Playboy pays homage to founding year with Rabbitars NFT

By Raffaele Redi

The Playboy Rabbitars NFT collection will be released on October 27.

One Satoshi NFT. The first digital PLAYBOY cover ever to be sold.                                 
One Satoshi NFT. The first digital PLAYBOY cover ever to be sold – Photo:

Iconic lifestyle-magazine brand Playboy has said it will release 11,953 unique Rabbitars – three-dimensional rabbit characters in non-funglible token (NFT) form as a way of paying homage to its founding year, 1953.

The Playboy Rabbitars NFT collection will be released on 27 October after a pre-sale for white-listed ether (ETH)-paying collectors, starting on 24 October, where the pieces will have a starting price of ETH0.1953, or around $800 (€647.51, £579.55). 

Playboy entered the world of NFTs and blockchain technology in the Spring of 2021 with its first NFT drop, Liquid Summer: A collection of digital artworks created in collaboration with artist Slimesunday.

The first drop was distributed on the Nifty Gateway platform and sold out in under three minutes. Its most popular piece, the One Satoshi NFT of the first digital Playboy cover ever to be sold, is worth now more than $250,000.

Playboy collaborated then with NFT artists such as Shantell Martin, and NFT artist grant program, launching its dedicated Discord server called ‘The Rabbit Hole’ in September and hosting a series of weekly talks curated by the Playboy Group’s vice-president of blockchain innovation and vice-president of content marketing, Jamal Dauda, in conversation with leading voices in the NFT community.

The Rabbitars

As the company explains, Rabbitars and Rabbitar traits represent significant aspects of Playboy’s iconography art and editorial history. Each Rabbitar is generated from over 175 possible traits, including fur, facial features, ears and headwear, apparel, accessories and occupation-related characteristics.

“Inspired by Playboy’s iconography, heritage, and lore, each Rabbitar will possess unique traits, some rarer than others, and will serve as keys to a reimagined Playboy Club, giving owners access to benefits like special members-only events, merchandise, artwork, and exclusive artist collaborations,” said Playboy.

Rabbitars are “rare species of rabbit known for their speed, cultural sophistication, a razor-sharp wit, inimitable intellect, fantastic fashion sense and, in some cases, sexual prowess,” added Playboy.

The Rabbitars were created by Playboy’s Web3 Innovation team in partnership with the Possible Studios art studio and the WENEW blockchain technology company co-founded by Michael Winklemann and Michael Figge.

“The Rabbitars mark the beginning of true blockchain-based membership for Playboy,” said Dauda, who also recently tweeted, “Hop to it! (I'm sorry. Rabbit puns are just my life now. I'll see myself out).”

“Some of the rarest Rabbitars are inspired by iconic moments in Playboy’s art and editorial history, and nods to Playboy heritage and iconography are woven throughout the collection so that every collector can have a piece of the Playboy brand in their MetaMask wallet,” said Liz Suman, executive editor at Playboy Enterprises, Inc.

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