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Nigerian internet service provider expands WiFi services to Ghana

By Ramla Soni

MainOne partners with Tizeti to operate solar-powered WiFi stations in Ghana

West African technology solutions firm MainOne has extended its partnership with Nigerian internet service provider Tizeti, as it launches in Ghana.

This will be Tizeti’s first expansion outside Nigeria, in continuance of the existing partnership that has seen increased broadband accessibility across Lagos, Nigeria, since 2017.

Tizeti will operate solar-powered WiFi Towers across Ghana, same as in Nigeria, where it works in partnership with MainOne and Facebook, and serves users with unlimited high-speed broadband internet access, covering over 90 per cent of Lagos.

The solar-powered base stations, will enable Tizeti to reduce operating costs, which will provide competitive subscription packages for Ghanaian consumers and businesses.

Since Tizeti’s inception in 2016, the company has installed over 17,000 public WiFi hotspots within Nigeria with over 1 million unique users. This has enabled the roll out of hundreds of internet hotspots across Lagos, Ogun and Port Harcourt.

Kendall Ananyi, chief executive of Tizeti, said the company understands the importance of “world-class, quality broadband connectivity” in relation to the growth of a global digital economy and will continue to push the development of a “replicable cost-effective solution” to reach millions of Africans.

The company’s operation in Ghana will start with next-generation WiFi equipment for “better service quality, which is much faster and more reliable” than previous generations.

Earlier this year Tizeti launched an unlimited voice service app for Android and iOS mobile devices called Targeted at both individuals and businesses, users can make and receive crystal clear, unlimited voice calls to anywhere in the world via IP phones or web portal.

Sub-Saharan Africa countries with the highest number of internet users include Nigeria (123 million), Kenya (46 million) and South Africa (32 million).

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