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The puppet cast of the British children‘s television programme Thunderbirds, 1 September 1965                                 
The puppet cast of the British children‘s television programme Thunderbirds, 1 September 1965 – Photo: Getty Images


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The Sandbox has partnered with the Thunderbirds, the British science fiction puppet TV show.

The show, set in the 2060s, was created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. It revolves around the adventures of the secret organisation International Rescue led by Jeff Tracy and his five sons, who pilot International Rescue’s five vehicles.

The Sandbox stated this is the “first step in taking the world of International Rescue into the new generation with metaverse avatars, charity decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs), non-fungible token (NFT) drops and Web 3.0 online experiences.”  

To do this, The Sandbox has partnered with Reality+, a British Web 3.0 company.

The sale of Thunderbirds avatars and items in the Sandbox metaverse will fund a charity DAO that will help people around the world just as Tracy family did in the show.

The Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club will be turned into a full Web 3.0 game in the future, stated The Sandbox.  

23 June: Ledger is coming to The Sandbox with the LedgerVerse

Ledger, a company developing security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain applications, will be taking its first step into the metaverse with the creation of the LedgerVerse in The Sandbox.

This, states Ledger, is the first time gaming will be turned into a Web 3.0 educational experience.

The LedgerVerse, which will be coming in the summer of 2022, will allow players to “conquer quests, win Web 3.0 rewards and master crypto security”.

22 June: The Sandbox partners with BAYZ to grow in the Brazilian market

The Sandbox has partnered with BAYZ, a Web 3.0 gaming company, to help it grow in the Brazilian market.

Through this partnership, The Sandbox plans to bring entertainment brands from Brazil to the metaverse.

BAYZ will also onboard new gamers from the Brazilian market into the metaverse and The Sandbox will be hiring a full-time team at BAYZ to grow its community in Brazil.

Matt Rutledge, co-founder of BAYZ, said: “Our main goal has been to lower barriers to entry and help onboard as many gamers to the metaverse.

”The Sandbox has proven to be the leading decentralised gaming virtual world, having onboarded many exciting games, brands, and celebrities. We are excited to collaborate through our partnership to build new, entertaining experiences that expand to new audiences.”

21 June: TIME partners with The Sandbox to build TIME Square in the metaverse

Leading US news and current affairs magazine TIME is coming to The Sandbox metaverse with the arrival of TIME Square. TIME Square will be “a virtual hub for art and commerce, curated by TIMEPieces community members”.

TIMEPieces is a non-fungible token (NFT) initiative from TIME, and TIMEPieces community members will be part of this collaboration with The Sandbox “by designing and contributing to the creation of the TIMEPieces plot”.

Keith A Grossman, president of TIME, said: “Our goal is to create a destination that will be the heart of the metaverse. Since launching TIMEPieces in September 2021, we have focused on developing a community in Web3 that benefited from the incredible 100-year legacy and access TIME has established.

“We are thrilled to now tap into that community as we seek to find the architect to design TIME Square in the metaverse, as we create an immersive experience with The Sandbox that provides a natural bridge between the virtual community of TIMEPieces, the historical coverage and global relationships of TIME, the unique IP coming from TIME Studios, TIME for Kids, and our real-life IRL events.”

A physical Times Square already exists in Manhattan, New York, US.

20 June: Tiesto, Steve Aoki and Cordae to play at The Sandbox New York

The Sandbox has announced that DJs Tiesto (real name Tijs Michiel Verwest), Steve Aoki and rapper Cordae (real name Cordae Amari Dunston) will be performing at The Sandbox New York.

Aoki and Cordae will be playing on the 20 June and the Grammy winning Tiesto on the 21 June.

17 June: The Sandbox supports WeForest efforts in Brazil and Ethiopia

The Sandbox is supporting WeForest in growing over 50,000 trees and restoring 54 hectares in Brazil and Ethiopia.

WeForest is an organisation committed to conserving and restoring the forests of the world and to grow new ones.

