UNUS SED LEO price prediction: value kept despite market downturn

The latest crypto project of iFinex, UNUS SED LEO’s burn strategy resists sell pressure

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Named after a Latin phrase in the Aesop fable The Sow and the Lioness, UNUS SED LEO is the most recent cryptocurrency project of Bitfinex’s parent company iFinex, the BVI-registered entity also in control of the stable coin Tether.

Throughout Bitfinex’s turbulent history, the centralised exchange faced major hacks, multimillion-dollar fines from the New York State attorney general, a ban from operating in New York State and a seizure of assets of its former payment processor, Crypto Capital.

That seizure preempted the deployment of the LEO token through an initial exchange offering (IEO) in May 2019, when $1bn was raised through the sale of one billion tokens. Unique among other projects, LEO has a limited lifespan; iFinex is committed to buying back and burning all commercially available tokens until the supply runs out.

The life span of the project is unclear, but in the following UNUS SED LEO price prediction, we take a look at what price LEO could hit in the years ahead, using chart analysis and forecaster price targets. If you want to get up to scratch on the specifics of the UNUS SED LEO project before continuing, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide.

LEO’s latest trading activity

Despite being subject to large price fluctuations, LEO surprised the market with a sustained uptrend in Q4 of 2021. There were spikes of selling pressure observed in mid and late November, and again in December, rejections swiftly followed, lifting the support line from $2.70 on 14 November to $3.40 on 26 December.

Though the coin dropped 5.2% on 7 January after the early-year Bitcoin crash, LEO rallied the following day, regaining lost ground to close at $3.77. LEO has traded above the 20-day moving average (MA) trend line since then.

The relative strength index (RSI) and moving average convergence divergence (MACD) parameters are in a healthy position and we can see a bullish MA cross on 30 December, widening in a positive trend since.

If the uptrend can be sustained, the resistance line of $3.93 could be a viable LEO price prediction to consider.

Investors should be aware that these trend-bucking results are likely due to LEO’s rigorous buy-back and burn schedule, which its parent company iFinex commits 27% of all net revenues to. With burns made every month, price surges could be down to tokenomics rather than positive investor sentiment.

A few LEO token facts

LEO is trading at $3.76 at the time of writing. Circulating supply is 928.2 million out of an initial one billion supply from the IEO. LEO is a top-50 cryptocurrency; market capitalisation is $3.6bn, placing it at number 44 on the charts.

However, it also has a low trading volume. A recent 24-hour cycle of $3.67m amounted to 0.1% of market cap. The LEO/USD pair also suffers from a weak liquidity rating of 333 on the primary exchange Bitfinex, according to Coin Market Cap’s metrics.

UNUS SED LEO underwent an initial exchange offering (IEO) in May 2019 on the Bitfinex exchange. The tokens, priced at $1 each,were, uniquely, deployed on two blockchains: 64% of supply on Ethereum and 36% on EOS. The token is interoperable between both blockchains.

Forecaster price targets

Digitalcoin’s UNUS SED LEO crypto price prediction caps out at $5.27 for 2022, amounting to only 40% investment returns against the most recent price reading. In the longer term, the forecaster gives an UNUS SED LEO price prediction for 2025 of $8.11, a 118% return. Twelve price indicators point to a neutral investment strategy, while 13 point to a buy strategy.

With Wallet Investor’s LEO price prediction, we are presented with a five-year price target of $15.08. In the shorter term, the forecaster presents a UNUS SED LEO price prediction for 2022 of $6.03, generating 50% investment returns. Sentiment is largely neutral.

Gov Capital’s LEO coin price prediction is more enthusiastic, giving a 12-month price target of $7.91 and a five-year target of $37.74.

Looking at the UNUS SED LEO price prediction for 2030, at the time of writing Icocreed has a target of $73.04, in contrast to PricePrediction’s average target of $112.65.

Bear in mind that digital forecasters do not take into account external factors and fundamental analysis when making their UNUS SED LEO price prediction estimates. As such, they should not be considered true investment advice.


UNUS SED LEO is potentially a good investment, although the project has a limited life span and unique utility. Although this article aims to present you with balanced information, it should not be taken as genuine investment advice. Always conduct independent research before placing an investment.

The LEO price prediction coverage among the forecasters suggests moderate investor returns, but bear in mind that these predictions do not qualify as genuine investment advice.

UNUS SED LEO is a unique project with specific utility and a limited life span. It is advised to read the white paper and conduct thorough research if you are considering an investment.

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