Romero Britto and DJ White Shadow to drop NFTs series

By Raffaele Redi

The NFT collection will be available from 28 October 2021

Mona Lisa NFT by Romero Britto                                 
Mona Lisa NFT by Romero Britto – Photo:

Romero Britto and DJ White Shadow are the two lasest stars to join the metaverse.

The US non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for music, ticketing and community tokens, YellowHeart, announced a new NFTs collection in collaboration with the popular artist and the Grammy award-winning producer, DJ and songwriter DJ White Shadow, who has worked with artists including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and the Black Eyed Peas.

The NFT collection, available from 28 October 2021, and with price moving in a range between $500 and $30,000, includes some of Britto’s most famous artworks, such as Tonight on the Beach, Time to Love, Spanish Sensation, Genesis, Nature in Harmony First Supper and, finally, its renowned version of Leonardo Da Vinci painting, Mona Lisa, priced at $15,000.

The ten pieces of the NFT collection, each coming from original oil and acrylic paintings on canvas created by Britto and scored by DJ White Shadow, are part of Britto’s ‘The Happy Art Movement’, founded in 1992 with the mission to inspire happiness, fun, love and optimism around the globe through art and colours.

“Both DJ White Shadow and Romero Britto are visionaries in their fields who are taking their artistic creations in new directions and embracing the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind NFT collection – combining the best of both of these extraordinary talents,” said Josh Katz, founder and CEO of YellowHeart.

DJ White Shadow contribution

The series, as YellowHeart explained, also includes a limited edition of NFTs of the DJ White Shadow album, consisting of 10 long-form versions of the back trackings to each of the art pieces.

“The chance to enter the world of NFTs by adding my music scores to Romero Britto’s art has been an incredible honour,” said DJ White Shadow. “In an always expanding digitised world, the idea of coupling music and art is incredibly exciting, and I wanted to jump into this space with both…left and right stereo.”

The Maroon 5 NFTs

Recently the company launched the first-ever fan community decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) as part of an NFT series released alongside Maroon 5's latest album titled ‘JORDI’, minting open edition animated album artwork and drawn portraits of Maroon 5 band members created by LA-based artist Sage Vaughn, best known for his graphic collage-like paintings.

The company is now working on new projects involving well-known artists around the world.

“We are committed to working with artists across music, entertainment, and sports, we will continue to roll out innovative collections with some of the biggest names in those industries,” YellowHeart said to

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