Sebastien Borget, chief operating officer and co-founder of The Sandbox, said: “The Sandbox is committed to building a vibrant and environmentally friendly gaming ecosystem while fully supporting secure ownership for players and creators, creating new jobs and offering economic opportunities. As a pioneer in the blockchain gaming space, we’re taking steps to mitigate energy usage by up to 99% now and will continue to look for additional solutions such as our engagement with WeForest where for every hectare you buy, 1% of proceeds goes to WeForest to protect and restore forests in Ethiopia, Zambia and Brazil.”

The Sandbox originally partnered with WeForest in 2013 and since then has funded 160,008 trees.   

16 June: The Sandbox partners with Lionsgate to develop ‘Action City’

The Sandbox has partnered with major entertainment company Lionsgate to develop a new LAND in the metaverse.

The NYSE-listed entertainment company’s first collaboration in The Sandbox metaverse will be “Action City”, said to “serve as a thrilling entertainment destination featuring voxelized characters and items inspired by fan-favourite Lionsgate action films”. 

Lionsgate’s LAND also plans to host “film-themed experiences” and will launch with film franchises including Hellboy, Rambo and The Expendables.

Jenefer Brown, executive vice president and head of global live, interactive, and location-based entertainment at Lionsgate, said: “We can’t wait to open our Lionsgate land in The Sandbox metaverse so fans around the globe can create, play and explore our film IP in ways that go beyond what’s possible in the physical world. We’re excited by the new possibilities our strategic relationship with The Sandbox will offer our community.”

The venture makes Lionsgate the first film and television studio to enter The Sandbox. 

10 June: The Sandbox is coming to the Big Apple

The Sandbox is coming to New York City as two “must-attend events” will be taking place in the Big Apple on 20 and 21 June.

The first day is sponsored by Playboy, the men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine, and the second by Warner Music Group, the multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate headquartered in New York City.

LAND owners in The Sandbox will be given exclusive access to the events where “music artists and performances, cultural conversations and exclusive experiences” will be held.  

The Sandbox states both brands and creators are welcome too.

9 June: The Sandbox partners with Coinbase in $100,000 SAND contest

The Sandbox has partnered with Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, after it was announced that the exchange will list SAND and host a competition giving away $100,000 (£79,941) worth of SAND to 256 winners.

SAND is the main utility token that allows users to buy and sell LAND and assets in The Sandbox metaverse.

To enter the competition, users must buy $100 (£79) worth of SAND on Coinbase before the 21 June.   

1 June: The fitness metaverse comes to The Sandbox

The Sandbox is partnering with OliveX, a digital health and fitness company, to create and open an “interoperable ecosystem of fitness”, with the aim of bringing “real-world health and fitness brands into the metaverse”.

The partnership will combine Dustland Runner, the world’s first move-to-earn audio fitness blockchain game from OliveX, and DOSE – a crypto earned by “completing workout-based gameplay inside of OliveX’s applications” – and bring them into the Fitness Metaverse LAND within The Sandbox.

In addition, Gym Aesthetics, a German fitness and fashion brand, will turn its brand ambassadors, products and clothing into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to buy in The Sandbox metaverse.

These NFTs will include avatars of Alain Ngalani, four-time world champion in Muay Thai – a Thai boxing martial art.   

“The core principles of the fitness metaverse is to expose as many people to health, fitness and wellbeing as possible, with the overall goal of encouraging more people to get physically active,” said The Sandbox in a post published on its blog. 

31 May: Snoop Dogg NFT holders share $1.43m prize in Sandbox metaverse

The Sandbox is introducing a shared prize pool of 1m SAND, currently worth $1.43m, to those who are holders of The Doggies, Snoop Dogg avatar NFTs, and fulfil certain requirements.

For the month of June, four events will be held in the Sandbox metaverse which will invite The Doggies holders to go to a certain area.

Once there, holders of The Doggies must have a snapshot of them taken to be eligible to receive a part of the 250,000 SAND handed out at each event.

