Nucleus Vision price prediction: Can it climb the market ranks?

nCash, the low-cap token powering retail tech with some unclear fundamentals, is not flying off the shelves

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What is Nucleus Vision all about?

Nucleus Vision, which is currently switching its name to Nitro Network, is a decentralised private communication network (PCN) with designs on entering the retail tech market.

Using a complex technology stack comprising the Orbit blockchain ledger, a physical sensor called Nitro ION Miner and “long range wide access network” (LoRaWAN) protocols, Nucleus Vision wants to create a data-sharing economy among customers, merchants and third-party data shoppers.

Data donors are rewarded with a payout of the native ERC-20 cryptocurrency nCash for each packet of data shared, while miners receive staking rewards.

The technology is in presale mode. Nucleus Vision is taking non-refundable pre-order amounts of $100, although proof of concept is yet to be released to the public. Nor is there a definite release date for the product.

There is more on the nitty gritty of this proposed retail tech product in our explainer.  Stay with us to get into the Nucleus Vision crypto price prediction.

A few statistics: nCash is currently trading at $0.0025. When combined with a circulating supply of 7.21 billion, that gives us a market capitalisation of $18.3m, way down the ranks at number 898. (Data sourced from Coin Market Cap.) The most recent 24-hour trading volume high was $2.41m, or 13% of market cap. 

An initial coin offering was conducted in January 2018, with an initial price point of $0.01, so early-stage investors have seen a negative return of 75% over the period. Total supply is ten billion, a maximum supply is not currently made available and deflationary measures are unclear.

What does the chart say?

Given the almost non-existent trading activity of nCash, there is not a lot of action on the chart.

We can observe a constant downtrend since the ICO in early 2018, with lower resistance lines continually being redrawn over its lifecycle. nCash did enjoy a bump in the early-year crypto bull run, but a comprehensive market correction soon followed.

The moving average convergence divergence (MACD) line does not present an entry point, and both the nine-day and 21-day moving averages (MA) are trending closely. That said, there was a bullish MA cross over on 8 December, albeit a subtle one.

A relative strength index (RSI) of 44.99 does not indicate any buying or selling pressure. It is hard to make a Nucleus Vision price prediction depicting any major trend volatility.

What do the forecasters say?

We can get a Nucleus Vision price prediction for 2030 over at PricePrediction, whose price target over that time is $0.079, or a 3000% increase against current figures.

The online forecaster Wallet Investor has a Nucleus Vision price prediction for 2022 of $0.0048. This figure represents just under a double return on investment (ROI) against the latest price. In terms of the five-year target, the forecaster expects a 460% growth from current levels to $0.014. Summarising Wallet Investor’s nCash price prediction, sentiment is extremely bearish.

The forecasters at Digitalcoin have a Nucleus Vision price prediction for 2022 of $0.004, rising to $0.011 in 2028. These figures represent a 340% ROI over seven years, fairly conservative against others. The Nucleus Vision price prediction for 2025 is $0.007. The forecaster’s sentiment is in the strong sell category.

These are not great figures for the nCash price prediction against other low-cap coins out there, but remember that online forecasters are simply a guide and do not constitute genuine financial advice.

Furthermore, there are numerous fundamental issues that must be taken into account when deciding to invest or not. 


There are other low-cap tokens out there with a healthier ROI forecaster. Always shop around and conduct thorough research before placing money on an investment.

Over five years, online forecaster Wallet Investor believes that a Nucleus Vision coin price prediction of $0.024 is possible, representing a 246% growth against the latest price.

It is suggested to research the fundamentals and conduct your own due diligence before placing money on a trade. This article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered genuine financial advice.

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