BitMouse DAO reveals 'crazy idea' to inject Bitcoin into a mouse

By Raffaele Redi

The DAO collected less than ETH1 in donations so far

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The mouse could receive the BTC key in its DNA or via a harmless virus - Photo: BitMouse DAO

BitMouse DAO, a new decentralised autonomous organisation, has  announced a “crazy idea” to place a bitcoin inside the body of a laboratory mouse.

According to the unanimous project creator, the experiment is a mix between biotechnology, cryptography and bioart, following Eduardo Kac, “who pioneered the discipline of bioart using a fluorescent protein gene to make a rabbit glow in certain light.”

“We have tied the value of the mouse directly to Bitcoin, and it will fluctuate with the daily value of Bitcoin. Maybe in ten years it will be worth $100 million, or maybe it will be worth nothing,” said DAO creaotors.

The experiment

According to the DAO, ideally the offspring of the BitMouse would also carry the private key. The DAO claimed to aim to make specimens of mice to sell at auction after they die.

“A single Bitcoin would split into multiple specimens, but as soon as someone breaks the specimen to extract the genetic information and thus remove the BitMouse, the other specimens would lose their value. On the flip side, breaking the specimen and destroying the artwork may not even happen when bitcoins are worthless,” said the DAO.

The DAO is believed to use cold wallet technology, generating the private key offline with bitcoins purchased by fundraising and deposited in it.

“By working with the biological company, we can break down the key into the corresponding ATGC sequence edited by quaternary encoding, which goes into the mice for fertilisation,” the DAO said.

If the DNA method is not technically possible to implement, the DAO said they will work with a biological company to edit the private key into a harmless virus. This will  be injected into the mice.

The Bitmouse tokens

DAO participants can contribute to the project by means of BitMouse tokens, giving the possibility to BitMouse holders to decide the direction of the community.

As the tokens have no profit forecast, if the fundraising reaches its target, then the token holder will possibly receive 75% of the final profit from the auction proceeds. This will stand, whether the DAO decides on using a viral injection or a fertilisation programme on the mouse.  

The critics

The experiment has received criticism from animal activists and environmentalists. However the DAO has said they are not in the business of making a "biochemical monster."

Rather, they have described the experiment as exploring the “consensus on the value of crypto and our vision for the future of technology.”

The DAO denies that the mice are harmed: “Directly editing fertilised eggs by editing genes within the non-coding region, this approach does not edit into useful proteins and does not have any effect on the mice themselves.”

“The private key is created in the form of a cold wallet. And we will sign a non-disclosure agreement with biological company to eliminate the possibility of private key leakage,” added the DAO.

However, BitMouse DAO has only three supporters for this Frankenstein-like experiment and has received donations of just over 0.02 ether so far. 


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