The four events will be in the Alpha Lobby, 3 June; Rooftop a la mode, 10 June; Meet at the Agora, 17 June; and Club XYZ, 24 June.

According to CoinMarketCap, SAND was priced on the morning of May 31 2022 at $1.43.

27 May: Elvis has entered The Sandbox metaverse

The “King of Rock and Roll”, Elvis Presley, has entered The Sandbox metaverse.

The Sandboxr, collaborating with the Elvis On-Chain NFT project, has introduced an Elvis avatar to its metaverse.

The Elvis avatars will be used in the new Elvis world, a meeting place for Elvis fans.  

20 May: The Sandbox acquires Cualit to create The Sandbox Uruguay

The Sandbox has announced the acquisition of the Uruguayan technology gaming company Cualit to help boost its Web 3.0, blockchain innovation and development capabilities.

Cualit will become The Sandbox Uruguay, making the two brothers who co-founded the business – Martin and Frederico Perez – directors of The Sandbox Uruguay.

The South American business has been “instrumental” in decentralising the tech industry in Uruguay “by applying blockchain frameworks and technologies to competitive projects over the past 10 years”, said The Sandbox.

This marks The Sandbox’s second development office in South America alongside its development team in Argentina.

As part of the acquisition, The Sandbox plans to boost Cualit’s team size from 90 to 150.

In a joint statement, Martin and Frederico Perez, directors of The Sandbox Uruguay, said: “As The Sandbox Uruguay, we are empowered to raise a new hub of talent for all Latin America, fueling growth for The Sandbox and the region. We look forward to rapidly expanding our team and taking our contribution to the metaverse to the next level with additional investment, resources and shared learning across The Sandbox global team.”

19 May: Hong Kong bank offers LAND in The Sandbox to younger clients

DBS Bank Hong Kong, a subsidiary of DBS Bank headquartered in Singapore, is attempting to attract a younger generation of customers by offering LAND in The Sandbox metaverse.

The bank is allowing customers to apply for their Flexi Shopping Programme via their Card+ app. This means customers can split their purchases after spending HK$500 (£51) or above. They can then choose a payment plan of three to 60 months for paying the remainder of the purchase back.

Once customers have applied for the Flexi Shopping Programme, they will be entered into a draw where the prize up for grabs is LAND in The Sandbox metaverse.

Julie Chiu, executive director, head of marketing and marketing communications, DBS Bank Hong Kong, said: “We are excited about how the metaverse, Web 3.0 and gaming will transform our lives, just like any of our youthful customers. Our excitement and curiosity for the future lead us to constantly reinvent and innovate the ways we talk about our business, which is to help our customers to enjoy their life and passion to the fullest without hassle.”

18 May: The Sandbox partners with Jamiroquai to make the metaverse ‘funkier’ 

The Sandbox has partnered with Jamiroquai, the English funk and acid jazz band from London that formed in 1992, to make the metaverse a “little funkier”.

The collaboration was developed in association with Bravado, Universal Music Group’s brand management division.

The Sandbox believes this partnership will bring the “group’s free-spirited essence to Web 3.0” and provide a “communal place to digitally connect with fans” in the now “funkier” Sandbox metaverse.

Fronted by vocalist Jay Kay, Jamiroquai is known for their global smash hit Virtual Insanity. The Grammy-winning band has sold more than 27 million albums worldwide.      

Bertrand Levy, vice president of global partnerships at The Sandbox, said: “As a former executive at Universal Music Group, I’m excited to have Jamiroquai, one of the most innovative talents in the music industry, join The Sandbox, showing the importance of the metaverse as a platform for the music community.” 

17 May: K-drama comes to The Sandbox metaverse 

The Sandbox has partnered with Studio Dragon, a South Korean drama production, marketing and distribution company, to introduce its Korean drama (K-drama) content to the metaverse.

This means Studio Dragon will build a K-drama playground based on its intellectual property on its LAND in The Sandbox metaverse.

