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Facebook unveils Libra's second roadmap

By Yana Berman

Project that lacks regulatory permission across the world struggles to go live

The Libra Association, an entity behind the notorious Facebook’s crypto project Libra, has released the second roadmap for Libra Core that serves as the key software behind the future blockchain.

The first roadmap, released in October, claimed that five members of the Libra Association were ready to launch five fully operating Libra nodes. Moreover, the organisation was set to create pre-mainnet that would test the stability of the Libra network. At that time, the association expected 100 more members to join it.

Now the Libra Association is focusing on three main goals. During the first phase, the developers have reportedly devised the core features for the network to go live, including full nodes. Now they are going to concentrate on protocol architecture documents and application program interfaces (APIs).

Moreover, the developers are going to check various metrics that are related to the Libra protocol, such as wallet dependencies and testing real money.

Ultimately, community support will be placed at the centre of development. The association wants to increase transparency in order to attract external contributors and encourage the community to work on the project.

Initially announced in June, the Libra project has so far failed to gain approval in the vast majority of countries. State officials cite Facebook’s poor reputation and the regulatory uncertainty behind the digital money as main reasons to prohibit the circulation of the future coin.

The US social media corporation has already learned its lesson with Libra. In October, the company launched a separate payment system Facebook Pay that has nothing to do with the crypto project but seemingly has the same goal: to facilitate internal payments across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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