UFO Gaming price prediction: P2E crypto partners with Neo

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UFO Gaming token has tripled in value in a recent 30-day period. So, what is the latest UFO price prediction?

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Despite the fact the token has not performed particularly well since November 2021, experts appear reasonably bullish on the UFO token – Photo: Shutterstock


Crypto gaming platforms have exploded in the past couple of years as new projects emerge which look to apply the monetising capabilities of cryptocurrency to traditional gaming models.

UFO Gaming, launched in 2021, is one of these platforms. It claims to differentiate itself through combining a myriad features, including DeFi, NFTs and P2E, in order to extract as much value for users as possible. 

The crypto’s website says: “UFO Gaming ($UFO) is a fully decentralized gaming platform bridging traditional games onto the blockchain and giving players the ability to earn while playing.”

The project, which claims to be community-focused and highly secure, has unfortunately not done particularly well recently. It rocketed in November 2021, but has performed dismally since

Despite tripling in value in the 30 days leading up to 11 August 2022, according to CoinGecko, the project’s token, UFO, has lost over 93% of its worth since its all-time high, recorded in November 2021.

Will the project recover? What are the latest UFO Gaming price predictions? Before looking at forecasts, let’s answer the question: what is UFO Gaming (UFO)? 

What is UFO Gaming (UFO)?

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the UFO Gaming project’s offering includes NFT capabilities, meaning players can own their in-game assets; DeFi elements, so users can stake tokens; and P2E capabilities, meaning gamers can earn while playing games. 

Super Galactic is the only game so far launched on the UFO Gaming platform. Super Galactic is “an RPG/arcade action/ARG game that lets you battle and breed digital super-soldiers in UFO’s first revealed fourth dimension realm.” 

In order to play, users need a playable character. These characters are NFTs named UFOeps. To mint UFOeps, users need to farm plasma points with UFO tokens. Plasma points can be generated through the Super Galactic staking DApp. 

Other in-game assets include weapons, armour and loot boxes. Gaming assets, UGO Gaming says, can be transferred from one platform to another. The project also has an NFT marketplace, where assets can be exchanged. 

The UFO Gaming metaverse, called the “dark metaverse”, is “an ever-expanding realm and infinite ecosystem” that will consist of P2E games, breedable in-game NFTs, earning virtual land, and a “metaverse launchpad” that will continually require UFO tokens.

The token system

UFO Gaming has a three-token system: plasma points, UAP and UFO. The project says: “Using the game itself, coupled with NFTs and a three-token system, allows us to create an internal economic loop that ensures an infinite financial flow, as long as interest remains.” 

While UFO is the primary token, connecting everything in the ecosystem, plasma points can be earned by staking.  UAP is the token required to breed soldiers. UAP is earned by completing quests and missions in the game. 

Unfortunately, it is difficult to gauge what features are currently on offer and what the project plans to make live in the future. 

A major draw of the project is the fact it supposedly partners up with traditional games, creating a bridge between these games and the blockchain. The project’s website says: “UFO Gaming will collaborate with traditional gaming companies to integrate them onto the blockchain and develop new blockchain gaming features. 

“Each game will have its own governing planet. We will run virtual land auctions, where people can purchase their own piece of that planet and earn revenue from the game by completing specific tasks.” 

In short, while there are plenty of exciting ambitious plans for the crypto, differentiating between the features that are currently active and what the protocol’s ambitions for the future are, is important when ascertaining the value of the project as it currently stands. 

Team behind UFO Gaming 

Details of the founding team behind UFO Gaming are not available. According to the website, the crypto’s “game developers have made a range of games, and have worked for over six years creating games.” 

How does this information impact UFO Gaming price predictions? Before looking at forecasts, let’s see how the token has performed since its launch. 

UFO Gaming coin performance 

Upon launch, the token rose from $0.00000047 on 30 June to $0.00000184 on 4 July, according to CoinMarketCap. The token subsequently dipped again, trading sideways until the beginning of August. The UFO token started rising throughout August, hitting $0.00000705 by 28 August. 

Soon after it slipped again, dropping to $0.0000022 by 11 September.  In October the token once again began to rise, reaching $0.000008599 by 6 October. The ascent continued, with UFO valued at  $0.000032 by 1 November. 

Significant volatility ensued, before the token rose to a record high of $0.00005592 by 25 November. UFO subsequently dropped to $0.00001929 by 6 December, as the volatility persisted. By 27 December the token reached $0.00003055. However this was soon followed by a fall to $0.000006935 by 24 January. 

Despite rising to $0.00001677 a few days later, UFO dropped again, to $0.000006564 by 24 February.  The token rose slightly by 1 March, to $0.00001006, and by 5 April, UFO was up to $0.0000118. However, it dropped sharply again, hitting its lowest price so far this year of $0.0000007891 on 18 June 2022.

After the announcement of a partnership with NEO blockchain, the token has seen an impressive 30% rally in a recent 24-hour trading window:

As of 11 August, the token is worth $0.000003694. The token has a maximum supply of almost 26 trillion UFO and a 100% circulating supply, meaning the circulating supply is the same as the maximum supply. The project has a market capitalisation of $96m, placing it 284th by market cap on the CoinMarketCap platform. 

How does this information impact UFO Gaming price predictions? 

UFO Gaming future prices: what do the experts think? 

Price forecasts are undoubtedly an important part of the investment process. They can help guide investors as to what tokens could go up and which ones could go down. However, it is critical to keep in mind that price predictions, especially long-term ones, can be highly inaccurate. 

With this in mind, let’s look at some UFO coin price predictions. 

DigitalCoinPrice has a UFO Gaming price prediction for 2022 that sees it average at $0.00000479.  The platform thinks the UFO price prediction for 2023 could be $0.00000541. Its UFO Gaming price prediction for 2025 stands at $0.00000704, while its UFO Gaming price prediction for 2030 is $0.0000170. 

PricePrediction.com thinks the token will average $0.00000503 by 2022, before rising to an average price of $0.00001051 by 2025. The platform’s forecast for 2030 stands at $0.00007080. 

Wallet Investor thinks the token could go down to $0.000000284 in a year’s time, and does not expect the token to recover, suggesting it is a “bad long-term (one-year) investment”.


How many UFO Gaming are there?

The token has a maximum supply of 25,757.58 trillion UFO and a 100% circulating supply meaning the circulating supply is the same as the maximum supply.

Is UFO Gaming a good investment?

The forecasters appear largely bullish on the UFO price. Saying this, the token has not performed well this year, and with so many emerging gaming platforms, UFO faces stiff competition. 

It is important to always keep in mind that crypto coins are highly volatile assets and that analysts’ forecasts can frequently be wrong.  

Will UFO Gaming go up?

Potentially, however it could also go down. Always remember, crypto is highly volatile, and gains are generally followed by losses. Never invest any money you cannot afford to lose.

Should I invest in UFO Gaming?

Investing is a highly personal endeavour and very dependent on your individual investment goals. Remember to do research and keep up-to-date on any developments in the UFO Gaming ecoystem. 

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