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British government to make announcement on fracking

By Ramla Soni

Fracking has said to have so far cost British taxpayers £32 million

The UK government is to make an announcement on fracking, the method of extracting shale gas.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that there were legitimate concerns about earth tremors which have previously been caused by such gas extraction

“We will shortly be making an announcement about fracking in this country in view of the very considerable anxieties that are legitimately being raised about the earthquakes that have followed various fracking attempts in the UK,” Johnson told Parliament.

A 2.9-magniture earth tremor that caused houses to shake was recorded near Cuadrilla’s fracking site near Blackpool in August, and is believed to be the biggest fracking-related tremor seen in Britain. Cuadrilla, an energy firm, said earlier this month that it would make small ‘goodwill payments’ to residents to help repair their houses.

Fracking is seen by some as a cheaper homegrown gas alternative, but some environmentalists say it is at odds with Britain’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In a recent investigation by the UK’s National Audit Office it was found that the British government's plan to introduce fracking is years behind schedule and has so far cost taxpayers £32 million.

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