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French nuclear group signs €100 million EDF contract

By Ramla Soni
October 24, 2019, 11:00 AM GMT

    Orano deal at three nuclear plants strengthens position in atomic power industry

    French nuclear group signs 100 million EDF contract

    French nuclear group Orano has signed a contract with EDF worth almost €100m (£86m) to supply services for three French nuclear power plants at Paluel (Seine Maritime), Civaux (Vienne) and Gravelines (Nord) until 2024, with an option of two additional years.

    In partnership with Samsic and ARIS, Orano will be responsible for all industrial logistics to support reactor operations on the Paluel and Civaux sites.

    This includes radiation protection, waste management and conditioning and equipment management, the company said.

    At the Gravelines power plant in northern France, the fifth largest nuclear power station in the world, Orano will work with ARIS to install and remove thermal insulators and scaffolding at four of the six reactors, during maintenance and nuclear fuel replacement.

    The EDF contract reflects Orano’s ambition to grow its “services offering for the nuclear industry”, Alain Vandercruyssen, director of dismantling and services activities said.

    At the same time, Orano’s COMINAK uranium mine in Niger is to close in March 2021 due to depletion of its reserves, Reuters reported.

    Orano, which was known as Areva until last year, holds a 34 per cent stake in the mine.

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