A Hunters Dream price prediction: What is A Hunters Dream (CAW)?

Despite no tangible proof of concept, A Hunters Dream was trending in June thanks to high trading volumes

Portrait of plague doctor, red eyes, black hat – Photo: Shutterstock                                 
A Hunters Dream uses a plague doctor aesthetic in its design. Why? That is unclear – Photo: Shutterstock


What is A Hunters Dream (CAW)?

…No seriously, what is A Hunters Dream (CAW) and where is the possessive apostrophe? The ERC-20 cryptocurrency started trending in early June after a flurry of second-tier centralised exchange (CEX) listings including Huobi Global, MEXC and BKEX. Heavy trading volumes were evident on the Uniswap decentralised exchange (DEX), which logged $863,370 in trades in a 24-hour period.

While not astronomical numbers, they were impressive for a cryptocurrency that lacks a website, Discord, whitepaper or working application. There are active Telegram and Twitter accounts under the “A Hunters Dream” name. The latter is focused on posting gothic-tinged images, primarily of crows and plague doctors. One such Tweet describes CAW as “a decentralised financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain.”

An audit by the little-known smart contract auditor RugDog was uncovered. The report outlined no major or minor issues and explained: “The token developers have created a basket that contains stable coins pegged with fiats using blockchain technology and algorithm to develop CAW crypto tokens. Stable coins help to withstand the high market volatility.”

RugDog’s description matches Huobi Global’s official CAW splash page (note that Huobi Global uses client-sourced information): “Hunters Dream is a decentralized financial payment network, which rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain. It uses a basket of stablecoin pegged to legal currencies to stabilize the algorithm through its reserve currency, caw, so as to promote the development of programmable payment and open financial infrastructure.”

Strangely, these precise terms have been used to describe the failed Terra Luna project since as far back as 2020 by the University of California (UCLA). A Google keyword search returns a large number of tokens also using the same string of descriptions.

Is CAW an algorithmic stablecoin?

Taking CAW’s official description at face value suggests an algorithmic stablecoin project, though once again, this cannot be proved without sight of a genuine proof of concept. If true, the launch could not come at a worse time, given the severe blow to public confidence in algorithmic stablecoins following the collapse of Terra USD.

The true nature of A Hunters Dream will come to light If and when the anonymous CAW team deliver more concrete details on the project. In the meantime, read on for more project details, including an A Hunters Dream price prediction for 2025 and beyond.

CAW token details

CAW’s token launch can be traced back to a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) on Copper. LBPs allow for permissionless token distributions on Ethereum. A total of 464.35 trillion CAW tokens were released on 19 April at a value of $0.00000000665107 each.

Screenshot of CAW’s LBP details – Source: copperlaunch.com
CAW’s LBP ran for three days, generating $5.4m in volume – Source: copperlaunch.com

More than $5.4m was raised; a 2.5% swap fee was netted by the owners. Speaking of owners, CAW’s contract created seemingly has a penchant for bird-themed tokens; their Ethereum address also contains QUACK, BABYCAW, BIRD CULT, HOOT and KAKAW tokens.

Screenshot showing list of CAW contract creator’s various bird-themed tokens – Source: etherscan.io
CAW’s contract creator owns many bird-themed tokens – Source: etherscan.io

As of 7 June 11:30 BST (+1 UTC), CAW was valued at $0.0000001036 with a 24-hour trading volume close to $20m. Maximum supply is capped at a devilish 666,666,666,666,666.

Since launching on 19 April, CAW has shown extremely erratic pricing behaviour. In one instance, the token dropped approximately 66% in value between 11 and 12 May. CAW entered an uptrend between May 27 and 4 June. During this period, the token increased its value by 240%. A reversal has since been witnessed.

A Hunters Dream price prediction

At the project’s current stage, nobody can really make an accurate A Hunters Dream price prediction. Due to scant project details and lack of sufficient pricing data, the following CAW price predictions should be seen as highly speculative. Currency.com recommends conducting your own research into the project before opening a trade.

With that out of the way, PricePrediction’s A Hunters Dream price prediction for 2022 estimates a 51% drop in value. But the forecaster’s A Hunters Dream crypto price prediction expects a reversal in the following years; the token could rise by 1135% by 2030 according to the forecaster.

Digitalcoin’s A Hunters Dream coin price prediction expects 22% gains throughout 2022 and 72% gains in 2025 against today’s exchange price. The forecaster’s A Hunters Dream price prediction for 2030 estimates 329% gains against today’s exchange price.

Be sure to perform your own due diligence on CAW before investing.


How many A Hunters Dream are there?

CAW has a spooky supply of 666,666,666,666,666 tokens.

Is A Hunters Dream a good investment?

It is too early to tell if CAW will generate decent returns. The project lacks proof of concept or even a webpage. Additionally, it describes itself as an algorithmic stablecoin, at a time when public confidence into algorithmic stablecoins has been pummelled after the collapse of Terra USD.

Will A Hunters Dream go up?

Despite the lack of sufficient details concerning A Hunters Dream, some long-term CAW price predictions are positive, while short-term predictions are less so. Currency.com recommends exercising caution when investing in cryptocurrencies with an unclear utility or market strategy.

Should I invest in A Hunters Dream?

Currency.com is not in the business of giving financial advice. The information presented in this article is intended as a neutral resource. Make sure to assess the fundamentals of the product, as well as getting independent financial advice, before putting your money down on an investment. 

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