TITAN token price prediction: Forecasters expect TITAN to moon

A new platform is taking on DeFi legends with its innovative technology

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Titan was designed as a finance product for millennials and generation Z – Photo: Shutterstock


In a young, upcoming industry, there are many trying to produce innovative DeFi products. TitanSwap thinks it has cracked the formula for a successful and accessible decentralised trading platform.

The DeFi project is using adaptive bond curves and smart routing to give its users the best deal possible. Its platform is not the only product catching investors’ eyes. Its token has recently been rallying after being supported by Coinbase.

What is TitanSwap?

TitanSwap is looking to become the next iteration of the DeFi industry with its new automated money maker (AMM) technology. Its whitepaper stated: “TITAN is a de-financialisation centre that stands on the shoulders of DeFi’s predecessors, offering new millennials and Generation Z complete control of their financial products without any centralised custody.”

The offering from the DeFi protocol is a small, tradeable amount of cryptocurrencies. Its goal is to give investors access to trading without any necessary prior knowledge of on-chain transactions or advanced financial experience.

TitanSwap’s core feature that allows it to stand apart from its competition is an adaptive bonding curve. Bonding curves describe the relationship between a price and supply of the asset. The white paper continued: “TITAN Adaptive Bonding Curve combines greater liquidity with better price discovery by automatically adapting the bonding curve to different asset classes.”

This has allowed TitanSwap to enable smart routing on its orders from cross-chain liquidity pools. It claims this can guarantee the “optimal path for trading” with the least slippage and optimum price.

One thing to note is the anonymous team behind TitanSwap. Neither the team or founder have identified themselves, making it difficult to hold anyone accountable if the project goes downhill. A core developer under the name Ghughur has revealed themselves in various interviews, however.

The TITAN crypto

Behind the TitanSwap platform is the TITAN coin, an Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token built for rewards and governance. Out of the total supply, 90% is dedicated for the ecosystem and 10% is for the investors.

For the investors that provide liquidity to TitanSwap’s market, they are eligible to earn both TITAN rewards and the fees paid by traders. TitanSwap said: “It significantly lowers the barriers to entry for market makers, making liquidity available to all the people.”

The TITAN DAO is the governance body that runs the platform. Those who hold the cryptocurrency can participate in proposing new rules and voting on them. These could include the amount of trading fees or adjusting weights between liquidity pools.

TITAN price history

TitanSwap launched in autumn 2020, with CoinMarketCap listing the token at $0.28 on 28 September that year. TITAN then climbed to the $0.60 mark in October, where it fluctuated for the next several months.

The DeFi token saw its first major spike in May 2021. This was when it announced plans to expand TITAN to the BSC. It skyrocketed and reached a high of $9.22 on 12 May.

TITAN’s BSC bridge eventually launched in July that year and was met by enthusiasm from investors. The platform also ran a giveaway that month to celebrate that achievement. Six random winners would win $50. TITAN peaked at $9.60 on 9 July.

Both the platform and cryptocurrency continued this momentum into the following month, where it climbed to its all-time high of $9.95 on 12 August. Despite holding a trading competition at the end of the month, TITAN was unable to sustain this price.

The token eventually fell victim to the wider crypto bear market. It plummeted below $5 in October and under the $3 mark by the end of the year. This depreciating trend continued into 2022, where it stooped to the $1 level in March.

TITAN did see a resurrection in its price after it was listed on the KuCoin exchange. On 6 April, the day trading went live, the token rocketed from $2.50 to $7.14. TITAN did fall and fluctuated around $2.50 over the next few months.

However, it has been rallying recently after Coinbase added custody support for the token. At the time of writing, on 24 June, TITAN is sitting at $4.90 and is up 82% in a recent seven-day period.

TITAN token price prediction

There are mainly high expectations for the DeFi token. DigitalCoinPrice’s TitanSwap price prediction for 2022 expects it to average out at $6.52 this year and hit a new all-time high of $11.32 in 2027. By 2031, the TITAN price prediction expects it to reach $26.30.

PricePrediction is even more bullish with its forecast. It suggests Titan will surpass the $10 mark in 2025. The TitanSwap price prediction for 2030 anticipates an average worth of $69.05.

TechNewsleader says the token could only reach a high of $4.87 this year. But its TitanSwap price prediction for 2025 assumes the token will reach $11.11 and eventually climb past $100 in 2031.

The TITAN coin price prediction from WalletInvestor is not optimistic. It calls it a bad investment and suggests the token will drop below $1 in a year to $0.31.


TitanSwap is a DeFi protocol that uses adaptive bond curves to ensure high liquidity and low slippage. Its main token TITAN is utilised by investors for governance and rewards.

It depends on who you ask. Most forecast a new all-time high, with TechNewsLeader the most ambitious, saying it could eventually surpass $100. But TITAN is a volatile cryptocurrency so you should never invest more than you can afford to lose, regardless of any Titan token price prediction.

There is a circulating supply of 53 million TITAN and a large maximum supply of 10 billion TITAN.

It might be. TitanSwap is attempting to be an innovative path for the DeFi industry with its new automated money maker technology. But the TITAN token is still far from its all-time high. Investors should always carry out their own research before purchasing any token.

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