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SpaceX launches new online tool to book a rocket launch

By Ramla Soni

Prices for rideshare Falcon 9 services offered by SpaceX through the website start at $1 million for payloads up to 200kg

SpaceX has launched a new online booking tool for customers who don’t have the funds to charter a full rocket, which can cost more than $60 million.

Prices for the rideshare Falcon 9 services offered by SpaceX via its website start at $1 million for payloads up to 200kg (440 lbs), with additional weight adding $5 per kg to the cost.

The selection tool asks users to specify their desired orbit (sun synchronous, low Earth or polar) and the earliest date their payload can fly, with dates starting this June.

Users then input the total mass of what they want to fly and get an estimated price.

The proceedings then bring users to a series of screens where they select whether a 15-inch or 24-inch port on the launch vehicle is needed, as well as the specific rocket on which the user is looking to book a ride.

Add-ons include port adapters to meet the standard sizes that SpaceX uses, as well as a SpaceX-provided separation system, along with options for on-site fuelling and insurance up to $2 million in value.

Once all options are selected, and it is confirmed that you’re not subject to any actions or International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) restrictions imposed by the US government, you can pay $5,000 by credit card as a deposit.

Three instalments are due thereafter to make up the total, the largest due within five days of SpaceX confirming acceptance of your request.

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