Studio Dragon will also mint avatar accessories and game item NFTs to use on its LAND. Studio Dragon has produced such K-dramas as Sweet Home, Crash Landing on You and The Uncanny Counter.

16 May: The Sandbox has turned 10 years old  

The Sandbox has celebrated its 10th birthday. The first version of the game was launched on 15 May 2012 on mobile phones and saw 40 million downloads with 70 million worlds created.

A video posted on Twitter by The Sandbox to celebrate its birthday, ends by saying: “The only limit is your imagination”.    

“The new The Sandbox keeps further empowering creators and players,” added The Sandbox in its tweet.

13 May: The Sandbox unveils zombie competition 

The Sandbox has started a competition to pose for a selfie with a zombie – with 50 entrants randomly selected to win 200 SAND.

To have a chance of winning, your avatar must travel to Tropical Park and get a selfie with a zombie in The Sandbox metaverse.

Then reply to The Sandbox’s tweet with the snap of your avatar next to a zombie and fill out a form.

According to CoinMarketCap, SAND is priced at $1.42.

12 May: 4 reasons to be ‘excited’ about The Sandbox’s metaverse LAND

The Sandbox has announced “there are many reasons to be excited” about LAND in its metaverse – and listed four examples via Twitter.

The four reasons it gives are: being able to play games that you or others can create, being able to host events and concerts, seeing the removal of geographical barriers and becoming part of its creator community.   

In the Twitter thread, The Sandbox also stated you could have some well-known neighbours, such as rapper Snoop Dogg – real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr – and global game developer Ubisoft.

Snoop Dogg has already released a track in The Sandbox metaverse and Ubisoft has its own LAND that features characters such as the Rabbids, Ubisoft’s wild rabbit-like creatures.

9 May: World’s first metaverse shipyard is coming to The Sandbox

Ape Harbour, “the world’s first verified metaverse shipyard,” has announced that Tales of Ape Harbour Book 1 “is coming to The Sandbox metaverse”. The book will be built by Squiggly, which is known as the metaverse academy.  

In a Twitter post announcing Book 1, Ape Harbour asked: “Are you ready for your greatest adventure yet?” 

Ape Harbour was founded in June 2021.   

6 May: The Sandbox to host the first pride parade in the metaverse 

People of Crypto (POC) Labs, a group dedicated to building diversity in the Web 3.0 space, will be unveiling The Center for Belonging in The Sandbox metaverse in June 2022.

The Center for Belonging will then act as a catalyst for the first LGBTQ pride parade to be held in the metaverse.

POC was founded by Simone Berry and Akbar Hamid, a black woman and a gay Muslim man. Berry told Digiday that at an NFT event in New York, she realised she was one of the few non-white attendees. However, it was at the event that she met Hamid.

One aim of the event is to attract crypto-curious members of the LGBTQ community into the metaverse.

The centrepiece of the Pride space will be a rainbow-striped statue in the shape of a fist. Hamid explained the statue will be eventually be turned into a cross-platform non-fungible token (NFT).

POC Labs is also selling diverse NFT avatars, with some wearing hijabs and others in a wheelchair.       

5 May: The Sandbox to release NFTs for bee charity

The Sandbox, in collaboration with French supermarket chain Carrefour, is planning to release the NFBEEs, a family of NFT bees.

The NFTs will be made available via The Sandbox Marketplace on 7 May. All profits from NFBEEs sales will go to the BeeFund from the Fondation de France, a French non-governmental organisation that supports the preservation of bees.  

Each of the NFBEEs, which are inspired by a fruit or vegetable that is pollinated by bees, will provide its owner with both physical and virtual perks depending on its level of rarity. The rarity levels for the NFBEEs are ‘legendary’, ‘epic’, ‘rare’ and ‘common’.  

4 May: Dubai’s VARA first regulator to enter The Sandbox

Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) has announced the establishment of its headquarters in The Sandbox metaverse. This makes VARA the first regulator to have a presence in the metaverse.

