Stratis price prediction: STRAX leaves forecasters divided

STRAX is up 100% in a seven-day period after announcing its own stablecoin

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Businesses and developers can pay for their own crypto products using the STRAX token – Photo: Shutterstock


Stratis is making the blockchain world more accessible. It is giving firms the products needed to enter the crypto-verse, whether that’s a sidechain, initial coin offering (ICO) or a wallet. All of which can be paid for using its STRAX token.

After a few difficult years, STRAX has started rallying as Stratis announced a new major product – a British pound stablecoin. However, forecasters are divided on whether it can maintain these gains and live up to expectations. What might this mean for a Stratis price prediction? Let’s find out. 

What is Stratis?

As more businesses are looking to enter the blockchain, services are propping up to fulfil that demand. Stratis describes its self as a “blockchain-as-a-service platform”, which offers various products to allow firms to flourish.

The features Stratis can accommodate include building sidechains, creating smart contracts and launching an ICO. It can provide consulting services and cryptocurrency wallets.

According to Stratis’ entry on CoinMarketCap: “This approach gives enterprises the freedom to completely customise their platforms without the limitations of relying on a major blockchain, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.”

Chris Trew founded the London company Stratis Group in 2016 and used the Bitcoin protocol as a base. Before creating the platform, Trew previously worked in IT throughout various sectors including at Barclays.

The Stratis Token

The STRAX token is the financial tool behind the platform. It is used by developers and businesses to pay for the services. Before a sidechain or ICO can go live, a business must first purchase the product using the token, giving clear utility to STRAX.

The blockchain uses proof-of-stake to mint new tokens with each block producing 18 STRAX. This makes it a inflationary currency with the supply increasing by 10% every year.

Stratis price history

STRAX originally launched under a different ticker, STRAT, in 2016. According to CoinMarketCap, the token opened at a fraction more than $0.01 on 12 August 2016 and it did not see much action that year. STRAT saw its first major spike in June 2017 after a flurry of listings the month before. These included launching on the Jaxx Liberty wallet and the Livecoin exchange. It peaked at $10.85 on 4 June.

The Stratis price then rocketed to its all-time high of $22.66 on 8 January 2018. This came after news its ICO feature was launching with two undisclosed coins using it in the upcoming weeks.

Yet STRAT could not sustain these gains and the cryptocurrency came crashing down. By the end of February it was trading below $10 and under $5 in March. It did see a slight recovery in May when it announced a launch date for the smart contracts feature. STRAT peaked at $8.55 on 5 May 2018, the day after the announcement

But by the end of the year, STRAT was trading under a $1. It stayed at this level for the next two years. Stratis launched its new STRAX cryptocurrency in 2020 with the swap going live in October that year. Yet, the market appeared unaffected by the rebrand.

Its next rally began on 15 February 2021 when it revealed an Ethereum wrapped version of its token, under the ticker WSTAX. Stratis also announced a Binance Smart Chain bridge was in the works. This breakout continued throughout the following months with it peaking at $4.17 on 12 May.

However, this high eventually fizzled out and STRAX has not been able to get close since. It dropped to the $1 mark in December and fell victim to 2022’s bear market. On 14 June, it had fallen to a low of $0.38.

The STRAX coin has been showing signs of recovery recently. The blockchain revealed it was launching a stablecoin based on the British pound and is working on completing a registration with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

A blog post announced: “Plans to launch a Great British Pound Token (GBPT) stablecoin using Stratis technology are progressing with Stratis Investment Group Limited, a new entity created that will be used for the Stratis GBP stablecoin.”

At the time of writing, on 28 June, Stratis had climbed to $0.88 and was up a staggering 105% on the previous seven days.

Stratis price prediction

There is a vast range of expectations from the Stratis coin price prediction. Some are hopeful of the token’s future whereas others think it will continue depreciating.

PricePrediction is bullish over Stratis’ potential. It expects the token to climb above the $1 mark in the coming few years. Its Stratis price prediction for 2025 suggests it could reach $2.25 and rocket to $13.72 in 2030.

A similar approach is given by TechNewsLeader which forecasts the token can reach $1.02 in a year and $3.22 in five years’ time. Its Stratis price prediction for 2030 gives a higher value of $15.35.

Meanwhile, CaptainAltCoin’s Stratis price prediction for 2022 anticipates it will drop to below $0.50 by December. In five years’ time, the analysis suggests STRAX will become worthless.

In its STRAX price prediction, WalletInvestor calls it a “bad” long-term investment with the token expected to drop to $0.03 in a year and it is thought to fall below $0.01 by the end of June 2027.


Stratis is a “blockchain-as-a-service” platform that gives businesses the chance to launch their own crypto products. That could be a sidechain or an ICO. Its STRAX token was designed as a payment source for these features.

It depends on who you ask. PricePrediction assumes it could surpass $10, whereas CaptainAltCoin forecasts it will eventually become worthless.

Tokens are volatile and difficult to predict, so you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

There is a circulating supply of 138 million STRAX coins.

It could be. Businesses can launch their own crypto products, including sidechains and cryptocurrencies, on the Stratis platform. But the coin has been depreciating, all of which means you need to conduct a thorough due diligence assessment before investing in STRAX.

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