AMC stock forecast: Is AMC a good stock to buy?

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AMC had a tough pandemic, but help has emerged from an unlikely source


AMC Entertainment recently hit the headlines after a 20% leap in its stock price in five trading days as institutional firms including JP Morgan, Fidelity and BlackRock poured some $36m into the company’s coffers by purchasing its shares on 24 August 2021.

So will the AMC stock price see a reversal or is it set for more gains?

The US cinema chain, founded in 1920, is now the world's largest with around 1,000 theatres and 11,000 screens across the globe.

It has seen a bullish spiral, with a twentyfold increase in its share price since the start of 2021, becoming what is known as a ‘meme stock’ – a stock whose price is driven by bullish mentions on social media. But what is the AMC price prediction for the rest of 2021?

Although the pandemic hit the entertainment industry hard, the company – on the verge of becoming the classic penny stock a year ago – posted a strong second 2021 quarter, announcing it would soon open up to cryptocurrencies as a way of payment for its customers.

If you are wondering if AMC Entertainment is a good investment in 2021, or whether the stock will expand the rally for further gains or is going to pull out of the bullish spiral, we will look at AMC stock predictions and forecasts for the rest of 2021 and through to 2025.

The story so far

In June 2020 the company, badly hit by the pandemic, admitted there was “substantial doubt” whether it would remain in business. In early January 2021, the AMC share price was standing at $1.98.

However, there was hope on the horizon. The AMC stock price started to recover and reached $13.26 on 29 January. While there were peaks and troughs, it spent the first few months of 2021 hovering somewhere around the $10 mark until things changed in June, when AMC officially joined the meme stock club as its story went viral. 

The AMC stock price record was broken on 2 June, with the stock starting trading at $62.55. Since then, the AMC stock price has been followed the classic meme cycle. Generally, as a meme stock company releases new information, a bullish spiral starts on its stock price, followed by a profit-taking trend.

The consequent bearish moment led the AMC price to fluctuate, touching the $30 support level in July. On 4 October, the price stood at $36.77. So what’s next for AMC predictions?

AMC price history

Date Close Change Change(%) Open High Low
Dec 1, 2022 7.13 0.00 0.00% 7.13 7.19 7.13
Nov 30, 2022 7.15 -0.13 -1.79% 7.28 7.38 6.86
Nov 29, 2022 7.23 0.07 0.98% 7.16 7.50 6.98
Nov 28, 2022 7.00 -0.24 -3.31% 7.24 7.35 7.00
Nov 25, 2022 7.40 -0.24 -3.14% 7.64 7.75 7.39
Nov 24, 2022 7.59 0.00 0.00% 7.59 7.59 7.54
Nov 23, 2022 7.59 0.45 6.30% 7.14 7.86 7.11
Nov 22, 2022 7.14 0.05 0.71% 7.09 7.39 6.97
Nov 21, 2022 7.09 -0.20 -2.74% 7.29 7.44 6.95
Nov 18, 2022 7.39 0.12 1.65% 7.27 7.72 7.20
Nov 17, 2022 7.20 0.06 0.84% 7.14 7.66 6.99
Nov 16, 2022 7.49 -0.27 -3.48% 7.76 8.10 7.05
Nov 15, 2022 7.75 0.53 7.34% 7.22 8.06 7.22
Nov 14, 2022 7.22 0.27 3.88% 6.95 8.22 6.95
Nov 11, 2022 7.00 1.00 16.67% 6.00 7.16 5.82
Nov 10, 2022 5.98 0.94 18.65% 5.04 6.17 5.02
Nov 9, 2022 5.07 -0.11 -2.12% 5.18 5.35 4.96
Nov 8, 2022 5.24 -0.06 -1.13% 5.30 5.81 5.16
Nov 7, 2022 5.28 -0.28 -5.04% 5.56 5.62 5.09
Nov 4, 2022 5.52 -0.14 -2.47% 5.66 5.78 5.34

AMC: a strong Q2 2021

At the beginning of August, the AMC stock price jumped again, after the cinema chain reported better-than-expected second-quarter earnings. Although AMC is still operating at a loss, the $444m (£320m) in revenue generated in the three months buoyed investor sentiment, with the AMC share price breaking the $35 resistance.

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Contextually, the company, which claimed to be “navigating boldly amidst coronavirus waters”, announced that it could be ready to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies later in 2021 after posting liquidity availability of more than $2.0bn at the end of Q2, thanks to another $1.25bn of new equity capital.

On 24 August, Fintel recorded several movements among the institutional firms. Giants such as JP Morgan, Fidelity and BlackRock poured some $36m into the company by purchasing its shares. The market reaction was immediate, with the AMC stock price reaching the $40 breakout point.

On the same day, the AMC share price reached a $46 resistance before retracing during the next two trading sessions to a $42 level.

What happens next?

But what of the future? Can we make an AMC stock forecast for 2021 and beyond? What are the AMC stock price predictions for 2021?

The general tone of those offering an AMC price prediction is somewhat mixed. CNN predicts it will be $59 at most in 12 months’ time but could hit a low of $40. The median rating is $52, an 11% increase on the current value of $46.71 (as of 15 November 2021).

Out of nine analysts polled by the broadcaster, seven are saying hold and four are recommending selling stock in AMC, with one buy recommendation.

Meanwile WalletInvestor says AMC will be stable at around $55 in a year and $113 in five years. On the other hand, CoinPriceForecast says it could be $41.60 by the end of 2021 and should be around $49.94 by the end of 2022 and $94.33 by the end of 2026. 

Finally,’s AMC predictions suggest the stock should be around $44.39 by the end of 2022 and around $91.03 by November 2026.

It should be noted that forecasts and predictions, as they are based on algorithms, can always change. This article does not constitute financial or investment advice. Before investing in any company, always do your own research and remember that your decision should be based on your attitude to risk, your expertise in this market, the spread of your portfolio and how comfortable you feel about losing money. Never invest more than you can afford to lose and keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Trade AMC Entertainment Holdings Cl A – AMC stock price

AMC Entertainment Holdings Cl A
Daily change
Low: 7.04
High: 8.38


Why is AMC stock going up?

Making an AMC stock forecast is tricky. To put it simply, it’s the internet. Meme cycles are triggered by any movement related to the company. Institutional investors can fuel it, too, as can hedge funds – even if they go short on it, it prompts small investors to set up a short squeeze, pushing prices even higher than they had been.

Will AMC stock rebound?

It might do. It might not. The story of stockmarkets is that bursts can follow bubbles. However, if we look at the similar surge in GameStop, it hasn’t rebounded that badly. Yes, it is down from its record high, but it is doing far better than it did before. That is not to say that AMC will not go down. Nothing is certain.

Is AMC a good stock to buy?

Meme stocks normally do not follow the company’s performance, but as it is a large chain, it could depend on how well the company manages to hold on to its value following the recent surge.

Before following any AMC stock price prediction, you should do your own research. Remember that the value of stocks and shares can go down as well as up and never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

Where to buy AMC stock

You can trade AMC shares in tokenised assets at Tokenised assets are crypto derivatives whose values are linked to the value of a particular asset. offers the opportunity to buy with leverage, and you can easily define stops and limits to request positions to close at a specified price. However, you should be aware that while leveraged trading will magnify your gains, it will also increase the scale of your losses.

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