Dogecoin price prediction: What’s next for DOGE in 2022?

What’s the latest Dogecoin price prediction? And will DOGE beat its $0.73 all-time high?

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Making a Dogecoin price prediction is a fool’s errand – not least because some of the meme coin’s most explosive surges were impossible to foresee.

Who could have imagined that this altcoin, which started as a joke to mock bitcoin, would rally from $0.005 on 1 January 2021 to $0.73 just five months later – an increase of 14,500%?

And could anyone have anticipated that the market capitalisation of DOGE would exceed $50bn as a result, fleetingly making it worth more than Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse combined?

One thing, however, was easy to predict following last year’s parabolic bull run – the Dogecoin price falling back to earth. At the time of writing on 7 June 2022, DOGE is valued at $0.08002 – down 89.15% from the all-time high of $0.7376 that it set on 8 May 2021.

Yes, there have been substantial sell-offs in the wider crypto markets, but DOGE’s losses have been outsized when compared with larger rivals such as bitcoin and ether. This tells us DOGE trades strongly when the markets are thriving – a speculative asset that may indicate there’s froth and excess that needs to be purged.

But there’s one interesting side effect of last year’s bull run. DOGE is still up by more than 700% when compared with its starting point in 2021. And while DOGE was number 38 in CoinMarketCap’s rankings on 1 January last year, it’s number 10 now.

So, is this a sorry tale of managed decline, meaning things will get worse for Dogecoin as the year progresses? Or does this shiba inu-themed altcoin have the potential to rally once more, and notch up a new all-time high in the process?

DOGE/USD price history

Date Close Change Change(%) Open High Low
Aug 15, 2022 0.07942 -0.00194 -2.38% 0.08136 0.08161 0.07903
Aug 14, 2022 0.08136 0.00866 11.91% 0.07270 0.08426 0.07238
Aug 13, 2022 0.07268 0.00059 0.82% 0.07209 0.07490 0.07014
Aug 12, 2022 0.07207 0.00143 2.02% 0.07064 0.07242 0.06874
Aug 11, 2022 0.07064 -0.00038 -0.54% 0.07102 0.07510 0.07017
Aug 10, 2022 0.07103 0.00226 3.29% 0.06877 0.07119 0.06654
Aug 9, 2022 0.06879 -0.00106 -1.52% 0.06985 0.07379 0.06752
Aug 8, 2022 0.06984 0.00111 1.62% 0.06873 0.07225 0.06859
Aug 7, 2022 0.06873 0.00034 0.50% 0.06839 0.06977 0.06722
Aug 6, 2022 0.06838 -0.00121 -1.74% 0.06959 0.07091 0.06816
Aug 5, 2022 0.06958 0.00258 3.85% 0.06700 0.07001 0.06691
Aug 4, 2022 0.06699 0.00101 1.53% 0.06598 0.06736 0.06550
Aug 3, 2022 0.06599 -0.00026 -0.39% 0.06625 0.06817 0.06493
Aug 2, 2022 0.06625 -0.00197 -2.89% 0.06822 0.06880 0.06434
Aug 1, 2022 0.06821 0.00032 0.47% 0.06789 0.07095 0.06663
Jul 31, 2022 0.06789 -0.00149 -2.15% 0.06938 0.07191 0.06759
Jul 30, 2022 0.06938 0.00090 1.31% 0.06848 0.07414 0.06764
Jul 29, 2022 0.06847 -0.00040 -0.58% 0.06887 0.07214 0.06601
Jul 28, 2022 0.06887 0.00190 2.84% 0.06697 0.07053 0.06500
Jul 27, 2022 0.06696 0.00459 7.36% 0.06237 0.06697 0.06164

Dogecoin price prediction 2022: The state of the market

While DOGE can be easily dismissed as a joke, there are developers working behind the scenes to ensure this cryptocurrency has some compelling use cases.

Developers on the project claim that Dogecoin offers the same technical fundamentals that underpin bitcoin, but is far more practical for use as an everyday payment method. In November 2021, an upgrade was introduced that reduces the recommended minimum fees for those who transact with DOGE – a move designed to offer a compelling alternative to the sky-high costs associated with using the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

Dogecoin developer Timothy Stebbing also confirmed that the community plans to establish a legal foundation, to stop malicious actors from using the altcoin’s branding for their own personal gain. And amid fears that decentralisation is undermined by the digital asset’s reliance on a band of core developers, he vowed to reduce barriers to entry so that “hundreds of new people” can make a contribution to the space.

