release Aliant CEO Eric Brown said the decision benefits both the company and its employees, who are “invested customers”.

“Each member of the Aliant team now has a vested interest in cryptocurrency, not just as something they work on in the office,” he said. “The more our team utilises digital currency, the better our customer user experience will be.”

In September 2017 Aliant became one of the first payment processing companies to offer merchants the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Ten months later, in July 2018, it launched its own domestic, fully compliant solution that processes crypto payments, converts cryptocurrency to USD, and offers merchants next day payouts.

Dubbed CryptoBucks, this payment processing system alleviates the risk of volatile cryptocurrencies for merchants, making it easy for anyone to use them.

“Adoption happens when you’re able to earn cryptocurrency, and then go on to spend it,” said Brown. “Being a leader in the crypto and payments space, the Aliant team is always working to educate merchants, and lead by example.”

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