Dubai is the only economy to have an independent regulated crypto environment, following the recent foundation of the VARA. An independent body operating under the Dubai World Trade Centre Authority, VARA oversees the regulation, governance and licensing of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other virtual assets.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and chairman of the Executive Council, said: “VARA’s presence in the metaverse will extend Dubai’s services and regulatory power to audiences in an open technological expanse, without constraints or borders.

“The move marks a new phase in Dubai’s efforts to be a key player in shaping the future of technology and government.”

22 April: Slipknot partner with The Sandbox to create KNOTVERSE

American heavy metal band Slipknot have partnered with The Sandbox to create the KNOTVERSE, a meeting place for metal fans from around the globe in the metaverse.  

The Sandbox stated in an announcement that KNOTVERSE will host “Web 3.0 experiences curated by Knotfest and Slipknot, specifically for the [heavy metal] culture.”

Knotfest is a music festival that was established in 2012 by Slipknot as a celebration of heavy metal music, art and culture.

The KNOTVERSE roadmap will see NFT drops, metaverse concerts, gaming and fan experiences, unique collaborations and wearables. New music will also be offered through the KNOTVERSE.  

Slipknot co-founder Michael Shawn Crahan, also known as Clown, said: “Slipknot has always been about creating new experiences, and opening KNOTVERSE as a shared space is a continuation of our culture as a collective that includes our fans.

“Everyone who’s ever attended Knotfest, or wanted to, now has an open door to step into a digital version of the experience in The Sandbox that’s live 24/7.”

19 April: Funding round could lead to a $4bn valuation

The Sandbox is reportedly planning to raise $400m (£307m) in a funding round that would bring its valuation to $4bn (£3.07bn).

The company is looking for new and existing investors to take part in this funding round, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. However, the size and value of the funding round could still change, depending on market sentiment and investor demand.

Following this news, the SAND crypto token has increased by 13.87% to $3.01, according to CoinMarketCap.  

14 April: US fashion association partners with The Sandbox

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), a not-for-profit trade association for fashion and accessory designers in the US, has announced its first ever metaverse and NFT partnership with The Sandbox.

The partnership will see the CFDA and 5Crypto, a crypto consultancy group, form a partnership with The Sandbox and Polygon Studios, a media hub for Web 3.0 entertainment.

The partnership will establish “a Web 3.0 blueprint for American fashion in the metaverse with a mission to educate, innovate, and create community in a digital world.”

The CFDA described this partnership as an opportunity for it to “leverage the next generation of digital innovation, bridging fashion and crypto.”

‘The metaverse is the new frontier of expression’

Arthur Madrid, CEO and co-founder of The Sandbox, said: “The CFDA is the foremost authority in American fashion, and we are honoured to be partnering with them on their foray into the metaverse. We believe the metaverse is the new frontier of expression, where avatars will be an extension of our digital identity. We are excited to offer new creative tools for fashion designers to create NFT collections with digital ownership and scarcity that will be playable in the metaverse.”

Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA, said: “Our mission is to position our members as leaders in the global innovation of fashion and retail via digitally led strategies to support growth and expansion. With the support of The Sandbox and Polygon Studios, the CFDA is poised to educate and empower business leaders for generations to come.”

Ryan Wyatt, CEO of Polygon Studios, said: “The CFDA’s transition to Web 3.0 is essential in creating a framework for digital creatives and securing the future of American fashion and culture. Polygon and Polygon Studios are immensely proud to be playing a role in this shift.”

11 April: CitizenM plans to build hotel in The Sandbox metaverse 

CitizenM, a Netherlands-based hotel chain, has announced plans to build a hotel in The Sandbox metaverse. Once the hotel group owns the metaverse LAND, it plans to build a virtual hotel where avatars can “work, sleep and play”.

CitizenM will finance the construction of the virtual hotel through the sale of 2,000 NFTs, dezeen reports.

