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What is Alphabet Inc.?

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) is a US-based holding company formed on 2 October 2015 after the initiation of Google reorganisation. It was founded by Lawrence E. Page and Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin while Google was founded on 4 September 1998.
Alphabet Inc. actes through its two main parts, the Google segment and the other Bet segment. The Google part of the business is composed of the well-known internet products like Google search, Ads, YouTube, Maps, Android, Google Play, Chrome and others. This segment earns its revenue from advertising, sale of digital products, sale of applications and cloud services.

The other bets segment is focused on the sale of internet and TV services through Google fiber, Nest products, R&D services with Verily along with other products and services. It can be said that Alphabet Inc. is a gigantic company operating in different technological segments through its divisions.

Alphabet Inc. is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and it is the fourth company which entered the $1 trillion group of companies along with Amazon, Apple and Microsoft after its market capitalisation hit the $1 trillion milestone at the beginning of 2020. Also, the company (as Alphabet Inc. or Google) is part of different indices such as the S&P 500, S&P 100 and NASDAQ – 100.


Performance of Google stock price in the past

Going back a few years on the Google stock price chart, it is evident that since 2016 investors have made a significant gain since the stock price more than doubled. The price increased to more than $1,400 at the beginning of 2020 compared to the price of $710 in 2016. The significant increase in stock price is due to the strong revenue and positive movement in other financial metrics along with the strategic moves undertaken by the company. For instance, Alphabet Inc. recorded net revenue of $90 billion (approximately £75 billion) to slightly more than $160 (£134) billion in revenue reported in 2019. The majority of revenues come from the Search business segment.

Can the company be a profitable opportunity? In general, the answer is yes but make sure you regularly follow relevant announcements and events which could affect the price.


How to invest in Google stock?

The most common way of investing in any security is to buy the underlying security from the stock exchange or to invest in Google stock through financial derivatives. But there are other new options available. One of them is the tokenised shares which utilise the blockchain technology. The benefit of using blockchain here is that it removes the intermediaries from the investing and trading transactions.  When trading tokenised Google shares, you can benefit from the price fluctuations directly, but without owning the stock because the tokens mimic the stock price. Moreover, investors and traders who have Bitcoin or Ethereum can now enjoy profitable opportunities and invest in Google stock, since allows to  buy tokenised shares directly with crypto. Hence, the process is hassle-free because you don't have to exchange your crypto for fiat money and incur transaction and exchange costs.


Some investors may get confused because of the terminology, but be assured that using the tokenised shares to invest in Google stock and make profits is as simple as buying the asset from the exchange. Therefore, if you anticipate a price rise, you will enter a long position with crypto or fiat money using the trading platform. On the other hand, expectations about price decline mean that traders will open a short position with tokenised Google stock. One feature going in favour of tokenised shares is the possibility for traders to use a trading margin. The margin enables traders to open larger positions because they need to have a portion of the position value in their funds. offers a leverage of up to 1:100. Moreover, when you choose to speculate with google stock price using the tokenised shares, you can have a real-time price chart on any of your smart devices.


Tokenised Google stock trading guide

The process of buying or selling tokenised shares may sound intimidating, but once you take the first step, you will realise that it is no different from the other forms of investing in the financial markets.

The steps involved in trading tokenised assets using the platform are:

  • Sign in on;
  • Deposit the selected mean of payment (decide between Bitcoin or Ethereum or fiat money);
  • Consider the leverage offered by the platform to define the value of the planned position;
  • Trade tokenised Google stock;
  • The platform will compare the orders primarily between its clients and afterwards buy and sell orders can be hedged with, LMAX Digital or other exchanges like Binance, Bitstamp, Kraken, NASDAQ, NYSE and Gain Capital.
  • Decide when to close your position and cash in on your gains (crypto or fiat).


Keep in mind that you can benefit from the leverage offered on the platform. You can see that requires you to have only 5 per cent of the position you want to take with tokenised Google stock. For instance, with $500 of your capital, you can open a position with a value of $10,000, which enables you to make higher profits.


Why trade tokenised Google shares with

Google stock trading at tokenised assets exchange has a number of advantages. Tokenised assets are underpinned by robust and immutable blockchain technology. Opening a trade will give you a token that tracks and moves according to the underlying instrument's price.

  • One-stop crypto trading platform

Trade tokenised Google shares with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Benefit from the stock's price movements without turning your crypto assets into fiat.

  • Tight spreads

Trade tokenised Google stocks with a tight market spread, benefit from maker rebates and competitive taker fees.

  • Leverage

Experienced traders can trade the world's top markets, like Google, with up to 1:100 leverage.

  • Effective risk management

Manage your risks and secure your profits with stop loss and take profit orders. Save your assets with negative balance protection.

  • Instant order execution

We have a scalable and low latency order management system, which can execute 50 million trades per second.

  • Safe regulation operates under new Belarusian regulation with best-in-class AML and KYC laws. Regulatory details and fees are upfront.


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GOOGL price history

Date Close Change Change(%) Open High Low
Sep 17, 2021 2808.40 -49.84 -1.74% 2858.24 2876.18 2806.82
Sep 16, 2021 2857.70 -14.69 -0.51% 2872.39 2882.47 2844.72
Sep 15, 2021 2886.27 37.56 1.32% 2848.71 2891.68 2823.53
Sep 14, 2021 2848.63 13.88 0.49% 2834.75 2864.45 2797.73
Sep 13, 2021 2845.80 22.55 0.80% 2823.25 2856.14 2787.74
Sep 10, 2021 2815.62 -49.70 -1.73% 2865.32 2891.12 2809.74
Sep 9, 2021 2862.75 5.60 0.20% 2857.15 2883.65 2851.36
Sep 8, 2021 2867.80 8.54 0.30% 2859.26 2886.68 2856.89
Sep 7, 2021 2881.00 13.66 0.48% 2867.34 2889.42 2828.71
Sep 3, 2021 2869.70 15.33 0.54% 2854.37 2880.24 2845.70
Sep 2, 2021 2861.20 -40.78 -1.41% 2901.98 2907.55 2857.70
Sep 1, 2021 2890.71 -10.20 -0.35% 2900.91 2922.65 2880.69
Aug 31, 2021 2891.93 -1.65 -0.06% 2893.58 2904.67 2880.68
Aug 30, 2021 2883.58 5.90 0.21% 2877.68 2916.45 2847.70
Aug 27, 2021 2876.96 49.23 1.74% 2827.73 2887.73 2821.16
Aug 26, 2021 2826.54 -7.98 -0.28% 2834.52 2846.09 2822.73
Aug 25, 2021 2838.33 17.42 0.62% 2820.91 2840.83 2798.43
Aug 24, 2021 2819.75 11.01 0.39% 2808.74 2839.22 2800.75
Aug 23, 2021 2799.75 53.96 1.97% 2745.79 2815.02 2728.29
Aug 20, 2021 2747.05 55.70 2.07% 2691.35 2748.49 2680.97