ASSEMBLE Protocol price prediction: A crypto loyalty programme

ASM is bringing more utility to consumer points market

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Users can turn their loyalty points into the ASM coin and cash out into fiat currency through exchanges – Photo: Shutterstock


Loyalty programmes have become common place in shops and companies, whether that is earning miles from airlines or money off your groceries. ASSEMBLE Protocol is transforming this process and looking to create a hub that is used across industries.

Its cryptocurrency ASM is essential to this as it lets users cash out or spend their points on various goods and services. But it has not fared well during the 2022 bear market.

What is ASSEMBLE Protocol?

Loyalty programmes are currently riddled with problems, according to ASSEMBLE Protocol. Despite airlines, supermarkets, and deparment stores adopting consumer points systems, they are considered as “outdated” and in need of improvement.

ASSEMBLE Protocol’s whitepaper said: “The reward points are recorded as a liability in point providers’ balance sheets, and yet consumers have almost no opportunity to make purchases with their points.”

The platform has a three-point plan to improve this. Retailers should give customers new places to use their points, these points should not have any limitations like expiry dates, and finally retailers should have new advertisement techniques to draw in sales through these programmes.

How does ASSEMBLE Protocol work?

To achieve its  mission, ASSEMBLE Protocol has implemented blockchain technology to tick off these goals. Consumers can earn points that are stored on the blockchain and not limited to a single store or company.

Consumers can even convert their points into ASSEMBLE Protocol’s own ASM cryptocurrency. This can then be cashed out via exchanges for fiat currency.

Its whitepaper continued: “Consumers can use their loyalty points, with the same attitude as they use cash, everywhere in the world without any time or place restrictions, while companies can expand their businesses and access diverse user pools.”

If users don’t want to cash out, ASSEMBLE Protocol has launched its own marketplace as a virtual location for users to spend their points. A range of affiliated organisations are offering goods and services for users to spend their points on, including education, fashion and cultural activities.

Park Kyu-Do is the project’s CEO and co-founder. Located in South Korea, he is also the chief executive at Clubpass, a mobile app for club tickets.

ASM’s price history

After launching with an opening price of $0.02 on 3 August 2020, according to CoinMarketCap, ASM saw a very gradual bearish trend. It eventually dipped to the $0.01 mark in December that year.

The loyalty token’s most significant breakout to date occurred in April 2021. ASM was listed on the Bithumb exchange with a DVI paring on 5 April. The same day it climbed to a peak of $0.39.

ASM managed to surge even higher later that month as Bithumb added the cryptocurrency on the South Korean won (KRW) market. On 26 April, ASSEMBLE Protocol reached its all-time high of $0.64.

The token consolidated below $0.10 that summer, before surging later in the year. CoinbasePro listed ASM on 21 October and it peaked at $0.25 on 30 October.

But ASSEMBLE Protocol was unable to sustain the momentum. Its value fell over the coming months and into 2022. In June, ASM had once again dropped to its launch price.

As of 8 August, ASSEMBLE Protocol was trading at around $0.03 and was up 41% on the previous seven days.

ASSEMBLE Protocol price prediction

There are some optimistic ASSEMBLE Protocol token price predictions. AMB Crypto said it would have averaged $0.05 this year and $0.07 in 2025. Its Assemble Protocol price prediction for 2030 was predicted to be $0.11.

The TechNewsLeader Assemble Protocol price prediction for 2022 suggested it would haved climbed to a maximum price of $0.04 in a year. It was thought to be worth $0.14 in five years’ time. The ASM price prediction for the next decade was said to be closing in $1 with $0.90 suggested for 2031.

Similarly, PricePrediction thought ASM would have averaged $0.04 this year. Its Assemble Protocol price prediction for 2025 suggested it could haved reached $0.14 that year and rocketed on to $1.45 in 2031.

A more gradual ASM coin price prediction is provided by Gov Capital. It expected the cryptocurrency to reach $0.10 in a year and $0.50 in five years’ time.


What is ASSEMBLE Protocol?

ASSEMBLE Protocol is a platform for consumers to earn loyalty points from their purchases and spend them on a range of goods. Their points can also be converted into the ASM token and cashed out through exchanges.

How and where to buy ASSEMBLE Protocol (ASM) coins?

ASM is currently available for purchase on Bithumb, Coinbase and a range of other exchanges.

How many Assemble Protocol are there?

As of 8 August, there was a circulating supply of 1.17 billion ASM and a maximum supply of 1.5 billion tokens.

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