The NFTs will all be sold at the same price despite different NFTs being assigned separate rarity levels, as 1,500 will be ‘regular’ citizens, 450 ‘special’ citizens and 50 ‘legendary’ citizens. The NFTs with a higher rarity will come with better rewards.

Real-life hotel could follow

CitizenM also plans to work with NFT artists and display their pieces around its hotels for guests to purchase.

Funds from the sale of the artworks will go towards the building of a physical, real-life hotel, with those who purchased an NFT given voting rights as to where the hotel should be located.

‘First hospitality company to build in the metaverse’

Robin Chadha, chief marketing officer at CitizenM, said: “We are thrilled to be the first hospitality company to build in the metaverse. As a brand that has always pushed the boundaries and challenged traditional models, this new venture in The Sandbox fits not only with our brand strategy but also the commitment we have to the creative community and to our guests both online and in the real world.”

1 April: Snoop Dogg releases track produced in The Sandbox

Rapper Snoop Dogg has released a track called House I Built in The Sandbox metaverse.

Later this year, Snoop Dogg will be holding a concert in The Sandbox metaverse. The track House I Built featured on his latest album BODR, which was released on 11 February 2022.

The rapper in the music video appears as a voxel avatar.

‘Whether in the metaverse or the universe’

According to Billboard, Snoop Dogg said in a statement: “The House I Built track draws a parallel between how I’ve constructed my life and career and how I’m building out my Snoopverse virtual world in The Sandbox. Whether in the metaverse or the universe, it’s about keeping it real, being yourself and making the most of every opportunity.”

Madrid said: “We are building a new entertainment platform where artists, talents of all kinds and brands can access a new generation of consumers that own and collect digital properties like LAND and digital memorabilia moments.

“Today in The Sandbox, Snoop Dogg is building the Snoopverse, a place where his avatar can perform exclusive concerts only accessible to his fans. Snoop’s new, first-of-its-kind metaverse music video House I Built provides a tangible example today, but there is more coming very soon.”

16 March: HSBC partners with The Sandbox to enter the metaverse

HSBC Bank, the multinational banking and financial services organisation, has partnered with The Sandbox and will buy a plot of LAND in the SAND metaverse.   

This partnership will “open up a host of opportunities for virtual communities across the world to engage with global financial services providers and sports communities in The Sandbox metaverse”.

The HSBC metaverse plot will also be used to engage with esports and gaming enthusiasts. 

Metaverse market to be worth $1.5trn by 2030

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a multinational professional services network, the global metaverse market is estimated to grow from $46.4bn (£35.4bn) in 2019 to $1.5trn (£1.14trn) by 2030.

The Sandbox said the agreement with HSBC opens the door for other global companies to continue innovation in Web 3.0 and the metaverse.    

HSBC: ‘Great potential in the metaverse’

Suresh Balaji, chief marketing officer (CMO), Asia-Pacific, HSBC, said: “The metaverse is how people will experience Web 3.0, the next generation of the internet – using immersive technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and extended reality. At HSBC, we see great potential to create new experiences through emerging platforms, opening a world of opportunity for our current and future customers and for the communities we serve.

“Through our partnership with The Sandbox we are making our foray into the metaverse, allowing us to create innovative brand experiences for new and existing customers. We’re excited to be working with our sports partners, brand ambassadors and Animoca Brands to co-create experiences that are educational, inclusive and accessible.”

Borget said: “We’re pleased to see large, trusted institutions such as HSBC join The Sandbox open metaverse and embrace the culture of Web 3.0, connecting with users through entertainment, gaming and user-generated content.

“We believe this is the beginning of a broader adoption of Web 3.0 and the metaverse by institutions driving brand experiences and engagement within this new ecosystem.”

9 March: The Sandbox partners with WoW for a more diverse metaverse

The Sandbox has partnered with World of Women (WoW) to help launch the WoW Foundation, giving it a $25m (£19m) grant spread out over the next five years.

