Saving lives together launches fundraising to support the health care system in Belarus by placing "" tokens. We also donated $100,000 to help medical professionals and purchase the necessary equipment and protective gear.

You can also make a contribution. Join and donate any amount of cryptocurrency or fiat money to fight the pandemic. All funds from selling “” tokens will be transferred to a charity account opened by the Ministry of Health of Belarus.

On you can track the collected amount and transfers to the charity account any time.

How to help?

Step 1.

Open an account at or login to an existing account on the website or in a mobile application.

Step 2.

Go to the Wallets tab on the platform, make a deposit in cryptocurrency (BTC and ETH) or in fiat money (BYN, RUB, USD, EUR) and get tokens, representing the deposit currency.

Step 3.

Buy any number of "" tokens at your discretion. The price of 1 "" token is 1 "" token. Funds from their sale will be used to support health care in Belarus at this difficult time.

Step 4.

If you purchase 500 or more "" tokens you can get’s branded products (clothes, backpacks etc.).