All of this could help bolster DOGE’s value proposition, and ensure that the cryptocurrency is resilient against future setbacks. Indeed, only a day after Stebbing’s post was written, a well-respected Dogecoin developer announced he was taking a step back from working on the meme coin. Ross Nicoll, who had gained popularity for regular livestreams, said his involvement risked a conflict of interest with his day job.

Dogecoin’s community has also been trying to return to the “Do Only Good Everyday” mantra that dates back to when the altcoin first launched in December 2013, with DOGE investors rallying together to raise over $25,000 so that Jamaica’s bobsleigh team could compete at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Some, not least co-founder Jackson Palmer, felt that this sense of spirit was lost – describing its culture as “toxic” and fuelled by greed. 

There are signs that progress is being made on this front. Following Russia’s invasion, Ukraine has begun accepting crypto donations in DOGE, with proceeds put towards supporting civilians and the army. At the time of writing on 7 June 2022, it has so far received 959,091.10 DOGE in donations.

Upbeat Dogecoin predictions will hinge on whether the altcoin can continue to grow its user base – and prove that, despite its silly origins, it has value as a medium of exchange. The prospect of paying for a coffee with an asset called Dogecoin might be a stretch too far for many normal consumers. Nonetheless, Stebbing seems determined to continue reaching out to governments and charities to prove that DOGE can be useful.

Dogecoin continues to have deep-pocketed supporters, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and billionaire investor Mark Cuban. Both have ensured that this altcoin can be used as a payment method with their business ventures. Not only can you now buy Tesla – and soon SpaceX – merchandise with DOGE, but a partnership with BitPay means the Dallas Mavericks also accepts it for tickets to games. Cinemagoers will also be able to use DOGE at AMC Theatres, while in Australia, the first coffee was bought with Dogecoin this week, according to Stebbing.

Furthermore, with Twitter and Musk in ongoing $43m purchase negotiations, this could work even more favourably for DOGE – if the deal indeed ever goes ahead. In the meantime, Musk continues to name-drop DOGE (as well as get into spats with DOGE co-creator Jackson Palmer).

The DOGE days are over for now, but dogged determination from the community could leave investors’ tails wagging in the months and years ahead. Who knows what the Dogecoin price prediction for 2025 has in store, let alone the Dogecoin price prediction for 2030?

So, keeping that uncertainty in mind, let’s take a look at what some are forecasting for DOGE this year and in the years to come. 

DOGE price prediction summary

WalletInvestor offers a bullish DOGE prediction for the long run. Dogecoin is thought to reach $0.380 by the end of 2025 and $0.55 in five years’ time.

Meanwhile, suggests it will surpass the $1 mark in 2028 and reach a maximum price of $1.18 that year. By 2030, an optimistic average price of $2.11 is projected.

This ambitious sentiment is not shared by all forecasters. DigitalCoinPrice predicts DOGE will reach no higher than $0.12 this year. For 2025, it gives a maximum prediction of $0.17. The meme token is then suggested to see a gradual increase, and hit an average of $0.37 in 2030.


Dogecoin predictions are difficult to make, and the world’s most popular meme coin has fallen substantially over the past year. DOGE tends to spike whenever bullish announcements are made, such as big brands accepting the altcoin as a payment method.

As such, you might want to keep a close eye on the news to find opportune moments to trade – bearing in mind that your decision to do so depends on your attitude to risk, your expertise in this market and how comfortable you feel about losing money.

One popular DOGE price prediction is that this golden, shiba inu-themed token will one day hit $1. Indeed, this was a core theme of a TikTok challenge back in the summer of 2020.

Although it came quite close to reaching this all-important milestone, you could argue that DOGE reaching $1 is exceedingly unlikely. This would give the altcoin a total market cap of $132bn.

At the time of writing, that would transform it into the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency overnight. Dogecoin’s market cap would also exceed the likes of Dior, Siemens, Unilever, Goldman Sachs, GlaxoSmithKline and Volkswagen.

You should do your own research before deciding whether to invest in DOGE, and this article can’t give you financial advice.

Diversifying in altcoins, and allocating a small percentage of your portfolio to meme coins, may help you enjoy potential upsides while limiting the downside. However, the decision to trade is down to you – and always bear in mind that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

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