The WoW Foundation has a mission of amplifying “the representation of women in decentralised web spaces”. WoW itself has a “vision to build an inclusive Web 3.0 through its collection and community”.

The goal of the WoW Foundation is to bring more women and diversity into the NFT and metaverse space. The Foundation will focus on four main pillars, which are: “Uplifting the ecosystem by supporting artists and funding projects; educating newcomers; communicating to give more visibility to women-centric causes, while inspiring others; and giving back to charities.”

Multiple initiatives to assist women

The WoW Foundation will also help provide business development opportunities across the growing network of The Sandbox, and “plans to support creators and guide them through success in Web 3.0”.

Additionally, multiple initiatives will be set up to assist women, such as the World of Women 3D interoperable avatars, which will see 10,000 3D avatars released during The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 launch.

The Sandbox has also bought the most expensive WoW NFT at the time of purchase, named Aurora by the WoW community, and has made her a ‘Goddess’ in The Sandbox metaverse.  

The SAND metaverse will also see the opening of the WoW Museum, a building on SAND land that will serve as a showcase for the WoW Foundation.

The WoW University will offer lessons on how to get started in Web 3.0 in The Sandbox metaverse. Once they have completed the course, students will receive a certified NFT diploma.   

This initiative will join the WoW Academy, which “was built for projects and artists to act as an incubator and provide advice, funding, mentoring, and access to The Sandbox’s and WoW’s network”.   

‘An inclusive space for women to thrive in Web 3.0’

WoW co-founder and artist Yam Karkai said: “We are thrilled to be teaming up with The Sandbox. With this grant, we are going to establish our mission in the metaverse, by leading and supporting women in this new space. We will start by voxelizing all 10,000 WoW so that our entire community can join us there.

“Then, we’ll achieve our mission through numerous actions, such as the opening of the WoW Museum, which will be a symbol of representation and diversity in the metaverse. We have great projects ahead and are looking forward to achieving them with our community in The Sandbox.”

Borget said: “This partnership signals our intent to invest long term in shaping a diverse and inclusive space for women to thrive in Web 3.0 within our metaverse. Through facilitating the education and funding of women’s projects we hope these programmes help establish a generation of influential women builders in the space.”

4 March: The Sandbox partners with K-Pop agency Cube Entertainment

The Sandbox has announced a partnership with Cube Entertainment, a South Korean company that operates as a record label for K-Pop artists and bands.

The SAND partnership will focus on collaborations regarding the metaverse and NFTs. Cube Entertainment has also established a joint venture, called the AniCube, with Animoca Brands, which is The Sandbox’s parent company.

Promotion of K-Culture

The partnership will introduce various companies to Korean culture in the metaverse, thereby not just restricting it to K-Pop but also including the wider K-Culture.

The project will create a K-Culture cultural space in the metaverse by using the LAND owned by Cube Entertainment. This means that “users from all over the world can experience Korean culture easily in this blockchain-based virtual space”.

The Sandbox will provide technical support for projects and implementation, while Cube Entertainment will prepare K-Culture content through various partnerships with other Korean companies. Affiliated artists with Cube will be able to join and promote the metaverse space.

‘​Embracing the spirit of the open metaverse’

Cube Entertainment CEO Ahn Woohyung said: “We are about to play the leading role to spread Korean culture around the world in the metaverse, the key of the fourth industrial revolution through this partnership with The Sandbox, and thanks to the global K-Pop wave, Korean culture known as K-Culture itself will have a powerful influence in every sector.

“We are planning to introduce this K-Culture with great potential to global users in a new space called metaverse. We hope our efforts of partnership with various domestic companies for virtual space in The Sandbox to create unique K-content.”

Borget said: “​Cube is truly embracing the spirit of the open metaverse by moving one step further into The Sandbox via its K-Culture hub, where it is actively curating local brands and partners of their main K-Pop label and offering them presence in The Sandbox through its own lands.”

