Bitgert price prediction: Is there any potential or only risk?

Swift price reversals continually stunt price growth for this murky cryptocurreny project

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Bitgert is a Binance-based project, recently rebranded from BitRise after copyright issues. It claims to be a potential alternative to Pancakeswap, and offers staking of its BRISE cryptocurrency, with plans to implement a decentralised exchange (DEX) in the near future.

However, as you can read in greater depth in our guide, there are more than a handful of red flags surrounding Bitgert. As described in our guide, questions remain over ownership structure, token utility and its auditing procedure. It is advised to read up on Bitgert’s fundamentals before proceeding with an investment.

Key details

Before going further into the Bitgert coin price prediction, let us go over a few key figures. BRISE dropped in August 2021 with a maximum supply of one quadrillion. Current circulation is unclear; Bitgert’s own figures point to 428 trillion, but this is hard to determine independently.

The individual token value is effectively zero. BRISE is currently trading at $0.0000004109. But with such large circulating figures, Bitgert purports to have a market capitalisation of over $188m. Once again, these figures have not been quantified by Coin Market Cap or other legitimate sources.

In terms of trading activity, the Pancakeswap DEX reported a recent 24-hour volume of $310k. 

MEXC is the largest centralised exchange offering the BRISE/USDT pair. The exchange’s BRISE depth reading shows an extremely high level of selling pressure, making for an illiquid market. According to Coin Market Cap, BRISE’s liquidity rating on MEXC is 147/1000. In contrast, a rating of over 700 is good according to the site’s metrics. This should be kept in mind when considering your own BRISE price prediction.

Recent trading activity

Bitgert began witnessing observable trading activity from late October 2021, perhaps owing to its rebrand from BitRise. A clear trend can be seen. Since then, substantial price surges are evident on 31 October, 6 November, 12-14 November and 23 November.

Without fail, these price surges witnessed rejections in the following days, with selling pressure resulting in swift price reversals. Potential investors should decide whether this is indicative of price manipulation.

In the most recent reversal, BRISE doubled in value between 2-4 January, returning to below the pre-price surge value by 10 January.

Please note that this article is intended to provide plain and transparent information. It does not claim to be genuine financial advice.

Forecast predictions

For a quick look at the digital forecasters, we can see a Bitgert price prediction for 2022 at Digitalcoin of $0.00000056734. This figure rises to $0.00000089253 by 2025, representing only 117% over this time period.

According to Wallet Investor’s BRISE price prediction, it will hit $0.000000897 over 12 months. The forecaster’s Bitgert price prediction for 2025 suggests a return of three times over current prices.

PricePrediction’s Bitgert price prediction for 2030 averages out at $0.00001139, representing 28 times return at current prices.

You should keep in mind that these predictions are automatically generated using algorithms. They do not take into account external factors, including the potential for a rug pull. You should invest with caution.

There are numerous questions surrounding Bitgert. It is advised to do further research before coming to your own Bitgert price prediction. Our guide provides some starting points.

BRISE has shown to perform swift price reversals whenever the token increases in value. While all digital currencies have the potential to go up, they are equally as susceptible to large losses. It is advised to invest with caution.

This bitgert price prediction is intended as an informational resource, not financial guidance. It is highly recommended to conduct extensive due diligence on this project if you are considering an investment.

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