Powerledger price prediction: Should you be getting amped up?

Powerledger’s growing reputation could galvanise the Aussie power market disrupter in 2022

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Powerledger wants to democratise the energy markets using clean energy – Photo: Shutterstock


What is Powerledger all about?

Established in 2016 by co-founders Dr Jemma Green and John Bulich, Powerledger is an Australia-based technology start-up seeking to shake up the energy-sharing marketplace. Through a suite of blockchain-enabled products including the xGrid local energy market (LEM) platform and the MODE Flex distributed energy marketplace, Powerledger wants to democratise clean energy.

It is far more than a simple concept: Powerledger has many operations and collaborations running around the globe, including community-scale battery projects in Western Australia, a collaboration with BHP to supply energy to remote communities in Chile and several other projects in Japan and Thailand. Powerledger has achieved recognition from the Australian government’s clean energy regulator, and Richard Branson is also a fan.

Powering these projects is a Solana-based blockchain network (having recently migrated from Ethererum to take advantage of higher throughput and cheaper transaction fees) and the ERC-20 standard POWR cryptocurrency.

If you want to learn more about the specifics of this cutting-edge company, read our in-depth guide. For all the latest news on the Powerledger price prediction, stay with us.

POWR tokenomics

Powerledger executed one of Australia’s most successful initial coin offerings (ICOs) in September 2017, raising AUD$25m ($35m) in public and private sales. In total, 34% of the one billion maximum POWR supply was made available to buyers at $0.09 each.

Powerledger retains 50% of the total supply in its own war chest, named the “growth pool” and marked for future projects. Although Powerledger has conducted token burns in the past, the last publicised burn was in early 2020, when slightly over 2.7 million tokens were removed from circulation.

At the time of writing, just over 485 million POWR were in circulation with a trading price of $0.25, giving a market capitalisation of $122.62m. A recent 24-hour trading volume of $151m represented 880% of market capitalisation.

Latest trading performance

POWR is a highly volatile cryptocurrency, confirmed by a worrying relative volatility index (RVI) reading and a relative strength index (RSI) reading suggesting a highly overbought situation in early April 2022, making a POWR price prediction difficult.

In line with previous trends, POWR saw a massive 76.5% bull run on 2 January, hitting a high of $0.82, followed swiftly by stiff resistance as it came down to the $0.60 mark throughout 5 January, only to rebound 30% on the 9th.

Swift price fluctuations aside, POWR downtrended throughout the first quarter of 2022, shedding 25% of its 1 January value. However, the token witnessed strong gains between 13 March and 1 April, gaining 47% over the period before encountering a strong reversal going into May. By 14 June, the token was trading at $0.17. Since that price point, however, the token has made some substantial short-term gains, but the sustainability is yet to be seen.

The $0.25 trading price as of 30 June was 86.3% below the all-time high of $1.89 witnessed in January 2018.

What do the forecasters say?

The forecasters at DigitalCoinPrice have a neutral to bearish outlook. In the shorter term, the average Powerledger price prediction for 2022 is $0.33, rising to $0.48 by 2025. Of the metrics used for assessing the Powerledger coin price prediction, 12 point to a neutral strategy, two to a buy strategy and 12 suggest selling. POWR could hit $1.14 by 2030, representing an increase of over 350%.

A maximum Powerledger price prediction for 2030 of $6.76 can be seen at TechNewsLeader, which would represent a 27 times return on current prices. 

WalletInvestor presents a Powerledger price prediction for 2025 that closes at $1.15, giving returns of 360% if bought at current levels. Its forecasters are fairly bearish on POWR’s prospects. POWR could reach $0.42 over 12 months according to the site.

Gov Capital makes a Powerledger crypto price prediction over one year is $0.40. The five-year price target of $1.36 is also not overly bullish and remains well below the previously recorded all-time high.

Do bear in mind that the metrics used by these forecasters do not take into account external factors and should only be used as a guide, not be considered genuine financial advice.

Some forecasters are quite bullish on the Powerledger price prediction, although the short-term price targets are fairly conservative. Others, on the other hand, believe POWR could stay fairly flat in the coming years. With that in mind, always make sure to read up on the fundamentals before placing an investment.

It could go up or down, depending on which Powerledger price prediction you read. In the short term, chart analysis suggests a possible downward trend. Be sure not to invest more money than you can afford to lose.

Powerledger is a company with a lot of potential. That said, analysis of the POWR price prediction coverage and chart performance brings back mixed results. Bear in mind that this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute genuine investment advice.

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