The Sandbox metaverse hits two million users

Amidst the launch of The Sandbox Alpha Season 2, The Sandbox metaverse hit two million users. The latest season went officially live on 3 March 2022.

There are 200 quests in the season and players will be entered into a raffle to win an Alpha Pass NFT, which will reward the winner with up to 1,000 SAND.  

1 March: Luxury names buy land in The Sandbox metaverse 

Gucci, the Italian luxury fashion house, has partnered with The Sandbox and bought an undisclosed amount of land in the SAND metaverse.

Gucci plans to create an “interactive fashion experience” in the SAND metaverse, which will be based around the Gucci Vault, the umbrella term for the brand’s metaverse-related projects.     

Gucci Vault is also the line of business Gucci is using to sell vintage pieces from its collection.

This was originally announced by SAND on 9 February and the idea was spearheaded by Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director.

Once completed customers will be allowed to buy virtual fashion items in the metaverse as well as take part in an interactive maze and host “conversations about fashion and the metaverse”.

Gucci launches NFTs

On 1 February, Gucci launched a series of NFTs after teaming up with Superplastic, a global entertainment brand of designer toys and digital collectibles.

The first set of 10 NFTs were made available via Gucci Vault.

The Supergucci NFT collection, which is comprised of 250 pieces, was co-created by Michele and synthetic artists Janky and Guggimon, with each NFT incorporating classic Gucci patterns.

The digital collectables will also come with an exclusive eight-inch, white ceramic ‘SuperGucci SuperJanky’ sculpture, handcrafted by Gucci’s own ceramicists in Italy.

TWINZZ also enters the SAND metaverse

On 23 February, sport luxury brand TWINZZ bought some virtual land in the SAND metaverse.

The founders of TWINZZ are actively engaged in blockchain, NFTs and the metaverse, with the brand believing that “the demand for its digital products will surpass the prices of physical TWINZZ products”.

The TWINZZ metaverse will also include a unique fitness and mental health experience, which “is the first of its kind”. Customers will also be able to auction limited edition items and virtually participate in the digital retail store.

23 February: Snoop Dogg and SAND release 10,000 Doggie NFTs 

American rapper Snoop Dogg and SAND have teamed up to unveil 10,000 Snoop avatar NFTs, The Doggies, in the SAND metaverse.

The NFTs are designed and crafted by Snoop Dogg himself. There are seven different categories of The Doggies: ‘Human’ (the most common), ‘Blue’, ‘Alien’, ‘Zombie’, ‘Dogg’, ‘Robot’ and ‘Golden’ (the rarest). 

The Doggie you pick can be used as a playable character in the upcoming The Sandbox Alpha Season 2.   

The Doggies will cost 150 SAND per NFT. The Sandbox said each NFT avatar is unique, “so that’s 10,000 ways to look uniquely cool when you style your way through the metaverse”.

Feature in one of Snoop Dogg’s music videos

Out of the minted Doggies, some will be featured in Snoop Dogg’s new music video that will be filmed entirely inside The Sandbox and provide NFT owners with a “unique opportunity to make music video history in the Metaverse”.

The Doggies avatar collection also rewards previous owners of Snoop NFTs with “exclusive whitelist access before the sale is publicly accessible to everyone else”.

Snoop Dogg’s previous NFT activity

In November 2021, Snoop Dogg released an NFT, a one-of-one NFT titled Decentral Eyes Dog, which was auctioned off in a timed auction ending 3 December on the platform SuperRare.

A result of a collaboration with the digital artist Coldie, the NFT is a portrait of Snoop Dogg created by collaging 10 different images of his face throughout his life into a unique decentralised portrait animation.

Prior to that in September 2021, Snoop Dogg claimed to be behind the Cozomo de’ Medici, a popular NFT Twitter channel. The channel has 206,000 followers.

In April 2021, the rapper again launched NFTs with The rapper’s first NFT was titled A Journey with the Dogg.

The collection represented Snoop Dogg’s memories from his early years with art inspired by the NFT movement and a track called NFT.

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